Double Confession


Ken Annakin
Harry Reynolds Productions

Man returns to seaside resort to incriminate the man who murdered his wife. Things quickly become a bit more complicated than that, though.

Confused but intriguing film that tries (and somewhat suceeds) in merging a murder mystery with slice of life comedy (in a very similar vein to director Annakin's Holiday Camp). The major problem is that of Peter Lorre's character, who is supposed to be a key player in the whole film, but whose relationship with Hartnell is never clearly defined. When Lorre throws a method acting tantrum at the climax, it comes across as both confusing and embarassing. Definitely worth watching, though, especially for Hartnell's marvellously nervous performance.

Note: Andrew Leigh is prominently credited as "The Reserved Man," but he is nowhere to be seen. Similarly, IMDb shows Grace Denbeigh-Russell as the nosey woman on the beach, but it isn't her.

-Dave W.

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12th April 1950

80 mins

4th November 1951

Derek Farr
Jim Medway
Joan Hopkins
Ann Corday
Peter Lorre
William Hartnell
Charlie Durham
Naunton Wayne
Inspector Tenby
Ronald Howard
Hilary Boscombe
Leslie Dwyer
Edward Rigby
Church, Old Fisherman
George Woodbridge
Sergeant Swanton
Henry Edwards
Man in the Shelter
Mona Washbourne
Fussy Mother
Vida Hope
Madam Zilia
Esma Cannon
Madame Cleo
Andrew Leigh
The Reserved Man
[scenes apparently deleted]
Fred Griffiths
The Spiv
Jane Griffiths
First Girl
(as Jane Griffith)
Diana Connell
Second Girl
Hal Osmond
Shooting Gallery Attendant
Norman Astridge
P.C. Selby
Roy Plomley
Ticket Collector
Jennifer Cross
Fussy Mother's Child
Betty Nelson
Girl at Shooting Gallery
Sidney Vivian
Ring Stall Attendant
Kathleen Harrison
Unknown 5236-01
Mr. Todhurst, the Vicar
Unknown 5236-02
Primrose Bar Doorman
Unknown 5236-03
Unknown 5236-04
Little Girl on Beach
Unknown 5236-05
Nosey Man on Beach
Unknown 5236-13
Nosey Woman on Beach
Unknown 5236-06
P.C. Miller
Arthur Mullard
Stretcher Bearer
Unknown 5236-07
Stretcher Bearer
Unknown 5236-08
P.C. with ID Card
Emil Stemmler
Bill Hodge
Barman (uncredited)
Unknown 5236-10
Geoff, Man Talking to Durham
Unknown 5236-11
'Large Whiskey'
Unknown 5236-12
Len, Man Greeting Durham
Jack Mandeville
Primrose Bar Patron
Paddy Smith
Primrose Bar Patron
Monti de Lyle
Mario, Waiter
Oscar Nation
Man on Pier
Pat Ryan
Man in Arcade
Unknown 5236-14
Teen at Beach Shelter
Unknown 5236-15
Teen at Beach Shelter
James Ure
Man in Bar
James Knight
Peter Butterworth
Joe, Man Talking to Durham
Unknown Male 41A
Fairground Patron
Larry Taylor
Ride Attendant
Jack Armstrong
Fairground Patron
Pat Hagan
Fairground Patron
Unknown 5236-16
Unknown 5236-17
Woman Meeting Durham

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