Amazon Women on the Moon


Joe Dante
Carl Gottlieb
Peter Horton
John Landis
Robert K. Weiss
Universal Pictures
Production Company

More misses than hits in this scattershot comedy compendium from the same school as The Kentucky Fried Movie. The 'Blacks without Soul' bit is a gem as is Ed Begley Jr's "invisible" man.

Three other segments exist:
Anthony & Cleopatra
French Ventriloquist
The Unknown Soldier
but appear to be in network tv versions, and not in the DVD or theatrical versions.

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Amazon Women On the Moon
18th September 1987

85 mins

Amazon Women On The Moon (Image)
17th October 2000


7th March 2005

10th November 2020

Arsenio Hall
Apartment Victim (Mondo Condo)
(as Arsenio)
Donald F. Muhich
Easterbrook (Pethouse Video)
(as Donald Muhich)
Monique Gabrielle
Taryn Steele (Pethouse Video)
Lou Jacobi
Murray (Murray in Videoland)
Erica Yohn
Selma (Murray in Videoland)
Debbie Davison
Weather Person (Murray in Videoland)
Rob Krausz
Floor Manager (Murray in Videoland)
Phil Hartman
Baseball Announcer (Murray in Videoland)
Corey Burton
Anchorman (Murray in Videoland)
Michelle Pfeiffer
Brenda Landers (Hospital)
Peter Horton
Harry Landers (Hospital)
Griffin Dunne
Doctor (Hospital)
Brian Ann Zoccola
Nurse (Hospital)
Joe Pantoliano
Sy Swerdlow (Hairlooming)
Stanley Brock
Customer (Hairlooming)
Steve Forrest
Captain Nelson (Amazon Women on the Moon)
Robert Colbert
Blackie (Amazon Women on the Moon)
Joey Travolta
Butch (Amazon Women on the Moon)
Forrest J. Ackerman
U.S. President (Amazon Women on the Moon)
Sybil Danning
Queen Lara (Amazon Women on the Moon)
Lana Clarkson
Alpha Beta (Amazon Women on the Moon)
Corey Burton
TV Announcer (Amazon Women on the Moon)
David Alan Grier
Don Simmons (Blacks Without Soul)
B.B. King
Himself (Blacks Without Soul)
William Bryant
Male Republican (Blacks Without Soul)
(as Bill Bryant)
Roxie Roker
Female Republican (Blacks Without Soul)
Le Tari
Pimp (Blacks Without Soul)
Christopher Broughton
Fan Club President (Blacks Without Soul)
Rosanna Arquette
Karen (Two I.D.'s)
Steve Guttenberg
Jerry (Two I.D.'s)
(as Steven Guttenberg)
Henry Silva
Himself (Bullshit or Not)
Sarah Lilly
Prostitute (Bullshit or Not)
Archie Hahn
Harvey Pitnik (Critic's Corner / Roast Your Loved One)
Belinda Balaski
Bernice Pitnik (Critic's Corner / Roast Your Loved One)
Justin Benham
Pitnik Boy (Critic's Corner / Roast Your Loved One)
Erica Gayle
Pitnik Girl (Critic's Corner / Roast Your Loved One)
Al Lohman
Frankel (Critic's Corner)
(as Lohman)
Roger Barkley
Herbert (Critic's Corner)
(as Barkley)
T.K. Carter
Host (Silly Pate)
Phil Proctor
Miket (Silly Pate)
Ira Newborn
Fredt (Silly Pate)
Karen Montgomery
Karent (Silly Pate)
Corey Burton
Announcer (Silly Pate)
Robert Picardo
Rick Raddnitz (Roast Your Loved One)
Rip Taylor
Himself (Roast Your Loved One)
Slappy White
Himself (Roast Your Loved One)
Jackie Vernon
Himself (Roast Your Loved One)
Henny Youngman
Himself (Roast Your Loved One)
Charlie Callas
Himself (Roast Your Loved One)
Steve Allen
Himself (Roast Your Loved One)
William Marshall
Pirate Captain (Video Pirates)
Tino Insana
Mr. Sylvio (Video Pirates)
Donald Gibb
Graceless Pirate (Video Pirates)
Frank Collison
Grizzled Pirate (Video Pirates)
Bill Taylor
Gruesome Pirate (Video Pirates)
Ed Begley Jr.
Griffin (Son of the Invisible Man)
Chuck Lafont
Trent (Son of the Invisible Man)
Pamla Vale
Woman in Pub (Son of the Invisible Man)
Larry Hankin
Man in Pub (Son of the Invisible Man)
Garry Goodrow
Checker Player (Son of the Invisible Man)
Roger La Page
London Bobby (Son of the Invisible Man)
John Ingle
Felix Van Dam (Art Sale)
Angel Tompkins
First Lady (First Lady of the Evening)
Terence McGovern
Salesman (First Lady of the Evening)
Michael Hanks
Announcer (First Lady of the Evening)
Matt Adler
George (Titan Man)
Kelly Preston
Violet (Titan Man)
Ralph Bellamy
Mr. Gower (Titan Man)
Howard Hesseman
Rupert King (Titan Man)
Steve Cropper
Customer (Titan Man)
Marc McClure
Ray (Video Date)
Russ Meyer
Video Salesman (Video Date)
Corinne Wahl
Sharri (Video Date)
Andrew Dice Clay
Frankie (Video Date)
Willard E. Pugh
Speaking Cop (Video Date)
(as Willard Pugh)
Carrie Fisher
Mary Brown (Reckless Youth)
Paul Bartel
Doctor (Reckless Youth)
Herb Vigran
Agent (Reckless Youth)
Tracy Hutchinson
Floozie (Reckless Youth)
Mike Mazurki
Dutch (Reckless Youth)
Frank Beddor
Ken (Reckless Youth)
Mark Bringelson
Theatre Customer #1 (Antony & Cleopatra)
Bryan Cranston
Paramedic (Roast Your Loved One)
David E. Harshbarger
The Claw (Closing Credits)
Helen Kelly
Nurse (Hospital)
Marie Lamarre
Huey Lewis
Himself in music video (Murray in Videoland)
Bela Lugosi
Pete Jones (archive footage)
Lyle Talbot
Prescott Townsend (Amazon Women on the Moon)
USC Trojan Marching Band
Marching Band (Titan Man)
Christopher Wolf
Mascot 'Bip' (Titan Man) (as Chris Wolf)
Jenny Agutter
Cleopatra (Antony & Cleopatra)
Raye Birk
Vivian Bonnell
Theatre Customer #3
Philip Bruns
French Ventriloquist Dummy - Manager
Bernie Casey
Major General Hadley (The Unknown Soldier)
Ronny Cox
General Balentine (The Unknown Soldier)
Maarten Goslins
French Ventriloquist (French Ventriloquist)
(as Martin Goslins)
Victoria Ann Lewis
Theatre Customer #2 (Antony & Cleopatra)
Robert Loggia
General McCormick (The Unknown Soldier)
Dick Miller
Kellye Nakahara
Theatre Customer #4
Robina Suwol
Michael Young
Lifescenes Magazine - Jim Scott
Kevin Marcy
Secret Service Agent
Rick Barker
Stunt Player
Brian Carson
Stunt Player
Bob Cummings
Stunt Player
Christopher Doyle
Stunt Player
Eddie Hice
Stunt Player
Noon Orsatti
Stunt Player
Curtis Powers
Stunt Player
Paul Sherrod
Stunt Player
J.D. Silvester
Stunt Player
Monty Simmons
Stunt Player
Lincoln Simonds
Stunt Player