Ambush at Cimarron Pass


Jodie Copelan
20th Century Fox Film Corporation

Survivors from a party of Union soldiers and a gunrunner prisoner meet up with a band of Confederate cattlemen - both are being pursued by the Apache.

Average western that one feels could have been a lot better if made with the 70s sensibilities. Worth a look for the young Eastwood, here playing a hotheaded plonker and some nice location work.

1st March 1958

73 mins

Scott Brady
Sergeant Matt Blake
Margia Dean
Teresa Santos
Clint Eastwood
Keith Williams
Irving Bacon
Judge Stanfield
Frank Gerstle
Captain Sam Prescott
Ray Boyle
Johnny Willows
(as Dirk London)
Baynes Barron
Corbin - the Gunrunner
William Vaughn
Henry - the Scout
Ken Mayer
Corporal Schwitzer
John Damler
Private Zach
Keith Richards
Private Lasky
John Frederick
Private Nathan
(as John Merrick)
Desmond Slattery
Charles Soldani
Indian (?)