Escort For Hire


Godfrey Grayson
Danziger Productions
Production Company

Dumb Danziger quickie about a male escort caught up in a murder scam. Poorly done, with a terrible chipper score and choppy editing; about the best that can be said is it has Peter Butterworth playing a sort of British prototype for Colombo.

Thanks to Philly for his usual invaluable help!

-Dave W.

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Escort for Hire
1st December 1960


June Thorburn
Terry Kennedy
Pete Murray
Buzz Jenkins
Noel Trevarthen
Steve Walker
Jan Holden
Elizabeth Quinn
Peter Butterworth
Inspector Bruce
Mary Laura Wood
Barbara Vickers
Derek Blomfield
Jill Melford
Nadia Summers
Patricia Plunkett
Eldon Baker
Guy Middleton
Arthur Vickers
Catherine Ellison
Ms. Phillipson - Receptionist
Victor Harrington
Concert Audience
Miles Silverton
Concert Audience
Unknown Male 91
Concert Audience
Peggy Scott Sanders
Jack's Concert Date
Totti Truman Taylor
Temperance Lady
Tony Mendleson
Party Guest
C. Denier Warren
Hall Porter
Bruce Beeby
Detective Sergeant Moore
Viola Keats
Marion Daly
Michael Anthony
Penguin Club Bartender
Alex Graham
Penguin Club Waiter
Royal Albert Hall

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