Falling Down


Joel Schumacher
Alcor Films
Production Company
Le Studio Canal +
Production Company
Regency Enterprises
Production Company
Warner Brothers

A disgruntled, emotionally-messed-up former defense worker begins a destructive journey across Los Angeles to reach his daughter for her birthday, despite the protests of his ex-wife who fears for her safety. Along the way he tackles over-priced grocery stores, challenges a neo-Nazi and his political views, gang members, and demands breakfast from a lunch-serving restaurant. Hot on his trail is the retiring desk sergeant who pieces together the puzzle from a series of clues which leads him to the identity of the villain.

My personal favourite movie of all time. A rare glimpse of Michael Douglas playing against-type in what is without doubt his best ever performance, an opinion which Douglas himself has echoed in interviews.

All screenshots taken from the hi-def BluRay (but have been compressed into JPEG).

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Falling Down
26th February 1993

113 mins

Chute Libre
26th May 1993

108 mins

Falling Down
4th June 1993

108 mins

Falling Down
26th October 1999

113 mins

26th May 2009

113 mins

Falling Down
1st June 2009

113 mins

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Michael Douglas
William Foster
Robert Duvall
Sergeant Martin Prendergast
Barbara Hershey
Elizabeth Tavino
Rachel Ticotin
Detective Sandra Torres
Frederic Forrest
Nick, Surplus Store Owner
Tuesday Weld
Mrs. Amanda Prendergast
Raymond J. Barry
Capt. Yardley
John Diehl
Dad (Back Yard Party)
D.W. Moffett
Detective Lydecker
Richard Montoya
Detective Sanchez
Steve Park
Detective Brian
Kimberly Scott
Detective Jones
Lois Smith
D-Fen's Mother
Carol Androsky
Woman Who Throws Up (Whammyburger)
Karina Arroyave
Abbey Barthel
Girl at Back Yard Party
Bruce Beatty
Police Clerk Johnson
Jack Betts
Frank, the Golfer
Jeffrey Byron
CHP Officer
Michael Paul Chan
Mr. Lee
Vondie Curtis-Hall
"Not Economically Viable" Man
John Fink
Guy Behind Woman Driver
John Fleck
Seedy Guy in Park
Mark Frank
Man at Phone Booth
Eddie Frias
Gang Member #2
Dean Hallo
Uniformed Officer at Beth's
Valentino D. Harrison
Young Boy
Brent Hinkley
Rick (Whammyburger)
James Keane
Detective Keene
Jack Kehoe
Street Worker
Irene Olga López
Angie's Mother
Valisha Jean Malin
Predergast's Daughter
Al Mancini
Jim, the Golfer
Macon McCalman
Det. Graham
Margaret Medina
Lita the Waitress
James Morrison
Construction Sign Man by Bus Stop
Amy Morton
Mom at Back Yard
Benjamin Mouton
Officer Springer
Dedee Pfeiffer
Sheila (Whammyburger)
Peter Radon
First Gay Man
Spencer Rochfort
Second Gay Man
Agustin Rodriguez
Gang Member One
Pat Romano
Gang Member #3
Joey Hope Singer
Adele Foster-Tavino
Susie Singer
Ebbe Roe Smith
Guy on Freeway
Fabio Urena
Gang member #4 (driver)
Carole White
Officer Glad
Whammyburger employee (man)
Whammyburger employee (woman)
Swap Meet salesman
Boy at Back Yard Party
Driver in Opening scene
Man on Phone

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