Footsteps in the Fog


Arthur Lubin
Columbia Pictures

Wealthy gentleman is mourning the loss of his wife. Since the wealthy gentleman is played by Stewart Granger, it's a safe bet wife was murdered. Scullery maid Jean Simmons knows that, too, and is out for blackmail. Granger won't stand for that, but makes a fatal mistake in the fog.

Decent enough Victorian murder drama would be much better if there was tighter direction and some sort of character development.All the players are just cardboard cutouts playing a game of Clue. Travers, especially, is wasted as the suspicious solicitor friend. Simmons and Granger rise above the material, and Lee is as lovely and underrated as ever, though her character is utterly stupid. Nice twist ending, that almost makes up for the routineness of the rest of the film.

-Dave Wright

12th September 1955

89 mins

Stewart Granger
Stephen Lowry
Jean Simmons
Lily Watkins
Bill Travers
David MacDonald
Finlay Currie
Detective Inspector R.M. Peters
Ronald Squire
Alfred Travers
Belinda Lee
Elizabeth Travers
William Hartnell
Herbert Moresby
Frederick Leister
Dr. Simpson
Percy Marmont
Marjorie Rhodes
Mrs. Parks
(as Margery Rhodes)
(Mrs. Park in credits)
Peter Bull
Barry Keegan
Police Constable Matthew Burke
Sheila Manahan
Rose Moresby
Norman MacOwan
Cameron Hall
Michael Corcoran
Victor Maddern
John Jones
Peter Williams
Police Constable Farrow
George Bishop
Andrews, Travers' Butler
Mark Daly
Wells, the Coachman
Arthur Howard
W. Thorp Devereux
Police Sergeant at Station
(as W. Thorp Devereaux)
Erik Chitty
Hedges, the Warehouse Clerk
(as Eric Chitty)
Philip Holles
Beacham, Assistant Solicitor
Joe Phelps
Constable with Farrow
Jim Morris
P.C. at Station
Harold Sanderson
Constable in Courtroom
Frank Atkinson
Constable in Courtroom
Unknown Male 82
Clerk of the Court
Assistant Solicitor
Frank Hawkins

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