The Glass Tomb

The Glass Cage


Montgomery Tully
Hammer Films

Sleazy, well as sleazy as you can get for 1955, tale of murder and circuses - David Blaine wasn't original! Lesser Hammer non-horror. For Hammer and UK cinema completists. Never expected to see these on DVD.

-The Sloth

Circus promoter gets drawn into a murder case, both as witness and suspect, while trying to create the big spectacle that will get his career to take off.

More a collection of noir tropes than a proper film noir, though the circus elements add some interest. It could also be said it's less of a movie than a collection of interesting scenes that never quite gel into a film. It actually seems more like a prototypical entry of the "Edgar Wallace Mysteries" than anything else. Nonetheless, the cast is excellent, the script has a wry humor and Tully manages to make the whole thing watchable, even after it was cut down by some 10-12 minutes. In terms of the exploitation surrounding a distressed, trapped figure, it does resemble Ace in the Hole, which, ironically enough, was first released as The Big Carnival. It's a bit difficult to comprehend the appeal of a "starving man" exhibit, though, and even moreso to picture Pohlmann as that man!

Note: Dandy Nichols is credited on IMDb as 'Woman with child,' but while there is a resemblance, I am certain it is not her.

-Dave W.

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The Glass Tomb
15th April 1955


The Glass Cage
29th August 1955

59 mins

The Glass Tomb
28th November 2006


John Ireland
Pel Pelham
Honor Blackman
Jenny Pelham
Geoffrey Keen
Harry Stanton
Eric Pohlmann
Henri Sapolio
Sid James
Tony Lewis
(as Sidney James)
Liam Redmond
Inspector Lindley
Sydney Tafler
Rorke (as Sidney Tafler)
Valerie Vernon
Arnold Marlé
Pop Maroni
[scenes deleted]
Nora Gordon
Marie Sapolio
Sam Kydd
Ferdy Mayne
Tonia Bern
Rena Maroni
Arthur Howard
Estate Agent
Stan Little
'Mick' Mickelwitz
(as Stanley Little)
Anthony Richmond
Peter Pelham
Unknown 7334-01
Lewis' Tailor
Arthur Lovegrove
Harry (uncredited)
Unknown 7334-03
Lewis' Bookkeeper
Unknown 7334-04
Cyril's Wife
Jack May
Cyril (uncredited)
Bernard Bresslaw
'Ivan the Terrible'
Unknown 7334-05
Party Guest
Unknown 7334-08
Forensics Man
Unknown 7334-07
Unknown 7334-06
Police Sergeant
Cleo Rose
Tiger Tamer's Wife / Ticket Girl
Unknown 7334-12
Man Outisde Tent
Unknown 7334-13
Woman Outside Tent
Unknown 7334-02
Little Boy's Mother
Unknown 7334-11
Little Boy
Unknown 7334-10
Louie, Ticket Taker
Unknown 7334-14
Harry's Moll
Unknown 7334-15
Harry's Moll
Unknown 7334-16
Man in Queue
Guy Standeven
Man in Queue
Unknown 7334-17
Man in Queue
Unknown 7334-19
Sapolio's Attendant
Frank Williams
Spectator (uncredited)
Unknown 7334-18
Unknown 7334-20
Unknown 7334-34
Spectator Examining Cage
Unknown 7334-35
Spectator Examining Cage
Unknown 7334-36
Spectator Examining Cage
Dennis Wyndham
Spectator Talking to George
Ian Wilson
Spectator Eating Sandwich
Unknown 7334-23
Spectator ("He's mad!")
Unknown 7334-24
Delivery Boy
Desmond Newling
Man at Murder Scene
Unknown 7334-26
Group at Murder Scene
Unknown 7334-27
Group at Murder Scene
Unknown 7334-28
Group at Murder Scene
Unknown 7334-29
P.C. Questioning Group
Unknown 7334-30
Doctor at Murder Scene
Ned Lynch
Plainsclothesman Outside Tent
Bruce Beeby
Sapolio's "Nurse"
Unknown 7334-31
Plainclothesman in Tent
Unknown 7334-32
Plainclothesman in Tent
Unknown 7334-33
Decoy Sapolio
Doug Robinson
Stunts (uncredited)

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