The Graduate


Mike Nichols
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One of the most iconic movies of the Sixties, to be sure, but not one that has aged particularly gracefully. The main problem is that Hoffman's character steadily evolves into a creepy stalker as the film progresses. The best thing about the film besides its dead-on portrayal of the stifling awfulness of suburbia, are Robert Surtee's camera work and Sam O'Steen's editing, which still stand out as innovative.

Wes Anderson owes his style to this film, with its long dialogue-free takes overlaid with Simon & Garfunkel tracks (especially "April Come She Will").

Apologies for low quality of caps - the 1999 DVD is not a great transfer, as I unfortunately found out!

-Dave W.

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by Charles Webb
(New American Library)

The Graduate
21st December 1967

106 mins

The Graduate (Special Edition) (PolyGram)
22nd December 1998

106 mins

The Graduate (Special Edition) (MGM/UA)
7th December 1999

106 mins

10th December 2019

Anne Bancroft
Mrs. Robinson
Anne Bancroft
Mrs. Robinson
Anne Bancroft
Mrs. Robinson
Dustin Hoffman
Benjamin Braddock
Dustin Hoffman
Benjamin Braddock
Dustin Hoffman
Benjamin Braddock
Katharine Ross
Elaine Robinson
William Daniels
Mr. Braddock
Murray Hamilton
Mr. Robinson
Elizabeth Wilson
Mrs. Braddock
Brian Avery
Carl Smith
Walter Brooke
Mr. McGuire
Norman Fell
Mr. McCleery
Alice Ghostley
Mrs. Singleman
Buck Henry
Hotel Clerk
Marion Lorne
Miss DeWitte
Eddra Gale
Woman on Bus
Eve McVeagh
Mrs. Carlson - Party Guest
Laurence Haddon
Mr. Carlson - Party Guest
Robert P. Lieb
Mr. Loomis - Party Guest
Maris Wrixon
Joanne - Party Guest
Elisabeth Fraser
Party Guest
Stuart Nisbet
Birthday Party Guest
Frank Baker
Hotel Guest
Hal Taggart
Hotel Guest
William H. O'Brien
Hotel Guest
George DeNormand
Hotel Guest
Arthur Tovey
Hotel Guest
Jonathan Hole
Mr. Singleman
Wayne Stam
Jeffrey Singleman
Clark Ross
Bob Eubanks
Voice: Newlywed Game Host
Lainie Miller
Night Club Stripper
Mike Farrell
Bellhop in Hotel Lobby
Buddy Douglas
Bellhop in Hotel Lobby
Richard Dreyfuss
Student Offering to Call Cops
Elaine May
Elaine's Roomate with Note
Kevin Tighe
Carter - Showering Frat Brother
Ben Murphy
Shaving Frat Brother
Noam Pitlik
Gas Station Attendant
Harry Holcombe
The Minister
George Bruggeman
Wedding Guest
Wally West
Bus Passenger
Sam O'Steen
Bus Passenger
(Editor's Cameo)
Eleanore Vogel
Bus Passenger
Donald F. Glut
College Student
Robert Perry
College Student
Bernard Sell
Party Guest
David Westberg
Parking Valet
Jay Dee Witney
Hotel Guest
Carol Daniels
Lee Faulkner
Loren Janes
Linda Gray
Mrs. Robinson's Leg on Movie Poster

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