A Home of Your Own


Bob Kellett

A new block of flats are created. Sort of.

Mostly silent slapstick comedy in similar style to The Plank set on a construction site. Barker's endlessy frustrated attempts to get some concrete down are the best of it. Probably not the funniest 43 minutes ever made, but there are some chortles to be had.

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Ronnie Barker
The Cement Mixer
Richard Briers
The Husband
Peter Butterworth
The Carpenter
Bernard Cribbins
The Stonemason
Bill Fraser
The Shop Steward
Norman Mitchell
The Foreman
Ronnie Stevens
The Architect
Fred Emney
The Mayor
Janet Brown
Gerald Campion
Bridget Armstrong
The Wife
George Benson
The Gatekeeper
Douglas Ives
Jack Melford
Telephone Engineer
Thelma Ruby
Mayor's wife
Tony Tanner
Workman with radio
Aubrey Woods
Waterboard man
Helen Cotterill
Barrie Gosney
Workman with ladder
Harry Locke
Gas man
Thorley Walters
Estate agent
Henry Woolf