Horror Island


George Waggner
Universal Pictures

Enjoyable little "B" horror-comedy with assorted characters searching for Captain Morgan's treasure in a haunted castle, considerably bolstered by fine production values and a great cast of character actors.

Director Waggner shot this film in twelve days for $93,000 (the film actually was in theaters two weeks after shooting wrapped, before it was even copyrighted!), a feat that, coupled with this film's success, led to his promotion to Universal's "A" unit, where he lensed The Wolf Man the same year.

-Dave W.

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28th March 1941

60 mins

16th October 2014

60 mins

Dick Foran
Bill Martin
Leo Carrillo
Tobias Clump
('The Skipper')
Peggy Moran
Wendy Creighton
Fuzzy Knight
'Stuff' Oliver
John Eldredge
Cousin George
Lewis Howard
Thurman Coldwater
Hobart Cavanaugh
Professor Jasper Quinley
Walter Catlett
Sergeant McGoon
Ralf Harolde
Rod 'Killer' Grady
Iris Adrian
Arleen Grady
Foy Van Dolsen
The Phantom
Emmett Vogan
The Stranger
Eddy Chandler
Beat Cop
Ted Billings
Wreck Spectator
Robert H. Barron
Wreck Spectator
Walter Tetley
Delivery Boy
Eddie Parker
Sailor (uncredited)
Dale Van Sickel
Sailor (uncredited)
Naval Officer
John Burton
Undetermined Role

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