Horror of Dracula


Terence Fisher
Hammer Films
Production Company

Hammer Studios in England naturally followed up the success of their Curse of Frankenstein movie with a bloody Technicolor foray into the world of Dracula. In some ways this now seems more dated than its forebears. Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee make tremendous adversaries and set the tone for the increasingly bloodier and sexier series.

-The Sloth

One of the most important films of the Fifties, and certainly the vampire film to be reckoned with; not as creaky as the 1931 version, not as overproduced as Coppola's 1992 version. All other vampire movies that followed are merely tonal variations on the melody this film created. This, along with Curse of Frankenstein, put Hammer on the map, firmly in charge of the various creatures that populated the horror genre for the next decade and a half, until the zombie hordes of the late Sixties turned the tide. Not bad for a film that takes so many liberties with the source material.

The teaming of Cushing and Lee is of course the motive power, but not to be overlooked is Carol Marsh, the prim Victorian lady eagerly waiting each night for her undead rapist. Her performance is the lustful heart of the film.

Note: Mills & Morgan can briefly be seen in the opening scene of the coach approaching Dracula's castle, but whatever actual scenes they were in (presumably including the killing of the coach driver) were cut.

-Dave W.

Horror of Dracula
8th May 1958

82 mins

22nd May 1958

1st October 2002

82 mins

28th October 2013

79 mins

Peter Cushing
Dr. Van Helsing
Michael Gough
Arthur Holmwood
Melissa Stribling
Mina Holmwood
Christopher Lee
Count Dracula
Carol Marsh
Lucy Holmwood
Miles Malleson
J. Marx, Undertaker
John Van Eyssen
Jonathan Harker
Olga Dickie
George Benson
Frontier Official
Charles Lloyd Pack
Dr. Seward
George Woodbridge
Valerie Gaunt
Vampire Woman
Janina Faye
(as Janine Faye)
Barbara Archer
George Merritt
Geoffrey Bayldon
Paul Cole
Guy Mills
Coach Driver
Richard Morgan
Coach Driver's Companion
Unknown 8801-01
Inn Customer
Dave's Unknown Male 8
Inn Customer
Unknown 8801-03
Inn Customer
Unknown Male 177
Inn Customer
Unknown 8801-05
Inn Customer
John Maxim
Inn Customer
Unknown 8801-07
Dead Vampire Woman
John Mossman
Hearse Driver
Peter Diamond
Nosher Powell
Stedwell Fulcher
Man in Coach
(scenes deleted)
Humphrey Kent
Fat Merchant
(scenes deleted)
Judith Nelmes
Woman in Coach
(scenes deleted)
William Sherwood
(scenes deleted)

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