House of Wax


André de Toth
Warner Brothers

Price is an artist, who wants his wax museum to be a palace of education and beauty. Unfortunately, his partner just wants the insurance money. Price survives the subsequent flames, acquiring a scarred face and hands, along with a desire to give the public the gruesomeness it wants. He also has a new method for creating his wax figures...

Excellent film that survives the hokum of 3-D, in no small part thanks to the canny decision to make the film a period piece, thus making it timeless. The rest is thanks to a capable cast, especially Price's sympathetic madman. A remake of Mystery of the Wax Museum, it stands quite well on it's own. The 2005 film of the same name is only related by title, and is unworthy of mention here.

-Dave W.

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25th April 1953

90 mins

Vincent Price
Prof. Henry Jarrod
Frank Lovejoy
Lieutenant Tom Brennan
Phyllis Kirk
Sue Allen
Carolyn Jones
Cathy Gray
Paul Picerni
Scott Andrews
Roy Roberts
Matthew Burke
Angela Clarke
Mrs. Andrews
Paul Cavanagh
Sidney Wallace
Dabbs Greer
Sgt. Jim Shane
Charles Bronson
(as Charles Buchinsky)
Reggie Rymal
The Barker
Oliver Blake
Pompous Patron with Watch
Joanne Brown
Girlfriend (uncredited)
Leo Curley
Portly Man (uncredited)
Frank Ferguson
Medical Examiner
Darwin Greenfield
Lodger (uncredited)
Mary Lou Holloway
Millie (uncredited)
Jack Kenney
Lodger (uncredited)
Lyle Latell
Waiter (uncredited)
Richard Lightner
Detective (uncredited)
Jack Mower
Detective (uncredited)
Eddie Parks
Morgue Attendant
Grandon Rhodes
Surgeon (uncredited)
Riza Royce
Mrs. Flanagan (uncredited)
Philip Tonge
Bruce Allison (uncredited)
Merry Townsend
Ticket Taker (uncredited)
Ruth Warren
Scrubwoman (uncredited)
Grace Lee Whitney
Can Can Dancer
Shirley Whitney
Girlfriend (uncredited)
Jack Wise
Elevator Operator (uncredited)
Jack Woody
Morgue Attendant
Trude Wyler
Bit Part (uncredited)
Nedrick Young
Leon Averill (uncredited)
Charles Horvath
Jarrod in Fight Sequence/
Stunts (uncredited)

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