I Was a Male War Bride


Howard Hawks
20th Century Fox Film Corporation

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19th August 1949

105 mins

Cary Grant
Captain Henri Rochard
Ann Sheridan
1st Lieutenant Catherine Gates
Marion Marshall
Lt. Kitty Lawrence
Randy Stuart
Lt. Eloise Billings
Bill Neff
Capt. Jack Rumsey
(as William Neff)
Robert Kleinert
Taxi Driver
Werner Tronjeck
Traffic Policeman
Robert Nichols
Staff Sergeant Giving Directions
H.P. Crowe
MP Sergeant at Heidelberg Town Hall
Unknown 9183
WAC Coming Out of Ladies' Room
Kay Young
Major Prendergast
Richard Nielson
Motor Pool Sergeant
Robert Nichols
Motor Pool Mechanic
Unknown 9183
MP Lieutenant at Roadblock
Ruben Wendorf
Innkeeper's Assistant
Lilly Kann
Innkeeper's Wife
Unknown 9183
Gene Garrick
Tony Jowitt
John Whitney
Bill Trumble
Otto Reichow
German Policeman
William Yetter Sr.
German Policeman
Carl Jaffe
Jail Officer
Martin Miller
Herr Schindler - Black Marketeer
Alfred Linder
Chris Adcock
Mail Clerk
Harold Sanderson
Mail Clerk
Jim Morris
David McMahon
Army Chaplain
Paul Hardtmuth
German Mayor
Unknown 9183
German Town Clerk
André Charlot
French Minister
Stanley Maxted
U.S. Consul in Heidelberg
William Self
Sergeant with War Bride Form
Arthur Hill
Dependents Clearing Officer
Estelle Brody
WAC Announcer Officer
Unknown 9183
Mother with Crying Child
(Miki Iveria?)
Mavis Villiers
Dependents' Hotel Reception Clerk
Unknown 9183
Dependents' Hotel Reception Officer
Lionel Murton
First Sergeant at BOQ
Mark Baker
Barracks Private
Unknown 9183
Barracks Officer
Patricia Marmont
Lieutenant From Boston
William Murphy
Staff Sergeant Clerk at Troopship
William Pullen
Sam, Sergeant at Troopship
Kenneth Tobey
Yeoman 1st Class
Mike Mahoney
Boatswains Mate 1st Class
Joe Haworth
Gil Herman
Naval Officer
Bill McLean
Expectant GI
Harry Lauter
Lieutenant Perkins
Russ Conway
Commander Willis - Chaplain
Robert Adair
Colonel Bliven
Michael Balfour
Male Billet Sergeant
Patricia Cutts
Girl in Doorway
Coral Drouyn
Precocious Child
Alex Gerry
Hotel Room Waiter
Robert Patten
Barbara Perry
Tall WAC
Edward Platt
Lieutenant in Gates' Office
Ben Pollock
John Serret
French Notary
Lester Sharpe
John Zilly
Shore Patrolman
Walter Henry
King Donovan
Undetermined Role
(scenes deleted)
Charles B. Fitzsimons
Lt. Kelly
(scenes deleted)
Robert Stevenson
(scenes deleted)
Otto Waldis
Undetermined Role
(scenes deleted)