Assignment to Kill


Sheldon Reynolds
Warner Brothers

Interesting little B-movie with laconic O'Neal an insurance investigator out to find why a wealthy shipping magnate is sinking his own vessels. Witty and literate, with some things to say about corporate power which are even more relevant today than when it was made. Makes a tonal shift from lighthearted spy stuff to serious revenge in the final reel; unfortunately that plot point is betrayed by the ridiculously revealing film poster. The murders show a definite Bava/giallo influence, somewhat surprising to see in an American film of this vintage.

Note: IMDb says Cynthia Baxter's character is "Felice Valayan," but Gielgud introduces her as "Cynthia."

-Dave W.

1st December 1968

102 mins

Patrick O'Neal
Richard Cutting
Joan Hackett
Dominique Laurant
John Gielgud
Curt Valayan
Herbert Lom
Matt Wilson
Eric Portman
Peter van Eyck
Walter Green
Oskar Homolka
Inspector Ruff
Leon Greene
The Big Man
Kent Smith
Mr. Eversley
Philip Ober
Peter Bohlen
Fifi D'Orsay
Green's Landlady
(Mrs. Hennie)
Éva Szörényi
Dominique's Landlady
(as Eva Soreny)
Unknown 946-01
Unknown 946-02
Eversley's Secretary
Unknown 946-03
Unknown 946-05
Man Briefing Wilson
Martin Miller
Unknown 946-06
Taxi Driver
Unknown 946-07
Night Clerk
Unknown 946-08
Unknown 946-09
Room Service Waiter
Philo Hauser
Desk Clerk
Karl Bruck
Valayan's Butler
Cynthia Baxter
Cynthia Valayan
Unknown 946-11
Hotel Manager
Unknown 946-12
Party Girl

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