The Iron Maiden

The Swingin' Maiden


Gerald Thomas
Anglo Amalgamated

Airplane designer Craig would rather be tinkering with traction engines than testing his new supersonic airliner. When an American executive comes to England (with lovely daughter Helm in tow) to purchase a new airliner fleet, all sorts of complications, both business and romantic, ensue.

Enjoyable bit of fluff, almost but not quite in the Carry On vein. It's actually very close in spirit to Genevieve. Nice that for once, the American actors aren't shoehorned in but are actually part of the plot. The romantic subplot between Craig and Helm is a bit wearisome, especially as both characters are ninnies, but that's not the actors' fault, just that of these romantic "I hate you so much, but I suddenly love you" type plots. Nice to see Hale in a decent role beofre being marooned on typecasting island for several years.

The tractor of the title herself is still alive and working in England. More about her here.

Note: IMDb lists this film incorrectly as Swinging Maiden. It's a British film and in this day and age when original prints are so easily available, films should be listed under their proper title. The IMDb editors don't care about accuracy, so whatever. Still, the US title is actually The Swingin' Maiden, but they couldn't even get that right. Many of the character names in the IMDb listing are incorrect as well. Rant over; go about your business... [Update 12/20/2014: Well, someone on IMDb updated & corrected the listing, but I'l leave my rant here for posterity)

And apologies for quality of screenshots; this another film that has never been released on DVD, and exisitng prints are cropped. Several actors are listed in the opening credits, but do not appear to be in the final cut of the film.

-Dave W.

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The Iron Maiden
30th December 1962

98 mins

The Swingin' Maiden
31st December 1963

98 mins

Michael Craig
Jack Hopkins
Anne Helm
Kathy Fisher
Jeff Donnell
Miriam Fisher
Alan Hale Jr.
Paul Fisher
Noel Purcell
Admiral Sir Digby Trevelyan
Cecil Parker
Sir Giles Thompson
Roland Culver
Lord Upshott
Joan Sims
Nellie Carter
John Standing
Humphrey Gore-Brown
Brian Oulton
The Vicar
Sam Kydd
Fred Carter
Judith Furse
Mrs. Webb
Richard Thorp
Harry Markham
Jim Dale
Thompson's Salesman
George Woodbridge
Mr. Ludd
Ian Wilson
Sidney Webb
Brian Rawlinson
Albert, Village Constable
Douglas Ives
David Aylmer
Thompson's Salesman
Peter Burton
Thompson's Salesman
Michael Nightingale
Senior Rally Steward
Raymond Glendenning
Rally Commentator
(Voice Only)
Cyril Chamberlain
Mrs. Webb's Teammate
Peter Jesson
'Wrong' Rolls Royce Owner
Anton Rodgers
Tom Gill
Rally Steward
Anthony Baird
Bill Cartwright
Peter Byrne
Race Starter
Middleton Woods
Peter Wells
Eric Corrie
Jonathan Kydd
Fred's Son
John Russell
(as The Duke of Bedford)
Pat Ryan
Rally Steward
The Iron Maiden
Handley Page Victor
Giles Thompson T/DT/3

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