It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World


Stanley Kramer

A group of eight people travelling in four separate vehicles witness the apparent suicide of a lunatic driver one morning up in the mountains. When they attempt to find out if the driver (Durante) is ok, he uses his dying words to inform them of a large amount of money which is buried in a park in California under "a big W". The group initially discuss in a half-reasonable manner on how to retrieve the loot and share it amongst themselves....but this plan is short-lived when it becomes apparant that it has become a every man for himself scenario and the race is on to get there first. What they don't realise is that the police are hot on their trail.

Classic comedy with a surprisingly big-star cast which is both long and enjoyable.

The DVD prints are cut by 50+ minutes, which accounts for some of the cast listed below being missing.

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7th November 1963


2nd December 1963

Spencer Tracy
Capt. T.G. Culpeper
Milton Berle
J. Russell Finch
Sid Caesar
Melville Crump
Buddy Hackett
Benjy Benjamin
Ethel Merman
Mrs Marcus
Mickey Rooney
Ding Bell
Dick Shawn
Sylvester Marcus
Phil Silvers
Otto Meyer
Col. J. Algernon Hawthorne
Jonathan Winters
Lennie Pike
Edie Adams
Monica Crump
Dorothy Provine
Emmeline Finch
Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson
Second cab driver
Jim Backus
Tyler Fitzgerald
Ben Blue
Airplane pilot
Joe E. Brown
Union official
Alan Carney
Police Sergeant
Chick Chandler
Detective outside Chinese laundromat
Barrie Chase
Sylvester's Girlfriend
Lloyd Corrigan
William Demarest
Chief Aloysius
Andy Devine
Selma Diamond
Mrs. Culpeper
Peter Falk
3rd cab driver
Norman Fell
Detective at crash site
Paul Ford
Col Wilberforce
Stan Freberg
Deputy Sheriff
Louise Glenn
Billie Sue Culpeper
Leo Gorcey
Cab driver
Sterling Holloway
Fire Chief
Edward Everett Horton
Marvin Kaplan
Buster Keaton
Jimmy the Crook
Don Knotts
Nervous Driver
Charles Lane
Airport Manager
Mike Mazurki
Charles McGraw
Lt. Matthews
Cliff Norton
Zasu Pitts
Switchboard Operator
Carl Reiner
Tower control
Madlyn Rhue
Roy Roberts
Policeman outside Irwin & Ray's
Arnold Stang
Nick Stewart
Migrant Truck Driver
Joe de Rita
Larry Fine
Moe Howard
Sammee Tong
Chinese Laundryman
Jesse White
Radio tower operator
Jimmy Durante
Smiler Grogan
Jack Benny
Helpful Driver
John Clarke
Helicopter Pilot
Nicholas Georgiade
Detective at crash site
Don C. Harvey
Policeman in Helicopter
Robert Karnes
Police Officer Simmy
Tom Kennedy
Traffic Cop
Ben Lessy
Bobo Lewis
Pilot's Wife
Jerry Lewis
Dangerous driver
Bob Mazurki
Eddie (miner's son)
Eddie Ryder
Air Traffic Control Tower Staff
Doodles Weaver
Hardware Store Clerk
Paul Birch
Stanley Clements
Detective in Squad Room
Howard Da Silva
Airport Officer
Minta Durfee
Roy Engel
James Flavin
Stacy Harris
Police Radio
Allen Jenkins
Police Officer
Harry Lauter
Police Dispatcher
Barbara Pepper
Migrant Truck Driver's Wife

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