Oliver Stone

Controversial semi-documentary from director Oliver Stone who uses his persuasive force into making us believe the assasination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963 was a conspiracy. A packed cast and a believable theory make this a very hard-to-ignore movie. It's one of those films that has divided opinion over its beliefs and theories, but it's everything you would expect from such a great director.
A Director's Cut of the film is also available.

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20th December 1991

24th January 1992

JFK (Director's Cut/ Special Edition/ Old Version)
6th February 2001


Kevin Costner
Jim Garrison
Kevin Bacon
Willie O'Keefe
Tommy Lee Jones
Clay Shaw
Laurie Metcalf
Susie Cox
Gary Oldman
Lee Harvey Oswald
Beata Pozniak
Marina Oswald
Michael Rooker
Bill Broussard
Jay O. Sanders
Lou Ivon
Sissy Spacek
Liz Garrison
Brian Doyle-Murray
Jack Ruby
Gary Grubbs
Al Oser
Wayne Knight
Numa Bertel
Jo Anderson
Julia Ann Mercer
Vincent D'Onofrio
Bill Newman
Pruitt Taylor Vince
Lee Bowers
Henri Alciatore
Maitre d'
Edward Asner
W. Guy Bannister
Roy Barnitt
Irvin F. Dymond
Walter Breaux
Vernon Bundy
I.D. Brickman
Dr. Peters
John Candy
Dean Andrews
Gary Carter
Bill Williams
Barry Chambers
Man at Shooting Range
Gail Cronauer
Janet Williams
Lolita Davidovich
Beverly Oliver
Norman Davis
Colonel Reich
Dalton Dearborn
Army General at Autopsy
Dale Dye
General Y
R. Bruce Elliott
Bolton Ford Dealer
Jorge Fernández
Miguel Torres
John Finnegan
Judge Haggerty
Jim Garrison
Earl Warren
Bob Gunton
TV Newsman #3
Harold G. Herthum
Doug Jackson
Stage Manager
Ron Jackson
FBI Spokesman
J.J. Johnston
Mobster with Broussard
George Kelly
Jerry Johnson Sidekick
Victor Kempster
Sally Kirkland
Rose Cheramie
Scott Krueger
Snapper Garrison
Odin K. Langford
Aloysius Habighorst
John Larroquette
Jerry Johnson
Jack Lemmon
Jack Martin
Amy Long
Virginia Garrison
Mike Longman
TV Newsman
Peter Maloney
Colonel Finck
John C. Martin
Prison Guard
Walter Matthau
Sen. Russell Long
Carolina McCullough
Ellen McElduff
Jean Hill
Errol McLendon
Man with Umbrella
Helen Miller
Sharon, Garrison Receptionist
Joseph Nadell
Dr. McClelland
Edwin Neal
Mercer Interrogator
Sally Nystuen
Mary Moorman
Willem Oltmans
George DeMohrenschildt
Pat Perkins
Mattie, the Housemaid
Joe Pesci
David Ferrie
Tony Plana
Carlos Bringuier
Allison Pratt Davis
Elizabeth Garrison
Ron Rifkin
Mr. Goldberg (Spiesel)
George R. Robertson
White House Man
Chris Robinson
Dr. Humes
Nathan Scott
John Chancler
John Seitz
General Lemnitzer
Merlyn Sexton
Admiral Kenney
Martin Sheen
Opening Narration
Michael Skipper
James Teague
Alvin Spicuzza
John St. Paul
Police Sergeant at Airport
Murray Stokes
FBI Man at Airport
Sean Stone
Jasper Garrison
Ann Strub
Banister's Secretary
Donald Sutherland
Wayne Tippit
FBI Agent Frank
Henry Tull
Clinton Sheriff
Linda Flores Wade
Sylvia Odio
Frank Whaley
Fake Oswald
Carolyn T. Wright
Clinton Witness
Darryl Cox
FBI Agent #2 with Hill
John S. Davies
Hobo #2
Jerry Douglas
Board Room Man
Gil Glasgow
Tippet Shooter
Baxter Harris
White House Man
Ryan MacDonald
Board Room Man
Tomas Milian

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