Jamaica Inn


Alfred Hitchcock

Cornwall, England in the 19th century, a young woman (O'Hara) is sent to live with her Aunt (Ney) and Uncle (Laughton), the landlords of the Jamaica Inn. What she doesn't realise is that her uncle, a respected citizen of those parts, is actually involved with gangs of pirates who are luring ships to their doom on the rocky coast.
This was the first of three stories by Daphne Du Maurier that Alfred Hitchcock filmed; the others being Rebecca (1940), and The Birds (1963).

A decent TV-movie version was made in 1983.

A note about the DVD prints: Some of the screenshots provided here were taken from a very blurry release from Mill Creek Entertainment. However, the credits, stills and some other screenshots are from the re-mastered Region 2 itv-DVD edition.

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15th May 1939

13th October 1939

Jamaica Inn (Kino)
19th January 1999


Jamaica Inn (Delta)
20th July 1999


Charles Laughton
Sir Humphrey Pengallan
Leslie Banks
Joss Merlyn
Emlyn Williams
Robert Newton
Jim Trehearne
Marie Ney
Patience - His Wife
Wylie Watson
Maureen O'Hara
Robert Adair
Captain Murray
Marie Ault
Coach Passenger
O.B. Clarence
Coach Passenger
A. Bromley Davenport
His friend
Morland Graham
Sea Lawyer Sydney
Edwin Greenwood
Dandy - Sir Humphrey's Gang
Clare Greet
His Tenant
Horace Hodges
Chadwick, His Butler
Aubrey Mather
Hay Petrie
Frederick Piper
His Agent
George Curzon
Pengallan's Guest
Jeanne De Casalis
His Friend (as Jeanne de Casalis)
William Devlin
Hiss Tenant
Mary Jerrold
Miss Black
Mervyn Johns
Herbert Lomas
His Tenant
John Longden
Captain Johnson
Basil Radford
Pengallan's Guest
Philip Ray
Undetermined Role
Mabel Terry-Lewis
His Friend (as Mabel Terry Lewis)

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