Laurel & Hardy are a traveling two-man jitterbug band who find themselves befriended by a con-man in a small town. Despite its infrequent moments of humour, this film simply plods along.
A lesser-known feature of Stan and Ollie's from the post-Hal Roach days whilst working at 20th Century Fox.

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25th June 1943

Stan Laurel
Oliver Hardy
Vivian Blaine
Susan Cowan
Robert Bailey
Chester Wright
Douglas Fowley
Malcolm Bennett
Noel Madison
Tony Queen
Lee Patrick
Robert Emmett Keane
Henry Corcoran
Gladys Blake
Dice-game operator
James Bush
Henchman Jimmy O'Grady
Anthony Caruso
Chick Collins
Henchman Joe Taylor
Jimmy Conlin
Barker for Bearded Lady
Hal K. Dawson
Hotel Desk clerk
Francis Ford
Skeptical Old-Timer
Harrison Greene
Angry carnival patron
Charles Halton
Samuel L. Cass
Syd Saylor
Carnival barker for Fatima
Cy Slocum
Dancehall Bouncer

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