Major Dundee


Sam Peckinpah
Columbia Pictures
Production Company

Lesser Peckinpah is still better than the competition, here we see him honing his Western skills before his masterpiece, The Wild Bunch. Heston plays a jaded prison warden out hunting renegade Apache. This release features an extended cut in an effort to reproduce the original concept.

Vidcaps courtesy Chris Survela

30th August 2005

Cliff Lyons
Charlton Heston
Major Amos Charles Dundee
Richard Harris
Captain Benjamin Tyreen
Jim Hutton
Lieutenant Graham
James Coburn
Samuel T. Potts
Michael Anderson Jr.
Tim Ryan
Senta Berger
Mario Adorf
Sgt. Gomez
Brock Peters
Warren Oates
O. W. Hadley
Ben Johnson
Sergeant Chillum
R.G. Armstrong
Rev. Dahlstrom
L.Q. Jones
Arthur Hadley
Slim Pickens
Karl Swenson
Captain Waller
Michael Pate
Sierra Charriba
John Davis Chandler
Jimmy Lee Benteen
Dub Taylor
Benjamin Priam
Albert Carrier
Captain Jacques Tremaine
Aurora Clavel
Melinche (as Aurora Clavell)
Begoña Palacios
Linda (as Begonia Palacios)
Enrique Lucero
Doctor Aguilar
Woody Strode
Whitey Hughes
Confederate Trooper
Jody McCrea
Lt. Brannin
Marvin Miller
Opening Narrator (voice)
Dennis Patrick
Rockne Tarkington