Man in the Attic


Hugo Fregonese

The new tenant in the attic may be Jack the Ripper.

Remake of The Lodger has a nice line in foggy London streets and Palance, Smith and Palmer are all fine - but this is a mystery film with no mystery. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck - its probably Jack the Ripper.

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23rd December 1953

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Jack Palance
Constance Smith
Lily Bonner
Byron Palmer
Insp. Paul Warwick
Frances Bavier
Helen Harley
Rhys Williams
William Harley
Sean McClory
Constable #1
Leslie Bradley
Constable #2
Tita Phillips
Daisy (the maid)
Lester Matthews
Chief Insp. Melville (as Lester Mathews)
Harry Cording
Detective Sgt. Bates
Lisa Daniels
Mary Lenihan
Lilian Bond
Annie Rowley
Isabel Jewell
James Conaty
Theatre Patron
Franklyn Farnum
Theatre Patron
Stuart Holmes
Theatre Patron
Colin Kenny
Theatre Patron
Sylvia Lewis
Dance Hall Dancer
Mickey Martin
Messenger Boy
Jeffrey Sayre
Theatre Patron
Ben Wright
Detective in Theatre Box

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