The Bat People

It Lives By Night


Jerry Jameson
American International Pictures

Holidaying doctor gets bitten by bat and starts exhibiting nocturnal behaviour.

Dire horror film that only merits a look for early make-up work from Stan Winston.

-The Sloth

Yep, it's pretty bad, but the MST3K version (under its alternate title) makes it palatable. Winston's work, when it's finally seen, isn't very impressive (it actually looks more like a howler monkey than a bat anyway). Paul Carr's mustache gets acting honors in this one.

-Dave W.

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The Bat People
30th January 1974

93 mins

11th September 2007

Stewart Moss
Dr. John Beck
Marianne McAndrew
Cathy Beck
Michael Pataki
Sergeant Ward
Paul Carr
Dr. Kipling
Arthur Space
Robert Berk
Motel Owner
Pat Delaney
Ms. Jax
George Paulsin
Boy in Pickup
Bonnie Van Dyke
Girl in Pickup
Jennifer Kulik
Nurse / Victim
(as Jeni Kulik)
Laurie Brooks Jefferson
Herb Pierce
Park Ranger

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