Psycho IV: The Beginning


Mick Garris

A made-for-cable tv movie and one of Perkins' last appearances, this watchable semi-documentary-type feature digs into the depths of Norman Bates' past, featuring present day Norman talking to a live radio chat show over the telephone whilst recalling flashbacks from his childhood.

See also Psycho (1960), Psycho II (1983), and Psycho III (1986)

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14th November 2017

Anthony Perkins
Norman Bates
Henry Thomas
Young Norman Bates
Olivia Hussey
Norma Bates
CCH Pounder
Fran Ambrose
Warren Frost
Dr. Leo Richmond
Donna Mitchell
Connie Bates
Thomas Schuster
Chet Randolph
Sharen Camille
John Landis
Mike Calveccio
Kurt Paul
Raymond Linette
Louis Crume
George Emeric
Doreen Chalmers
Mrs. Lane
Ryan Finnigan
Norman Bates as a child

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