Sons Of The Desert


Laurel & Hardy in probably their finest, most accomplished film are members of a fraternal organization known as the Sons of the Desert. Their presences are requested at a convention in Chicago as part of an annual get-together but when Mrs. Hardy hears about this she flatly refuses to let Ollie go. This leads to the boys conjuring up a make believe illness which would require them to go to Hawaii on account of Ollie's health, but this is or course a subterfuge to throw the wives off the track. Simply in a word, brilliant.
The basic story of this movie is a re-working of an earlier silent short We Faw Down (1928).

Stan Laurel
Oliver Hardy
Charley Chase
Mae Busch
Mrs. Lottie Hardy
Dorothy Christy
Mrs. Betty Laurel
Lucien Littlefield
Dr. Horace Meddick
Harry Bernard
Lead Hula Dancer
Baldwin Cooke
Son of the Desert
Lillian DeBorba
Theater Extra
John Elliott
Exalted Exhausted Ruler
Charlie Hall
Second Waiter
Suzanna Kim
Sam Lufkin
First Waiter
Ty Parvis

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