Star Chamber


Peter Hyams

Tale of a frustrated Judge tired of letting creepozoids back onto the streets and the solution he is offered by a secret society. Will at least cause you to think about the issues as this thriller unwinds. Gorgeous and groundbreaking night time photography in this, Hyam's 2nd best film after Capricorn One (which is now hard to watch because of the OJ factor) methinks.
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1st February 2005


Michael Douglas
Steven Hardin
Hal Holbrook
Benjamin Caulfield
Yaphet Kotto
Detective Harry Lowes
Sharon Gless
Emily Hardin
James Sikking
Dr. Harold Lewin
Joe Regalbuto
Arthur Cooms
Don Calfa
Lawrence Monk
John DiSanti
Detective James Wickman
DeWayne Jessie
Stanley Flowers
Jack Kehoe
Larry Hankin
Det. Kenneth Wiggan
Dick Anthony Williams
Det. Paul Mackey
Margie Impert
Louise Pacinni
Dana Gladstone
Martin Hyatt
David Proval
Officer Nelson
Robin Gammell
Judge Archer
Matthew Faison
Judge Stoner
Fred McCarren
Robert Karras
Michael Ensign
Judge Kirkland
Jason Bernard
Judge Bocho
Jerry Taft
Judge Fogelson
Michael Austin
Judge Lang
Sheldon Feldner
Superior Court Judge James Culhane
James Margolin
Albert R. Beamer
Hexin E. McPhee
Marvin Dewson
Diana Douglas
Adrian Caulfield
Keith Buckley
Domingo Ambriz
Hector Andujar
Frances Bergen
Mrs. Cummins
George Cooper
State Senator Walden
Robert Costanzo
Sgt. Spota
George Dickerson
George Tillis
David Faustino
Tony Hardin
Charles Hallahan
Officer Pickett