This Man Is News


David MacDonald

Enjoyable Thin Man style mystery film with Barnes as a reporter caught up in murder. Good supporting cast, with Sim at his most Scottish and Lexy his most irascible. First on-screen credit for Basil Dearden, who would go on to become one of Britain's best directors in the 1950s. Followed by one sequel, This Man in Paris, the next year.

Note: IMDb lists Lexy's role as Inspector Hollis, but he is referred to in dialogue as Holly throughout the film. Doyle is listed as portrayed by James Birrie, but that is a duplicate entry for James Pirrie.

-Dave W.

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This Man is News
1st September 1938

77 mins

This Man is News
18th August 1939

63 mins

Barry K. Barnes
Simon Drake
Valerie Hobson
Pat Drake
Alastair Sim
Lochlan 'Mac' Macgregor
Edward Lexy
Chief Inspector Holly
John Warwick
Johnnie Clayton
Garry Marsh
Sergeant Bright
(as Gary Marsh)
Philip Leaver
'Harelip' Murphy
(as Philip Lever)
Kenneth Buckley
Ken Marquis
Robert Gall
Undetermined Role
(as Bobby Gall)
Ben Williams
Bill, Reporter
David Keir
James Pirrie
John Abbott
Tom Gill
Peter Brown
Jack Vyvyan
Fireman White
Patricia Medina
Billy Watts
Undetermined Role

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