Changing Lanes


A lawyer and a recovering alcoholic become involved in a car collision with one another. But eager to get to where he is going to, the lawyer (Affleck) flees the scene, leaving the frustrated Jackson stranded in the middle of the road. Later, the lawyer discovers he has left valuable documents at the scene of the crash - which have been picked up by his victim. It's then a race against the clock to find him and recover the all important papers, and even if he does, will the guy hand them back over?

The cast is billed according to the opening credits, hence Samuel L. Jackson's name appears first.

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12th April 2002

Changing Lanes (Special Edition)
10th September 2002


1st November 2002


Samuel L. Jackson
Doyle Gipson
Ben Affleck
Gavin Banek
Toni Collette
Sydney Pollack
Stephen Delano
William Hurt
Doyle's Sponsor
Amanda Peet
Cynthia Delano Banek
Richard Jenkins
Walter Arnell
Dylan Baker
Kim Staunton
Valerie Gipson
John Benjamin Hickey
Michael McGrath
Bruce Altman
Terry Kaufman
Jennifer Dundas Lowe
Mina Dunne
Joe Grifasi
Judge Cosell
Caleb Archer
Boy on bike
Ray Bokhour
Angela Goethals
Sarah Windsor
Matt Malloy
Ron Cabot
Tina Sloan
Mrs. Delano
Kevin Sussman
Tyler Cohen
Myra Lucretia Taylor
Judge Frances Abarbanel
Gilbert S. Williams
Mike (alcoholic)
Noel Wilson
Bartender at Arlo's
World Trade Center
World Trade Center

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