Vondie Curtis-Hall

The prison life of Stan 'Tookie' Williams co-founder of the LA gang, the Crips. William's redemption consisted of his efforts to preach non-violence to alienated black youth. Jamie Foxx turns in an incredible performance. The movie is slanted in one direction, little is made of William's gangster days. On the other hand the final act is also missing as Williams was recently executed...Discuss.
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13th March 2006

Jamie Foxx
Stan "Tookie" Williams
Lynn Whitfield
Lee Thompson Young
Brenden Richard Jefferson
Brenda Bazinet
Wes Williams
Greg Ellwand
CCH Pounder
Winnie Mandela
Barbara Barnes-Hopkins
Mrs Williams
Tom Barnett
Jim Kates
Karl Campbell
Joseph Pierre
17yr old Ray Washington
Vibert Cobham
David Fraser
Strange Man
Kahmaara Armatrading
Stan Williams (9-12)
Marcus Johnson
Monroe Kid