Sailors, Beware!


Silent 2-reel short featuring Laurel & Hardy (although not as a team). A sophisticated lady and her 'baby' become passengers on a ship where Ollie is working as a purser and Stan is inadvertantly a stowaway. Little do they realise she is really a jewel thief and her baby is her accomplice.
One moment of hilarious slapstick when Garvin demands Laurel take her baby downstairs...

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Stan Laurel
Chester Chaste
Oliver Hardy
Purser Cryder
Frank Brownlee
Captain Bull
Dorothy Coburn
Passenger in Deckchair
Harry Earles
Roger Ritz/The Baby
Anita Garvin
Madame Ritz
Viola Richard
Society Lady
Tiny Sandford
Irate Passenger
Will Stanton
Baron Behr
Lupe Velez
Baroness Behr

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