Chickens Come Home



One of my favourite Laurel & Hardy shorts, this 3-reeler is a re-working of an earlier silent film of theirs, Love 'Em And Weep (1927), where an old flame from Hardy's past turns up at his office one day and makes blackmail demands from him to pay her off or else she will cause him hassle. Fin is brilliant as the crafty and ear-wigging butler and does the all-time unstoppable double-take (which in real-life he actually knocked himself out with!) when he sees Stan & Ollie trying to leave the house under a large coat.

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21st February 1931

Stan Laurel
Oliver Hardy
Mae Busch
Hardy's old flame
Thelma Todd
Mrs. Hardy
James Finlayson
Baldwin Cooke
Office Worker
Norma Drew
Mrs. Laurel
Charles K. French
The Judge
Frank Holliday
Dinner Guest
Ham Kinsey
Mr. Kinsey
Dorothy Layton
Office Worker
Patsy O'Byrne
Gertrude Pedlar
Judge's Wife
Frank Rice
Hardy's Dinner Servant

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