Come Clean


Comical comedy short from Laurel & Hardy where the happily married men encounter a bizarre, suicidal woman whilst out getting some ice-cream one night. Stan saves her from drowning (in a roundabout fashion) but when she realises what has happened she blames them for interfering in her life and demands they look after her. She follows Stan & Ollie back into Ollie's apartment where Ollie does his best to conceal her from the wife.
There is one excellent sequence involving an elevator with Stan, Ollie and Mae Busch, with such brilliant comical timing.
This is one of the few 'talkie' shorts that was not colorised for the DVD release.

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19th September 1931

Stan Laurel
Oliver Hardy
Mae Busch
Gertrude Astor
Mrs. Hardy
Linda Loredo
Mrs. Hardy
Eddie Baker
Gordon Douglas
Hotel Desk Clerk
Charlie Hall
Ice Cream Attendant
Tiny Sandford

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