Shark Attack II


When a group of great white sharks are found to be causing a nuisance (yes, eating people) off the coast of South Africa, a marine doctor and his associates seek out to destroy them. The plot does not warrant this a "sequel"; it is completely different story altogether.
A straight-to-video movie, which is not surprising given the fact that every time the shark attacks it growls....erm?
The copyright credit lists the film as 2000, however it was officially released in 2001.
See also Shark Attack (1999).

Thorsten Kaye
Dr. Nick Harris
Nikita Ager
Samantha Peterson
Dan Metcalfe
Roy Bishop (as Daniel Alexander)
Danny Keogh
Michael Francisco
Caroline Bruins
Amy Peterson
Peter Butler
Mayor Shandu
Alstair Cloete
Tom Miller
Mark Derman
Warrick Grier
Sean Cameron Michael
News Anchorman
Rob van Vuuren
Daryl Waker
Morne Visser
Mark Miller
Sean Higgs
Bikini Girl #1 on boat
Bikini Girl #2 on boat

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