A Father's Revenge

Das Rattennest


A 1988 German-produced TV thriller starring Brian Dennehy as a distraught father trying to get his daughter back from terrorists.

The fanatical German October Group takes a group of airline employees hostage in Frankfurt, consisting of one American and four British crew members (a sixth hostage, another American, is shot attempting to escape). The group wants two of their comrades, on trial for the murder of an American serviceman, released from prison. The surviving American stewardess' father, an Indiana basketball coach Paul Hobart (Dennehy) and his wife fly to Frankfurt. When the US State Dept. refuses to negotiate with the terrorists, more interested in putting the currently imprisoned terrorists on trial than rescuing the hostages, Paul takes matters into his own hands, going outside the law and hiring British mercenaries to rescue his daughter.

An overall decent little movie with a strong first and second act, but peters out at the end with a somewhat wimpy climax and a bit of a downer ending.

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24th January 1988

Brian Dennehy
Paul Hobart
Ron Silver
Max Greenwald
Anthony Valentine
Christoph M. Ohrt
Wolfgang Donner
Claudia Matschulla
Ingrid Kleist
Alexander Radszun
Captain Schilling
Angus MacInnes
Joanna Cassidy
Barbara Hobart
Arnfried Lerche
Helen Patton
Matthew Burton
Deborah Dalton
Donald M. Griffith
Karina Thayenthal
Ulrike Möckel
(as Ulrike Mockel)
Horst D. Scheel
(as Horst Scheel)
Simon Newby
Colin Gilder
Sebastian Baur
Hans H. Steinberg
(as Hans Steinberg)
Yolanda Jilot
(as Yolande Gilot)
Holly-Jane Rahlens
David Creedon
Andrea Grossmann
David Kehoe
Daphne Moore
Beat Hellstern

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