The Screaming Skull


American International Pictures
Production Company

Man brings his new bride home only for the skull of his ex to keep popping up

Cheap and cheerful AIP entry in the 'Is she going mad?' school of horror/thrillers.

A release date of January 1958 seems unlikely as Ernest Gold was still scoring the thing in May and James Nicholson showing it to friends in June.
So I'm going with 08/24/1958 when it played in Las Cruces, NM.

Double billed with Terror From the Year 5,000 in the US
and Cage of Doom in the UK.

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24th August 1958

The Screaming SkullOn 
The Screaming SkullOn 
John Hudson
Eric Whitlock
Peggy Webber
Jenni Whitlock
Russ Conway
Rev. Edward Snow
Tony Johnson
Mrs. Snow
Alex Nicol

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