First Monday in October


Ronald Neame

Amiable battle of the sexes legal shennanigans between Matthau and Clayburgh with them as rival Justices.
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21st August 1981

6th July 2004

Jill Clayburgh
Ruth Loomis
Walter Matthau
Dan Snow
Barnard Hughes
Chief Justice Crawford
Jan Sterling
Christine Snow
James Stephens
Mason Woods
Joshua Bryant
Bill Russell, Loomis' Boyfreind
Wiley Harker
Justice Harold Webb
Charles Lampkin
Justice Josiah Clewes
Lew Palter
Justice Benjamin Halperin
Richard McMurray
Justice Richard Carey
Herb Vigran
Justice Ambrose Quincy
Edmund Stoiber
Committee Chairman
Noble Willingham
Nebraska Attorney
Richard McKenzie
Hostile Senator
Ann Doran