And Then There Were None

Ten Little Indians


Peter Collinson

Third film of Agatha Christie's masterpiece, and the second of three produced by Harry Alan Towers. The guests marked for annihilation this time find themselves at a luxurious, isolated hotel in the middle of the Iranian desert. There, they are murdered one by one, according to a nursery rhyme, for past crimes they've committed. The international cast includes Oliver Reed, Richard Attenborough, Elke Sommer, Herbert Lom, Gert Frobe and Stephane Audran. Also known as Ten Little Indians.

Note: James Mason was originally cast as the judge, but moved to Switzerland just before filming commenced. This film--which was financed by several different countries--was especially popular in Spain, earning some thirty million at the box office in that country.

-Scott Palmer

Note: Gimpera, Battaglia, Malekmotei, Sepedeh and the unknowns appear only in the Spanish-language version (even though the first two are listed in the opening credits of the English language version), which runs about ten minutes longer. The subplot they are involved in does not affect the main plot and appears to have been added solely for the Spanish market (and perhaps local actors were required as a condition for location filming in Iran). Robert Rietty also redubbed a few of the foreign actors, likely in post-production when those actors were unavailable to re-record dialogue.

-Dave W

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Diez Negritos
27th January 1975

105 mins

Ten Little Indians
23rd April 1975

95 mins

And Then There Were None
6th June 1975

95 mins

Oliver Reed
Hugh Lombard
Elke Sommer
Vera Clyde
Richard Attenborough
Judge Arthur Cannon
Stéphane Audran
Ilona Morgan
Gert Fröbe
Wilhelm Blore
(as Gert Froebe)
Herbert Lom
Dr. Edward Armstrong
Maria Rohm
Elsa Martino
Adolfo Celi
General André Salvé
Alberto de Mendoza
Otto Martino
Charles Aznavour
Michel Raven
Orson Welles
U. N. Owen (voice)
Teresa Gimpera
Rik Battaglia
Rick White
(as Rick Battaglia)
Nasser Malekmotei
(as Nasser Malek Moti-I)
Lady with Inspector
Maria & Rick's Contact
Police Radio Operator
Robert Rietty
Voice Dubbing

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