The Hand That Rocks the Cradle


Curtis Hanson

When a heavily pregnant Sciorra accuses gynecologist De Lancie of molestation during a routine check-up, others step forward to make similar claims. His suicide, in order to prevent a public scandal, prompts his pregnant widow (De Mornay) to seek revenge on the family she holds responsible - in the guise of a nanny to their older child (Zima). Whilst all this is going on, a mentally retarded Hudson is helping out around the house, and steals the show with a wonderful performance.

Word of warning about the UK Region 2 DVD print: The picture quality is average (very disappointing for DVD standards), the sound is only 2.0 (not 5.1), there are no "extras" and the screen format is non-anamorphic 1.85:1 WS. Another way of saying all that in simple terms: it's crap.

Hand That Rocks The Cradle
28th August 2001


Annabella Sciorra
Claire Bartel
Rebecca De Mornay
Peyton Flanders/Mrs. Mott
Ernie Hudson
Matt McCoy
Michael Bartel
Julianne Moore
Marlene Craven
John de Lancie
Dr. Victor Mott
Kevin Skousen
Marty Craven
Madeline Zima
Emma Bartel
Mitchell Laurance
Susan Chin
First Newscaster (in Dr. Mott's home)
Julie Clemmons
Female Worker at Lab
Jeff Conkel
Brian Finney
Stan, Botanical Gardens Worker
Tom Francis
Marlene's Assistant
Joseph Franklin
Joe, Man at the Cleaners
Kimberly Hill
Second Newscaster (in Mrs. Mott's hospital room)
Todd Jamieson
Charles Lucia
Bruce Silverman, Realtor
Jennifer Melander
Joey Bartel (the baby)
Mary Anne Owen
Maria, Dr. Mott's Assistant Nurse
Patrick Ryals
Policeman Al
David Scully
Gilbert, Male Lab Worker
Therese Xavier Tinling
Hospital Receptionist
Stephen West
Federal Express Clerk
Justin Zaremby
Roth, the Schoolyard Bully

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