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Arizona Raiders
Belle equipe


Fury and the Woman


Beethoven's Great Love
La vie est a nous
Mort en fuite
Partie de campagne
Soigne ton Gauche








Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss
As You Like It
Beloved Vagabond
Blind Man's Bluff
Case Against Mrs. Ames
Crime Over London
Crown vs. Stevens
Dodging the Dole
Dreams Come True
Dusty Ermine
Gay Love
Grand Finale
Her Last Affaire
Hitch Hike Lady
House of the Spaniard
Keep Your Seats, Please!
Laburnum Grove
Lonely Road
Man Who Lived Again
Nine Days a Queen
No Escape
Phantom Ship
Secret Agent
Seven Sinners
Song of Freedom
Sporting Love
Spy in White
Whom the Gods Love
You're in the Army Now


3 Wise Guys
Ace Drummond
Adventure in Manhattan
After the Thin Man
Alibi for Murder
Along Came Love
Amateur Gentleman
And So They Were Married
Anthony Adverse
Anything Goes
Back to Nature
Banjo on My Knee
Batmen of Africa
Beloved Enemy
Big Broadcast of 1937
Big Brown Eyes
Black Legion
Bohemian Girl
Born to Dance
Bride Walks Out
Brilliant Marriage
Bullets or Ballots
Cain and Mabel
Can This Be Dixie?
Captain January
Career Woman
Case of the Black Cat
Charge of the Light Brigade
Charlie Chan at the Circus
Charlie Chan at the Opera
Charlie Chan at the Race Track
Charlie Chan's Secret
China Clipper
College Holiday
Come and Get It
Country Doctor
Country Gentlemen
Craig's Wife
Crashing Through Danger
Crime Patrol
Dancing Feet
Daniel Boone
Dark Hour
Devil Is a Sissy
Don't Turn 'Em Loose
Dracula's Daughter
Earthworm Tractors
Every Saturday Night
Everything is Thunder
Ex-Mrs. Bradford
Fifteen Maiden Lane
First Baby
Flash Gordon
Florida Special
Follow the Fleet
Forbidden Music
Fury and the Woman
Garden of Allah
Gay Desperado
General Died at Dawn
General Spanky
Gentle Julia
Girl on the Front Page
Girls' Dormitory
Give Me Your Heart
Go West, Young Man
God's Country and the Woman
Gold Diggers of 1937
Golden Arrow
Gorgeous Hussy
Great Guy
Great Ziegfeld
Green Pastures
Guns and Guitars
Half Angel
Hearts Divided
Her Master's Voice
Here Comes Carter
High Tension
Hollywood Boulevard
Holy Terror
I Married a Doctor
In His Steps
Invisible Ray
Isle of Fury
It Had to Happen
Jungle Princess
King of the Pecos
King Steps Out
Klondike Annie
Ladies in Love
Lady Consents
Last of the Mohicans
Last Outlaw
Leavenworth Case
Libeled Lady
Little Lord Fauntleroy
Little Miss Nobody
Little Pal
Lloyds of London
Lonely Trail
Love Before Breakfast
Love on the Run
Man Hunt
Man Who Could Work Miracles
Mary of Scotland
Men of the Plains
Modern Times
Moon's Our Home
More Than a Secretary
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town
Murder in the Air
Murder on a Bridle Path
Murder with Pictures
My American Wife
My Man Godfrey
Navy Born
Night Waitress
Nobody's Fool
Old Corral
Old Hutch
On The Wrong Trek
One in a Million
One Live Ghost
Oregon Trail
Our Relations
Pennies From Heaven
Petrified Forest
Pigskin Parade
Pioneer Trail
Plot Thickens
Plough and the Stars
Polo Joe
Poor Little Rich Girl
Prisoner of Shark Island
Private Number
Rainbow on the River
Reefer Madness
Rhythm on the Range
Riding Avenger
Road to Glory
Robin Hood of El Dorado
Rogues Tavern
Romeo and Juliet
Rose Marie
San Francisco
Satan Met a Lady
Sea Spoilers
Show Boat
Sing, Baby, Sing
Singing Kid
Sinner Take All
Sins of Man
Small Town Girl
Smart Blonde
Smartest Girl in Town
Spider and the Fly
Stage Struck
Story of Louis Pasteur
Strike Me Pink
Sworn Enemy
Taming the Wild
Tarzan Escapes
Thank You, Jeeves!
That Girl From Paris
Theodora Goes Wild
Thirteen Hours By Air
Three Men on a Horse
Three of a Kind
Three Smart Girls
To Mary--With Love
Tough Guy
Treachery Rides the Range
Two Against the World
Two in a Crowd
Unguarded Hour
Walking Dead
Walking On Air
Wedding Present
White Angel
Wife vs. Secretary
Will Power


Fred Holliday (January 1)
Robert Ruth (January 1)
Art K. Koustik (January 2)
Peter MacLean (January 2)
Roger Miller (January 2)
Georgina Spelvin (January 3)
David Vine (January 3)
John Gorman (January 4)
Margarita Sierra (January 5)
Alex Stevens (January 6)
K Callan (January 9)
Maggie Stredder (January 9)
Shirley Eaton (January 12)
Ron Harper (January 12)
Igor Dyatlov (January 13)
Linda Lawson (January 14)
Richard Franklin (January 15)
Jerry Fogel (January 17)
Tim Barlow (January 18)
Rainer Brandt (January 19)
Ralph Watson (January 20)
Juliette Mayniel (January 22)
Nyree Dawn Porter (January 22)
Peter Thomas (January 23)
Etsuko Ichihara (January 24)
William Bogert (January 25)
Diana Hyland (January 25)
Troy Donahue (January 27)
Patricia Walters (January 27)
Alan Alda (January 28)
Agnès Laurent (January 28)
Mark Dempsey (January 29)
Joan Riordan (January 29)
Horst Jankowski (January 30)
Jean-Marie Tjibaou (January 30)
Serge Korber (February 1)
Duane Jones (February 2)
James Bridges (February 3)
Mariclare Costello (February 3)
David Brenner (February 4)
Gary Conway (February 4)
Madison Arnold (February 7)
Claude Djaoui (February 8)
Clive Swift (February 9)
Barbara Young (February 9)
Giuliana Calandra (February 10)
Burt Reynolds (February 11)
Joe Don Baker (February 12)
Paul Shenar (February 12)
Joan O'Brien (February 14)
Andrew Prine (February 14)
Harry Brooks Jr. (February 16)
Jim Brown (February 17)
James Whitworth (February 19)
Marj Dusay (February 20)
Larry Hovis (February 20)
Sandy McPeak (February 21)
Karin Dor (February 22)
Henny Moan (February 22)
Majel Barrett (February 23)
John Truscott (February 23)
Jess Conrad (February 24)
Wladyslaw Kowalski (February 24)
Emilio Messina (February 24)
Ralph Cosham (February 25)
Susan Beaumont (February 26)
Virginia Maskell (February 27)
Yosuke Natsuki (February 27)
Aldo Berti (February 29)
Alex Rocco (February 29)
James Skelly (March 1)
Yvan Chiffre (March 3)
Faye Michael Nuell (March 3)
Dean Stockwell (March 5)
David Cryer (March 8)
Sue Ane Langdon (March 8)
Red West (March 8)
Marty Ingels (March 9)
Michael Vandever (March 10)
Janet Lake (March 11)
Ágnes Dávid (March 12)
José Mojica Marins (March 13)
Gloria McMillan (March 13)
Gillian Martell (March 15)
Sheldon Feldner (March 16)
Patty Maloney (March 17)
Ursula Andress (March 19)
Bruce M. Fischer (March 20)
Roger Hammond (March 21)
Roger Whittaker (March 22)
Bruce Kessler (March 23)
Sergio Kleiner (March 23)
Paul Reid Roman (March 23)
Billie Hammerberg (March 24)
László Szabó (March 24)
Adrian Brine (March 25)
John Malcolm (March 26)
Jerry Lacy (March 27)
Richard Rodney Bennett (March 29)
Stanislav Govorukhin (March 29)
Franco Ukmar (March 29)
Mark Burns (March 30)
Peter Marshall (March 30)
Peter Collinson (April 1)
Don Steele (April 1)
Cynthia Lynn (April 2)
Tony Garnett (April 3)
Reginald Hill (April 3)
Jim Malinda (April 5)
Tony Cristino (April 6)
Lance Gordon (April 6)
Francesco Carnellutti (April 8)
David Cole (April 8)
Carol Morris (April 8)
Pam Hyatt (April 9)
Milt Kogan (April 10)
Charles Napier (April 12)
Michel Rob (April 13)
Kenneth Mars (April 14)
Arlene Martel (April 14)
Heather Ames (April 15)
Derrick Sherwin (April 16)
Harry Tagore (April 16)
Stephanie Voss (April 17)
Martin Clark (April 18)
Richard A. Colla (April 18)
Kenneth Farrington (April 18)
Tommy Ivo (April 18)
Sam Schacht (April 19)
Lisa Davis (April 20)
Edna Savage (April 21)
Glen Campbell (April 22)
Bernie Clifton (April 22)
Joel Cutrara (April 22)
Clovissa Newcombe (April 22)
Juliet Cooke (April 23)
Roy Orbison (April 23)
Bruno Thost (April 23)
Graham Armitage (April 24)
Jill Ireland (April 24)
Tucker Smith (April 24)
Ted Otis (April 26)
Johnny Chambot (April 27)
Carmelita Gibbs (April 28)
Lane Smith (April 29)
Tessa Shaw (April 30)
Antonina Shuranova (April 30)
Etienne Becker (May 1)
Marianne Benet (May 1)
Chad Dee Block (May 1)
Ray Smith (May 1)
Norma Aleandro (May 2)
Don Marshall (May 2)
Quinn Redeker (May 2)
Fox Harris (May 3)
Engelbert Humperdinck (May 3)
Lee McLaughlin (May 4)
Carol Baxter (May 5)
Patrick Gowers (May 5)
Joanna Dunham (May 6)
Tony Scoggo (May 6)
Richard E. Butler (May 8)
Terry Downes (May 9)
Albert Finney (May 9)
Glenda Jackson (May 9)
Jess Franco (May 12)
Peter Goodwright (May 12)
Henri Attal (May 13)
Rafael Campos (May 13)
Bobby Darin (May 14)
Anna Maria Alberghetti (May 15)
Roy Hudd (May 16)
Sylvia Kay (May 16)
Don Dolan (May 17)
James Gordon (May 17)
Dennis Hopper (May 17)
Dennis Hopper (May 17)
Rita Cadillac (May 18)
John Golightly (May 18)
Sabrina (May 19)
Peter Armstrong (May 20)
Anthony Zerbe (May 20)
Alan Heim (May 21)
Jennifer Daniel (May 23)
Charles Kimbrough (May 23)
Robert Russell (May 24)
Richard Harrison (May 26)
Louis Gossett Jr. (May 27)
John Wilder (May 28)
Wyn Hoop (May 29)
Arlene McQuade (May 29)
Keir Dullea (May 30)
Peter Ellis (May 30)
Ruta Lee (May 30)
Brian Forster (May 31)
Bekim Fehmiu (June 1)
Daria Massey (June 2)
Ken Kerman (June 3)
Bruce Dern (June 4)
Stanley Beck (June 5)
Levi Stubbs (June 6)
Jay Bernstein (June 7)
James Darren (June 8)
Patrick Durkin (June 9)
Francis Lemaire (June 9)
Gloria Donovan (June 11)
Chad Everett (June 11)
Claude Brasseur (June 15)
Sandor Elès (June 15)
Ann Carter (June 16)
Ken Loach (June 17)
Dennis Hulme (June 18)
Victor Lanoux (June 18)
Edmund Coulter (June 19)
Bob Cresse (June 19)
Roger Cudney (June 22)
Kris Kristofferson (June 22)
Arthur Brauss (June 24)
Robert Downey Sr. (June 24)
Shirley Anne Field (June 27)
Geneviève Fontanel (June 27)
Tony Sibbald (June 28)
Jacques Balutin (June 29)
Sham S. Chowdhary (June 30)
Nancy Dussault (June 30)
Tony Musante (June 30)
Victor Arnold (July 1)
Ron Masak (July 1)
Neville Simons (July 2)
Roger Jerome (July 3)
Baard Owe (July 3)
Bryan Izzard (July 4)
Shirley Knight (July 5)
Dave Allen (July 6)
Walter McGinn (July 6)
Douglas Lambert (July 7)
Lisa Seagram (July 7)
William Cort (July 8)
Ralph Strait (July 8)
James Hampton (July 9)
Richard Wilson (July 9)
Kathy Lukather (July 10)
Angus Duncan (July 11)
Gene Otis Shane (July 11)
John Stride (July 11)
Peter Brayham (July 12)
Jan Nemec (July 12)
Sandor Stern (July 13)
Barbara Turner (July 14)
Larry Cohen (July 15)
Steven Gilborn (July 15)
Bobbie Norman (July 15)
Don Watters (July 18)
Robert Woods (July 19)
Diana Davies (July 20)
Christian Rode (July 20)
Roy Herrick (July 22)
Tom Robbins (July 22)
Ruth Buzzi (July 24)
Sherlee Collier (July 24)
Phyllis Douglas (July 24)
Mark Goddard (July 24)
Dan Inosanto (July 24)
Michael Chapin (July 25)
Laura De Marchi (July 25)
Keith Faulkner (July 25)
August Schellenberg (July 25)
Mary Millar (July 26)
Nathan George (July 27)
Ted Swanson (July 28)
Michael Davis (July 30)
Buddy Guy (July 30)
John P. Ryan (July 30)
Ralph Taeger (July 30)
Yane Barry (July 31)
Fernando Alvarado (August 1)
Edward Petherbridge (August 3)
Marisa Traversi (August 5)
Bobby Bass (August 6)
John Michael Howson (August 8)
Michael Coles (August 12)
Elizabeth Shepherd (August 12)
Raymond Serra (August 13)
Sabine Sesselmann (August 13)
Goo Shin (August 13)
Trevor Bannister (August 14)
Ben Carruthers (August 14)
Mike Henry (August 15)
Pat Priest (August 15)
Anthony Charnota (August 16)
Anita Gillette (August 16)
Liane Aukin (August 17)
Sondra Blake (August 17)
Viktor Róna (August 17)
Floyd Red Crow Westerman (August 17)
Budd Albright (August 18)
Robert Redford (August 18)
Jack Dimond (August 19)
Mel Downey (August 19)
Robert Towers (August 19)
Miriam Colon (August 20)
Alice Kessler (August 20)
Sam Melville (August 20)
Wilt Chamberlain (August 21)
Frances Cuka (August 21)
Sandy Wirth (August 21)
Tony Kendall (August 22)
Cynthia Bizeray (August 26)
Francine York (August 26)
Dawson Palmer (August 27)
Ann Whitfield (August 27)
Gilbert Amy (August 29)
John McCain (August 29)
Albert Shepherd (August 29)
Arnold Lessing (August 30)
HMS Birmingham (September 1)
Don Arioli (September 2)
Conrad Monk (September 4)
Hal Frank (September 6)
Norman Friedman (September 6)
Bruce Gray (September 7)
Buddy Holly (September 7)
Jorge Porcel (September 7)
Barry MacGregor (September 10)
Christiane Nielsen (September 10)
Roger Barkley (September 11)
Charles Dierkop (September 11)
Renate Küster (September 12)
Sharyn Moffett (September 12)
Coral Atkins (September 13)
Michel Charrel (September 13)
Joe E. Tata (September 13)
Walter Koenig (September 14)
Nicol Williamson (September 14)
Anne Doat (September 16)
Fred Burrell (September 18)
Anna Karen (September 19)
Vince Howard (September 20)
Pepper Martin (September 20)
Bozidar Smiljanic (September 20)
Jerry Ayres (September 21)
Burr DeBenning (September 21)
Teresa Gimpera (September 21)
Robin Gammell (September 22)
Asa Maynor (September 22)
Art Metrano (September 22)
Jim Henson (September 24)
Juliet Prowse (September 25)
Sancho Gracia (September 27)
Gordon Honeycombe (September 27)
Mylène Demongeot (September 28)
Graeme Eton (September 28)
Joel Fabiani (September 28)
Robert Wolders (September 28)
James Frawley (September 29)
Arch Whiting (September 29)
Lelia Goldoni (October 1)
Stella Stevens (October 1)
David Gale (October 2)
Sandra Voe (October 6)
Rona Barrett (October 8)
Brian Blessed (October 9)
Nicole Croisille (October 9)
Michel Peyrelon (October 10)
Josephine Powell (October 11)
Pascale Audret (October 12)
James Grant (October 12)
Judy Bamber (October 13)
Cliff Gorman (October 13)
Jim McMullan (October 13)
Judi Meredith (October 13)
Emma Danieli (October 14)
Jim Elk (October 14)
Margo Epper (October 14)
John Mauldin (October 14)
Carrie Nye (October 14)
Michel Aumont (October 15)
Terence Mountain (October 15)
Peter Bowles (October 16)
Irina Demick (October 16)
David Buck (October 17)
Mike Neville (October 17)
James Tague (October 17)
Shelby Grant (October 19)
Tony Lo Bianco (October 19)
Maureen Duffy (October 21)
Jack Taylor (October 21)
Peppi Borza (October 22)
Georgie Nokes (October 22)
Gary Vinson (October 22)
Johnny Yune (October 22)
Mike Monty (October 23)
S. William Hinzman (October 24)
David Nelson (October 24)
Barbara Wilson (October 24)
Bill Wyman (October 24)
Burt Brinckerhoff (October 25)
Burt Brinckerhoff (October 25)
Gene Lindsey (October 26)
Shelley Morrison (October 26)
Nino Castelnuovo (October 28)
Bobby Alto (October 30)
June Blair (October 30)
Johnny Caesar (October 30)
Claire Griswold (October 30)
Michael Landon (October 31)
James Mathers (October 31)
Andre Williams (November 1)
Desmond Hamill (November 2)
Jack Starrett (November 2)
Jan Tríska (November 4)
Michael Bishop (November 5)
Patty Elder (November 5)
Francesca Bellini (November 6)
Hélène Laffly (November 7)
Malcolm Rogers (November 7)
Teddy Infuhr (November 9)
Terence Lodge (November 10)
Susan Kohner (November 11)
Mort Shuman (November 12)
Ingrid Hafner (November 13)
Joan Hooley (November 13)
Freddie Garrity (November 14)
Ted Sorel (November 14)
Ron Tarr (November 14)
Gloria Foster (November 15)
Hisashi Igawa (November 17)
John Wells (November 17)
Hal Reed (November 18)
Dick Cavett (November 19)
Ljubisa Samardzic (November 19)
Bill Wallis (November 20)
Yumi Shirakawa (November 21)
Eva Stellby (November 21)
Bob Turnbull (November 21)
John Bird (November 22)
Frank Moorey (November 23)
Matt Clark (November 25)
Evita Muñoz 'Chachita' (November 26)
Evans Evans (November 26)
Joel Barcellos (November 27)
Clément Michu (November 27)
Tsai Chin (November 30)
Carl Crow (November 30)
Abbie Hoffman (November 30)
Melissa Jaffer (December 1)
Lou Rawls (December 1)
Eileen McCallum (December 2)
Tsutomu Yamazaki (December 2)
Susanne Cramer (December 3)
Renato Mambor (December 4)
Bernie McInerney (December 4)
John Erwin (December 5)
Kerstin Kvint (December 6)
Elizabeth MacRae (December 7)
Glauco Onorato (December 7)
David Carradine (December 8)
Leonard Simon (December 9)
Alan Fennell (December 10)
Howard Smith (December 10)
Noel Collins (December 11)
Tom Fuccello (December 11)
Denise Coffey (December 12)
Cliff Emmich (December 13)
Don Nagel (December 13)
Brian Coburn (December 15)
Joe D'Amato (December 15)
Kenneth Gardnier (December 15)
Fred Haltiner (December 15)
Rosemary Martin (December 17)
Tommy Steele (December 17)
Julie Stevens (December 20)
Henri Guybet (December 21)
James Burke (December 22)
Hector Elizondo (December 22)
Bill Saito (December 22)
Noel Conlon (December 23)
Frederic Forrest (December 23)
James Stacy (December 23)
Clemence Bettany (December 26)
Alan Coleman (December 28)
Vivienne Martin (December 28)
Rhys McConnochie (December 28)
Phil Chong (December 29)
Eduard Martsevich (December 29)
Mary Tyler Moore (December 29)
Siw Malmkvist (December 31)


John Gilbert (January 9, 36)
Frank Rice (January 9, 43)
Harry Carr
James Bradbury Jr. (January 21, 41)
Rose Dione (January 29, 60)
Roy Laidlaw (February 2, 52)
O.P. Heggie (February 7, 58)
Harry Dunkinson (March 14, 59)
Marcel De Sano (March 17, 38)
John Larkin (March 18, 58)
Edmund Breese (April 6, 64)
Marilyn Miller (April 7, 37)
Skeets Noyes (April 18, 67)
Arnold Gray (May 3, 37)
Edwards Davis (May 17, 68)
Norman 'Chubby' Chaney (May 30, 22)
Jobyna Howland (June 7, 56)
Myrtle Owen
Henry B. Walthall (June 17, 58)
Alice Davenport (June 24, 72)
Harry Northrup (July 2, 60)
Thomas Meighan (July 8, 57)
James Murray (July 11, 35)
Alan Crosland (July 16, 41)
Stephen Roberts (July 17, 40)
Edward Reinach (August 2, 62)
Jules Hanft (August 6, 76)
Alan Brooks
Fred Ott
John Buckler (October 30, 30)
Sam Livesey (November 7, 63)
Charles Miller
John Bowers (November 17, 50)
Max Schreck (November 26, 57)
Fred Walton (December 28, 71)