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Bad Little Angel


Come Up Smiling


Holka Nebo Kluk


Cinq sous de Lavarede
Derriere la facade
La regle du jeu
Recif de corail


Arsenal Stadium Mystery
Ask a Policeman
Cheer Boys Cheer
Clouds Over Europe
Come on George
Dark Eyes of London
Dead Man's Shoes
Dead Men Are Dangerous
Face at the Window
Four Feathers
Goodbye Mr. Chips
I Met a Murderer
Inspector Hornleigh on Holiday
Jamaica Inn
Lady in Distress
Men Without Honour
Midas Touch
Old Mother Riley Joins Up
Old Mother Riley, MP
Poison Pen
Q Planes
Saint in London
Spies of the Air
Stars Look Down
This Man in Paris
Traitor Spy
Trunk Crime


20,000 Men a Year
5th Ave. Girl
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Allegheny Uprising
Amazing Mr. Williams
Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever
Angels Wash Their Faces
Another Thin Man
Arrest Bulldog Drummond
At the Circus
Babes in Arms
Bachelor Mother
Back Door to Heaven
Bad Lands
Beau Geste
Beauty for the Asking
Beware, Spooks!
Big Guy
Black Eyes
Blackwell's Island
Blind Alley
Blondie Brings Up Baby
Blondie Meets the Boss
Blondie Takes a Vacation
Broadway Serenade
Bronze Buckaroo
Bulldog Drummond's Bride
Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police
Cafe Society
Call a Messenger
Calling Dr. Kildare
Captain Fury
Cat and the Canary
Charlie Chan at Treasure Island
Charlie Chan in City in Darkness
Charlie Chan in Reno
Charlie McCarthy, Detective
Chump At Oxford
Code of the Secret Service
Confessions of a Nazi Spy
Cowboy Quarterback
Dancing Co-Ed
Danger Island
Dark Victory
Daughters Courageous
Day-Time Wife
Dead End Kids on Dress Parade
Destry Rides Again
Disputed Passage
Dodge City
Drums Along the Mohawk
Dust Be My Destiny
Each Dawn I Die
East Side of Heaven
Espionage Agent
Everybody's Baby
Everything Happens At Night
Family Next Door
Fast and Furious
Fast and Loose
Fifth Avenue Girl
First Love
Flying Deuces
Flying Irishman
Four Girls in White
Four Just Men
Four Wives
Frontier Marshal
Frontier Pony Express
Full Confession
Girl From Mexico
Golden Boy
Gone With The Wind
Good Girls Go to Paris
Gracie Allen Murder Case
Gunga Din
Harlem Rides the Range
Heaven With a Barbed Wire Fence
Hell's Kitchen
Help Wanted
Henry Goes Arizona
Hollywood Cavalcade
Hotel Imperial
Hound of the Baskervilles
Housekeeper's Daughter
Hunchback of Notre Dame
I Stole a Million
Ice Follies of 1939
Idiot's Delight
In Name Only
In Old Caliente
In Old Monterey
Indianapolis Speedway
Invisible Stripes
Invitation to Happiness
Island of Lost Men
It Could Happen to You
It's a Wonderful World
Jesse James
Judge Hardy and Son
Kansas Terrors
Keep Punching
Kid From Kokomo
Kid Nightingale
King of Chinatown
King of the Turf
King of the Underworld
Lady's From Kentucky
Laugh It Off
Legion of Lost Flyers
Let Freedom Ring
Let Us Live
Little Accident
Little Princess
Lone Wolf Spy Hunt
Love Affair
Lucky Night
Made For Each Other
Magnificent Fraud
Man About Town
Man From Texas
Man in the Iron Mask
Man They Could Not Hang
Marshal of Mesa City
Mexicali Rose
Mexican Spitfire
Miracle on Main Street
Miracle on Main Street
Miracles For Sale
Money to Loan
Moon Over Harlem
Mr. Moto in Danger Island
Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation
Mr. Moto's Last Warning
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Mr. Wong in Chinatown
My Love for Yours
Mystery of Mr. Wong
Mystery of the White Room
Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase
Naughty But Nice
News is Made at Night
Nick Carter, Master Detective
Night Riders
North of Shanghai
Nurse Edith Cavell
Of Mice And Men
Oklahoma Kid
Old Hickory
Old Maid
On Borrowed Time
On the Night of the Fire
On Your Toes
Only Angels Have Wings
Pacific Liner
Paris Honeymoon
Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex
Readin', 'Ritin', and Rhythm
Real Glory
Renegade Trail
Return of Dr. X
Return of the Cisco Kid
Ride 'em Cowgirl
Roaring Twenties
Rose of Washington Square
Rovin' Tumbleweeds
Rulers of the Sea
Saint Strikes Back
Saloon Bar
Second Fiddle
Secret Service of the Air
Sergeant Madden
Silver on the Sage
Six Gun Rythm
Son of Frankenstein
St. Louis Blues
Stanley and Livingstone
Story of Alexander Graham Bell
Streets of New York
Susannah of the Mounties
Swanee River
Tarzan Finds a Son!
Television Spy
Tell No Tales
That's Right--You're Wrong
They Made Me a Criminal
Three Musketeers
Three Smart Girls Grow Up
Topper Takes a Trip
Torchy Blane in Chinatown
Torchy Plays With Dynamite
Torchy Runs for Mayor
Tower Of London
Union Pacific
We Are Not Alone
Wife, Husband and Friend
Wizard of Oz
Wolf Call
Wuthering Heights
Yellow Sands
Yes, My Darling Daughter
You Can't Cheat an Honest Man
You Can't Get Away with Murder
Young Mr. Lincoln


Harlan Jordan (January 1)
Michèle Mercier (January 1)
Gina Trikonis (January 2)
Oliver Clark (January 4)
Nai Bonet (January 6)
Murray Rose (January 6)
Manfred de Graaf (January 8)
John LaMotta (January 8)
Ruth Maleczech (January 8)
Susannah York (January 9)
Sal Mineo (January 10)
Bill Jelliffe (January 11)
Maarten Goslins (January 14)
George Folsey Jr. (January 17)
Bob Giraldi (January 17)
Giacomo Rizzo (January 17)
Phil Everly (January 19)
Paul Grist (January 20)
Wolfman Jack (January 21)
Marilyn Rockafellow (January 22)
Sonny Chiba (January 23)
Arlene Golonka (January 23)
Tim Hildebrandt (January 23)
Carlo Cecchi (January 25)
Angela Thorne (January 25)
Murray Ball (January 26)
Rosella Como (January 29)
Germaine Greer (January 29)
William Hobbs (January 29)
Ruth Barrie (January 31)
Jerry Brutsche (January 31)
Damu King (January 31)
Claude François (February 1)
Jackie Burroughs (February 2)
Michael Cimino (February 3)
Stephen Mines (February 3)
Mike Farrell (February 6)
Pam Garry (February 6)
Linda Marsh (February 8)
Janet Suzman (February 9)
Roberta Flack (February 10)
Peter Purves (February 10)
Bernard Finch (February 11)
D'Urville Martin (February 11)
Ray Manzarek (February 12)
Évelyne Dandry (February 13)
Bob Hannah (February 13)
Tanny McDonald (February 13)
Angelo Infanti (February 16)
Kathryn Keeton (February 17)
John Leyton (February 17)
Mary Ann Mobley (February 17)
Susan Travers (February 18)
Don Fullmer (February 21)
Jonathan Cecil (February 22)
André Lawrence (February 22)
Bridget Turner (February 22)
Denis Arndt (February 23)
Elroy Josephs (February 23)
Donn Whyte (February 23)
Max Arthur (February 25)
Marisa Mell (February 25)
Margarita Cordova (February 26)
Garrett Griffin (February 26)
Robert Benedetti (February 27)
P. H. Moriarty (February 27)
Paolo Bonacelli (February 28)
Olivier Despax (February 28)
Maura McGiveney (February 28)
Adnan Al-Kaissy (March 1)
Roberto Bisacco (March 1)
BarBara Luna (March 2)
Hugh Walters (March 2)
Billy Walker (March 3)
Barbara McNair (March 4)
John Moreno (March 4)
Paula Prentiss (March 4)
Gene Rutherford (March 4)
Robert Shaye (March 4)
Justice Charles T. Wells (March 4)
Samantha Eggar (March 5)
Jos Houben (March 5)
Harvey Levine (March 6)
Jonathan Newth (March 6)
David Spielberg (March 6)
Jim Bouton (March 8)
Badi Uzzaman (March 8)
John Chappell (March 9)
John Howard Davies (March 9)
Ida Galli (March 9)
Ann Atmar (March 10)
Jacques Santi (March 11)
George Lee (March 12)
Gary Van Ormand (March 12)
Terence Brady (March 13)
Neil Sedaka (March 13)
Pilar Bardem (March 14)
Raymond J. Barry (March 14)
Richard Bauer (March 14)
Bertrand Blier (March 14)
Yves Boisset (March 14)
Malcolm Cassell (March 16)
Katherine Schofield (March 16)
Piers Haggard (March 18)
Mary-Robin Redd (March 18)
James Deuter (March 19)
Marino Masé (March 21)
Kathleen Widdoes (March 21)
Christine Hargreaves (March 22)
Lynda Baron (March 24)
George Michael (March 24)
Bruce Montague (March 24)
D.C. Fontana (March 25)
Phillip R. Allen (March 26)
James Caan (March 26)
Etienne Draber (March 26)
Danik Patisson (March 26)
Cale Yarborough (March 27)
Robin Hawdon (March 28)
Tony Mancini (March 28)
Sheila Bernette (March 30)
Walter Wyatt (March 31)
Ali MacGraw (April 1)
Susanne Sidney (April 3)
Major Lance (April 4)
Gregory Marshall (April 4)
Hugh Masekela (April 4)
Roger Davis (April 5)
Virginia Kiser (April 5)
David Winters (April 5)
Francis Coppola (April 7)
David Frost (April 7)
Leona Gage (April 8)
Michael Learned (April 9)
Louise Lasser (April 11)
Paul Sorvino (April 13)
Valerie Lilley (April 14)
Gary Meadows (April 15)
Robert Moberly (April 15)
Dusty Springfield (April 16)
Anna Strasberg (April 16)
Linda Polan (April 18)
Ellen Weston (April 19)
Ray Brooks (April 20)
Vyvyan Lorrayne (April 20)
Johnny Tillotson (April 20)
Sandra de Bruin (April 21)
Priscilla Lauris (April 21)
Reni Santoni (April 21)
Mel Carter (April 22)
Mark Jones (April 22)
Jason Miller (April 22)
Ann Mitchell (April 22)
Jozef Adamovic (April 23)
David Birney (April 23)
Patrick Williams (April 23)
Ian Wilson (April 23)
David Ross
David L. Ross (April 24)
Anna Hagan (April 25)
Marina Martin (April 25)
Vladislav Dvorjetzki (April 26)
Serge Lecointe (April 26)
Judy Carne (April 27)
Emily Yancy (April 28)
Ron Vernan (April 29)
Ray Aranha (May 1)
Leigh Brown (May 1)
France Rumilly (May 1)
Mark Slade (May 1)
Peter Dean (May 2)
Paul Gleason (May 4)
Antonio Mayans (May 4)
Tatyana Gavrilova (May 5)
Alison Seebohm (May 5)
Terry Walsh (May 5)
John Maestro (May 7)
Tony Page (May 7)
Marco St. John (May 7)
John Moio (May 9)
Harvey Keitel (May 13)
Hark Bohm (May 18)
James Fox (May 19)
Nancy Kwan (May 19)
Stephen Young (May 19)
Ted Rusoff (May 20)
Don Borisenko (May 22)
Dixie Carter (May 25)
Ian McKellen (May 25)
Don Williams (May 27)
Isabelle Corey (May 29)
Ilse Page (May 29)
Joshua Bryant (May 30)
Michael J. Pollard (May 30)
Andrew Ray (May 31)
Brian Eatwell (June 1)
Cleavon Little (June 1)
Ian Hunter (June 3)
John Joyce (June 4)
Gary U.S. Bonds (June 6)
Christopher Sandford (June 6)
Bernie Casey (June 8)
Geoffrey Hutchings (June 8)
Pat Laffan (June 8)
Alexandra Stewart (June 10)
Rachael Heyhoe-Flint (June 11)
Bill McIntosh (June 11)
William Perrie (June 11)
Jordan Rhodes (June 11)
Jackie Stewart (June 11)
Lee Paul (June 16)
Peter Sykes (June 17)
Béatrice Altariba (June 18)
Jonathan Erland (June 19)
Rosalba Neri (June 19)
Coco Rabaraona (June 19)
Michael Standing (June 19)
Peter Gordeno (June 20)
Penelope Horner (June 20)
Annette Andre (June 24)
Brigitte Fontaine (June 24)
Michael Gothard (June 24)
Paul L. Smith (June 24)
Channing Chase (June 25)
Oscar Goodman (June 26)
Priscilla Alden (June 27)
Marc Cavell (June 28)
Michael Holmes (June 29)
Dalene Young (June 29)
John Fortune (June 30)
Karen Black (July 1)
Dudley Knight (July 1)
Frank Parker (July 1)
Eileen O'Neill (July 3)
Jay Tarses (July 3)
Leonard Tepper (July 3)
Ed Bernard (July 4)
Ann Hamilton (July 5)
Ann Hamilton (July 5)
Miguel Suarez (July 5)
José Terrón (July 5)
Jet Harris (July 6)
Bill Gratton (July 7)
Elena Obraztsova (July 7)
Anthony Langdon (July 8)
Barbara Barnett (July 10)
Lawrence Pressman (July 10)
Mary Michon (July 13)
Claudette Sutherland (July 13)
Peter Duryea (July 14)
Sid Haig (July 14)
Patrick Wayne (July 15)
Corin Redgrave (July 16)
Neil Burstyn (July 17)
Brian Auger (July 18)
Orley Lindgren (July 18)
Enzo Consoli (July 19)
Freddie Davies (July 21)
Terence Stamp (July 22)
Fred C. Blau Jr. (July 25)
Kay Farrington (July 26)
Lyn Edgington (July 27)
John Martinus (July 27)
James Victor (July 27)
Charles Cyphers (July 28)
Gösta Ekman (July 28)
Hildegard Neil (July 29)
Terele Pávez (July 29)
Peter Bogdanovich (July 30)
Susan Flannery (July 31)
France Nuyen (July 31)
Terry Kiser (August 1)
Lance Secretan (August 1)
Wes Craven (August 2)
Wes Craven (August 2)
Joyce Kennedy (August 3)
Vera Day (August 4)
Bob Clark (August 5)
Michael Sarne (August 6)
Anjanette Comer (August 7)
Sue Lloyd (August 7)
Beverly Powers (August 7)
Bulle Ogier (August 9)
Lars Amble (August 10)
Kate O'Mara (August 10)
Hezi Saddik (August 10)
Vincent Milana (August 11)
Ian Thompson (August 11)
Oliver Ford Davies (August 12)
Margot Eskens (August 12)
George Hamilton (August 12)
Tim Green (August 15)
Miko Mayama (August 15)
Michael J. Reynolds (August 15)
Buni Bacon (August 16)
Carole Shelley (August 16)
Françoise Bonnot (August 17)
Anthony Valentine (August 17)
Molly Bee (August 18)
Ginger Baker (August 19)
Eddie Paskey (August 20)
Clarence Williams III (August 21)
Valerie Harper (August 22)
Fernando Luján (August 23)
John Rose (August 24)
John Bardon (August 25)
Kang Chin (August 26)
Kam Kong (August 26)
Polly Adams (August 27)
Dick McGarvin (August 27)
Joel Schumacher (August 29)
Elizabeth Ashley (August 30)
Robert Hoffmann (August 30)
John Peel (August 30)
William G. Schilling (August 30)
Amarande (August 31)
Peter Childs (August 31)
Craig Curtis (September 1)
Lily Tomlin (September 1)
Vivi Bach (September 3)
Bob May (September 4)
John James Russell (September 4)
William Devane (September 5)
George Lazenby (September 5)
Brigid Berlin (September 6)
Gordon Reid (September 6)
Peter Gill (September 7)
Frankie Avalon (September 8)
DeVeren Bookwalter (September 8)
Gérard Hérold (September 10)
Cynthia Lennon (September 10)
Greg Mullavey (September 10)
Amy Taubin (September 10)
Tom Dreesen (September 11)
Paul E. Guskin (September 12)
Richard Kiel (September 13)
Amanda Barrie (September 14)
Arnold Merritt (September 15)
Sandra Lee Gimpel (September 17)
David Kincaid (September 18)
Richard Drout Miller (September 18)
Fred Willard (September 18)
Kathie Browne (September 19)
Charles Pemberton (September 19)
Marland Proctor (September 19)
Mihaly 'Michu' Meszaros (September 20)
Peter Bourne (September 22)
Pierrino Mascarino (September 22)
Luz Gloria Hervias (September 23)
Maurice Colbourne (September 24)
Handley Page Halifax (September 24)
Michael Blodgett (September 26)
Garrick Hagon (September 27)
Sandra Dorsey (September 28)
Rudolph Walker (September 28)
Larry Linville (September 29)
Werner Pochath (September 29)
Len Cariou (September 30)
Geoffrey Whitehead (October 1)
Juliette Kaplan (October 2)
Erica Rogers (October 2)
Marie Laforêt (October 5)
Lois Battle (October 6)
Melvyn Bragg (October 6)
Clive James (October 7)
Paul Hogan (October 8)
Harvey Pekar (October 8)
Melinda Dillon (October 13)
Anna Maria Gherardi (October 15)
Toni Sawyer (October 15)
James Spinks (October 15)
Robert F. Lyons (October 17)
Earl Jolly Brown (October 18)
Ian East (October 18)
Lee Harvey Oswald (October 18)
Ian Cullen (October 20)
Susumu Kurobe (October 22)
Tony Roberts (October 22)
Stanley Anderson (October 23)
Peter Armitage (October 23)
Callen Angelo (October 24)
Terry Gill (October 25)
Elena María Tejeiro (October 25)
John Cleese (October 27)
Julie Martin (October 27)
Jane Alexander (October 28)
Roger Tourret (October 28)
Rob Nilsson (October 29)
Danny Goldman (October 30)
Sammy Ogg (October 30)
Grace Slick (October 30)
Tom O'Connor (October 31)
Ron Rifkin (October 31)
Barbara Bosson (November 1)
Jo Morrow (November 1)
George Mallaby (November 4)
Isela Vega (November 5)
Elizabeth Dawn (November 8)
Meg Wynn Owen (November 8)
Manfred Reddemann (November 9)
Russell Means (November 10)
Denise Alexander (November 11)
Marianne Gaba (November 13)
Will Ryan (November 13)
Thalmus Rasulala (November 15)
Enzo Staiola (November 15)
Yuya Uchida (November 17)
Max Phipps (November 18)
Brenda Vaccaro (November 18)
Dick Smothers (November 20)
Rick Lenz (November 21)
Terence Edmond (November 22)
Allen Garfield (November 22)
Cavan Malone (November 25)
Mark Margolis (November 26)
Ann Prentiss (November 27)
Ulla Strömstedt (November 27)
Jonathan Burn (November 28)
Ross Loney (December 1)
Lee Trevino (December 1)
Jan Burrell (December 2)
Susan Stranks (December 2)
Don Calfa (December 3)
Ronald E. House (December 3)
Moe Keale (December 3)
Freddy Cannon (December 4)
Jimmy Hunt (December 4)
Nomi Mitty (December 7)
Jerry Butler (December 8)
Jennie Linden (December 8)
Virginia Vestoff (December 9)
Ron Frazier (December 10)
Howard Storm (December 11)
Eric Flynn (December 13)
Marilyn Cooper (December 14)
Invicta (December 14)
Alessandra Panaro (December 14)
Yvonne Monlaur (December 15)
Liv Ullmann (December 16)
Novella Nelson (December 17)
Christina Gregg (December 18)
Kathryn Joosten (December 20)
Malcolm Hebden (December 21)
Elaine Lee (December 23)
Christiane Schmidtmer (December 24)
Royce D. Applegate (December 25)
Fred Schepisi (December 26)
John Amos (December 27)
Robert Christian (December 27)
Michael Gahr (December 27)
Michael Hinz (December 28)
Jacques Boudet (December 29)
Gloria Manon (December 29)
Glyn Dearman (December 30)


Jameson Thomas (January 10, 50)
Tom Ricketts (January 20, 86)
Helen Ware (January 25, 61)
Victor Stanley (January 29, 46)
Clare Greet (February 14, 67)
Fred Gamble (February 17, 70)
Robert Gleckler (February 25, 52)
Robert Du Couedic (March 4, 44)
Herbert Mundin (March 5, 40)
Agostino Borgato (March 14, 67)
Wilfred Shine (March 14, 75)
Gus Leonard (March 27, 80)
Frank McGlynn Jr. (March 29, 34)
Phillips Smalley (May 2, 73)
Aileen Marson (May 4, 26)
Mathilde Brundage (May 6, 79)
Alice Belcher (May 9, 59)
Joseph Belmont (May 16, 64)
George Fawcett (June 6, 78)
Sydney Jarvis (June 6, 61)
Owen Moore (June 9, 52)
Bobby Vernon (June 28, 42)
Roger Williams (July 6, 49)
James P. Burtis (July 24, 46)
Morton Selten (July 27, 79)
Beryl Mercer (July 28, 56)
Raymond Brown (July 29, 64)
Monte Vandergrift (July 29, 46)
Ford Sterling (October 13, 55)
Ben Field
Alice Brady (October 28, 46)
Aggie Herring (October 28, 63)
Carlos De Valdez (October 30, 45)
Claude Gillingwater (November 2, 69)
Caryll Ann Ekelund (November 3, 4)
Etienne Girardot (November 10, 83)
George Nichols, Jr. (November 13, 42)
Lois Weber (November 13, 58)
John Harron (November 24, 36)
Campbell Gullan
Douglas Fairbanks (December 12, 56)
Bernard Jukes (December 29, 40)