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Assassinat du Pere Noel
Club des soupirants
Dernier des six
Enfer des anges
Ici L'on Peche
Ne bougez plus
Nous les gosses
Peches de jeunesse


47 Ronin


49th Parallel
Appointment for Love
Atlantic Ferry
Big Blockade
Black Sheep of Whitehall
Cheers for Miss Bishop
Cottage to Let
East of Piccadilly
Freedom Radio
Ghost of St. Michael's
Ghost Train
Hatter's Castle
I Thank You
Inspector Hornleigh Goes to It
Major Barbara
Old Mother Riley's Circus
Old Mother Riley's Ghost
Remarkable Mr. Kipps
Seventh Survivor
Ships With Wings
Suicide Squadron
This England


Accent on Love
Adam Had Four Sons
Adventure in Washington
Affectionately Yours
All American Co-Ed
All-American Co-Ed
Aloma of the South Seas
Among the Living
Andy Hardy's Private Secretary
Angels With Broken Wings
Arkansas Judge
Babes on Broadway
Bachelor Daddy
Back in the Saddle
Back Street
Bad Man
Bad Men of Missouri
Badlands of Dakota
Bahama Passage
Ball of Fire
Barnacle Bill
Bedtime Story
Belle Starr
Big Store
Billy the Kid
Birth of the Blues
Black Cat
Blonde From Singapore
Blondie Goes Latin
Blondie in Society
Blood and Sand
Blossoms In the Dust
Blue, White and Perfect
Blues in the Night
Body Disappears
Borrowed Hero
Bowery Blitzkrieg
Bride Came C.O.D.
Broadway Limited
Buck Privates
Bugle Sounds
Bullets For O'Hara
Burma Convoy
Buy Me That Town
Caught in the Draft
Charley's Aunt
Charlie Chan in Rio
Citizen Kane
City of Missing Girls
Come Live With Me
Confessions of Boston Blackie
Confirm or Deny
Corsican Brothers
Country Fair
Dance Hall
Dangerous Game
Design for Scandal
Devil and Daniel Webster
Devil and Miss Jones
Devil Bat
Devil Commands
Devil Pays Off
Dive Bomber
Don't Get Personal
Doomed Caravan
Double Cross
Double Date
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Dr. Kildare's Wedding Day
Dressed to Kill
Dude Cowboy
Ellery Queen and the Perfect Crime
Face Behind the Mask
Feller Who Plays in a Band
Femine Touch
Flame of New Orleans
Flight Command
Flying Wild
Footsteps in the Dark
Four Jacks and a Jill
Four Mothers
Gang's All Here
Gangs, Inc.
Gay Parisian
Gay Vagabond
Girl, a Guy, and a Gob
Glamor Boy
Great American Broadcast
Great Guns
Great Lie
Great Mr. Nobody
Hands Across the Rockies
Henry Aldrich for President
Here Comes Mr. Jordan
High Sierra
Hold Back the Dawn
Hold That Ghost
Honky Tonk
Horror Island
Hot Chocolate
How Green Was My Valley
I Wake Up Screaming
In Old Cheyenne
In Old Colorado
In the Navy
In the Sweet Pie and Pie
International Squadron
Invisible Ghost
Invisible Woman
It Started With Eve
Johnny Eager
Keep 'Em Flying
Kid From Kansas
Kiss the Boys Goodbye
Kisses for Breakfast
Ladies in Retirement
Lady Be Good
Lady Eve
Lady From Cheyenne
Lady From Louisiana
Lady Scarface
Larceny Street
Last of the Duanes
Law of the Tropics
Life Begins for Andy Hardy
Little Foxes
Lone Wolf Keeps a Date
Lone Wolf Takes a Chance
Look Who's Laughing
Louisiana Purchase
Love Crazy
Maisie Was a Lady
Maltese Falcon
Man at Large
Man Betrayed
Man Hunt
Man Made Monster
Man Who Came to Dinner
Marry the Boss's Daughter
Meet Boston Blackie
Meet John Doe
Meet the Chump
Melody Master
Men in Her Life
Men of Boys' Town
Mexican Spitfire's Baby
Million Dollar Baby
Miracle Kid
Miss Polly
Mob Town
Model Wife
Monster and the Girl
Moon Over Miami
Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Mr. Celebrity
Murder Among Friends
Mutiny in the Arctic
My Life With Caroline
Mystery Ship
Never Give a Sucker an Even Break
New York Town
Niagara Falls
Nice Girl?
Nine Lives are Not Enough
No Greater Sin
Nothing but the Truth
Old Swimming Hole
One Foot in Heaven
One Night in Lisbon
Out of the Fog
People vs. Dr. Kildare
Pittsburgh Kid
Pot O' Gold
Reaching for the Sun
Reg'lar Fellers
Reluctant Dragon
Remember the Day
Repent at Leisure
Riding the Wind
Ringside Maisie
Rise and Shine
Road Show
Road to Zanzibar
Romance of the Rio Grande
Saint in Palm Springs
Scotland Yard
Sea Wolf
Secrets of the Lone Wolf
Sergeant York
Shadow of the Thin Man
She Knew All the Answers
Shepherd of the Hills
Shining Victory
Sleepers West
Smilin' Through
So Ends Our Night
South of Panama
Spooks Run Wild
Strawberry Blonde
Sun Valley Serenade
Swamp Water
Sweetheart of the Campus
Swing It Soldier
Take Me Back, Baby
Tanks a Million
Tarzan's Secret Treasure
That Hamilton Woman
That Uncertain Feeling
They Died With Their Boots On
This Thing Called Love
This Woman Is Mine
Three Girls About Town
Time Out for Rhythm
Tobacco Road
Tom, Dick and Harry
Topper Returns
Two-Faced Woman
Unexpected Uncle
Unfinished Business
Unholy Partners
Wagons Roll at Night
Weekend in Havana
West of Cimarron
Western Union
Whistling in the Dark
Wide Open Town
Wild Bill Hickok Rides
Wild Geese Calling
Wolf Man
Woman's Face
Yank in the RAF
You Belong to Me
You'll Never Get Rich
Ziegfeld Girl


Simón Andreu (January 1)
Derrick O'Connor (January 3)
Quinn O'Hara (January 3)
George Pan Cosmatos (January 4)
John Bennett Perry (January 4)
April Wilding (January 4)
Tim Beekman (January 6)
Carol Gillies (January 6)
Harvey Hohnecker (January 7)
John Steiner (January 7)
Graham Chapman (January 8)
Graham Chapman (January 8)
Maurice O'Connell (January 8)
Ole Søltoft (January 8)
Joan Baez (January 9)
Caron Gardner (January 9)
Gary Hetherington (January 9)
José Greci (January 10)
Maggie Peterson (January 10)
Howard Ross (January 10)
Beau Gentry (January 11)
Malcolm Terris (January 11)
Long John Baldry (January 12)
Faye Dunaway (January 14)
Barry Jenner (January 14)
Geoffrey Beevers (January 15)
Bob Bralver (January 15)
Don Van Vliet (January 15)
Richard Bohringer (January 16)
Claire Gordon (January 16)
Gary McLarty (January 16)
Tom Lowell (January 17)
Barry Michlin (January 17)
David Valla (January 17)
David Stollery (January 18)
Tony Anholt (January 19)
Putter Smith (January 19)
Catherine Sola (January 19)
Solvi Stubing (January 19)
Marylouise Burke (January 20)
Leonard Cracknell (January 20)
Victoria Carroll (January 21)
Plácido Domingo (January 21)
Stathis Giallelis (January 21)
Richie Havens (January 21)
Nancy Priddy (January 21)
Ron Pinkard (January 22)
Tony D'Arpa (January 24)
Neil Diamond (January 24)
Gregory Sierra (January 25)
Alex Colon (January 26)
Scott Glenn (January 26)
Wayne C. Dvorak (January 27)
Jeannie Epper (January 27)
Joel Crothers (January 28)
Patricia Garwood (January 28)
Sean Arnold (January 30)
Ron Thompson (January 31)
Jessica Walter (January 31)
Rona Newton-John (February 1)
Taiwo Ajai (February 3)
Julia English (February 3)
Bridget Hanley (February 3)
Monica Nordquist (February 3)
Stephen J. Cannell (February 5)
David Selby (February 5)
David Garfield (February 6)
Gigi Perreau (February 6)
Little Tony (February 7)
Kitty de Hoyos (February 8)
Nick Nolte (February 8)
Marianna Hill (February 9)
Michael Apted (February 10)
Robert Behling (February 11)
Sonny Landham (February 11)
Sergio Mendes (February 11)
Bruno Lawrence (February 12)
Jerry Springer (February 13)
Florinda Bolkan (February 15)
Pete Brady (February 17)
Julia McKenzie (February 17)
Andrea Dromm (February 18)
David Thomson (February 18)
David Gooderson (February 24)
Susan Browning (February 25)
Gary Pagett (February 26)
Yevgeni Zharikov (February 26)
Charlotte Stewart (February 27)
Madeleine Mills (February 28)
Lyn Peters (February 28)
Gaye Brown (March 2)
Jon Finch (March 2)
Robert Sacchi (March 3)
John Aprea (March 4)
John Hancock (March 4)
Karyn Kupcinet (March 6)
Lainie Miller (March 7)
Ines Pedroza (March 7)
Maria Venuti (March 7)
Andrey Mironov (March 8)
Joanne DiVito (March 10)
Joe Viterelli (March 10)
John C. McLaughlin (March 11)
Charo (March 13)
Michael Walker (March 13)
Wolfgang Petersen (March 14)
Michael Love (March 15)
Mike Love (March 15)
Don Washbrook (March 15)
Bernardo Bertolucci (March 16)
Chuck Woolery (March 16)
Paul Kantner (March 17)
Wilson Pickett (March 18)
Elizabeth Bell (March 20)
Rolf Zacher (March 21)
Jeremy Clyde (March 22)
Bruno Ganz (March 22)
Hope Clarke (March 23)
Mara Cruz (March 24)
Lucretia Love (March 25)
Terence Hill (March 29)
Michael Thornhill (March 29)
Eric Braeden (April 3)
Alan Haufrect (April 3)
William Tarmey (April 4)
Tisa Chang (April 5)
Michael Moriarty (April 5)
Gilbert Lewis (April 6)
Keith Buckley (April 7)
Cornelia Frances (April 7)
Gorden Kaye (April 7)
Danny Wells (April 7)
Vivienne Westwood (April 8)
Hannah Gordon (April 9)
Silke Weitendorf (April 10)
Shirley Stelfox (April 11)
Manuel de Blas (April 12)
Bobby Moore (April 12)
Iain Quarrier (April 12)
Michael Alldredge (April 13)
Michael Pendry (April 13)
Margaret Price (April 13)
Pat Rabaraona (April 13)
Chris Tranchell (April 13)
Marjorie Yates (April 13)
Rod McCary (April 15)
Rosángela Balbó (April 16)
Brian Miller (April 17)
Robert Gooden (April 18)
Carolyn Jones (April 18)
Ryan O'Neal (April 20)
Michael Gempart (April 21)
Jacqueline Boyer (April 23)
Susan Castle (April 23)
Ed Stewart (April 23)
Colette Bergé (April 24)
Prue Bury (April 24)
John Williams (April 24)
Bertrand Tavernier (April 25)
Claudine Auger (April 26)
Ned Wynn (April 27)
Ann-Margret (April 28)
Indus Arthur (April 28)
Nico Mastorakis (April 28)
Flynn Robinson (April 28)
Steve Shemayme (April 29)
Michael Elder (April 30)
Paul Darrow (May 2)
Paul Ferris (May 2)
Charles Thomas Murphy (May 3)
Lee de Broux (May 7)
Bruno Carotenuto (May 8)
Jimmy Luske (May 8)
James Mitchum (May 8)
Adrian Ropes (May 8)
Ken Berry (May 10)
Taurean Blacque (May 10)
Eric Burdon (May 11)
Inge Jaklyn (May 11)
Joey Greco (May 12)
Senta Berger (May 13)
Joe Brown (May 13)
Frank Jarvis (May 13)
Melinda Plowman (May 13)
John Forgeham (May 14)
Tania Mallet (May 14)
Michael Mislove (May 14)
László Tátrai (May 14)
Neil Stacy (May 15)
Grace Zabriskie (May 15)
David Lyon (May 16)
Hans-Peter Reinecke (May 16)
Miriam Margolyes (May 18)
Diane McBain (May 18)
Nora Ephron (May 19)
Nora Ephron (May 19)
David Groh (May 21)
Carl Rigg (May 21)
Paul Winfield (May 22)
Hal Landon Jr. (May 23)
Bob Dylan (May 24)
Andrés García (May 24)
Davina Taylor (May 27)
Beth Howland (May 28)
Robert Logan (May 29)
Mike Lucas (May 29)
Bill Weston (May 29)
Ray Chabeau (May 30)
Richard Donat (June 1)
Christian I. Nyby II (June 1)
Susan Hart (June 2)
Stacy Keach (June 2)
Charlie Watts (June 2)
Sy Richardson (June 4)
Spalding Gray (June 5)
Derrik Lewis (June 5)
Stéphane Bouy (June 6)
Jessie Lawrence Ferguson (June 8)
Mickey Jones (June 10)
Jürgen Prochnow (June 10)
Marv Albert (June 12)
Clinton Allmon (June 13)
Tom Hallick (June 13)
Esther Ofarim (June 13)
Harry Nilsson (June 15)
Nicolette Pendrell (June 15)
Essy Persson (June 15)
Andy Romano (June 15)
Michele Gammino (June 16)
B.J. Arnau (June 17)
William Lucking (June 17)
Elizabeth Franz (June 18)
Andrea Lawrence (June 20)
Joe Flaherty (June 21)
Heinz Trixner (June 21)
Lyman Ward (June 21)
Jo Doumerg (June 22)
Michael Lerner (June 22)
Jean-Pierre Chichportich (June 23)
Eddie Large (June 25)
Roy Marsden (June 25)
Floyd Mutrux (June 25)
Solomon Sturges (June 25)
Marquard Bohm (June 27)
Jacques Zabor (June 28)
Otto Sander (June 30)
Kwan Hung (July 1)
Jacqueline Malouf (July 3)
Peggy Miley (July 5)
Sam Nicotero (July 6)
Christopher Beeny (July 7)
Paul Kember (July 7)
Bill Oddie (July 7)
Jim Rodford (July 7)
Polly James (July 8)
Robert Pine (July 10)
Joseph Whipp (July 12)
Seth Allen (July 13)
Frank Corsentino (July 13)
Robert Forster (July 13)
Jacques Perrin (July 13)
Marina Oswald (July 17)
Paula Shaw (July 17)
Starletta DuPois (July 18)
Lonnie Mack (July 18)
Vikki Carr (July 19)
Marie Pillet (July 20)
Kurt Raab (July 20)
George Clinton (July 22)
Gary Myers (July 22)
Alex Mann (July 24)
Laraine Stephens (July 24)
Marc Strange (July 24)
Peter Suschitzky (July 25)
Colin Higgins (July 28)
Patrick Tull (July 28)
Gabriella Giorgelli (July 29)
David Warner (July 29)
Paul Anka (July 30)
Jean-Louis Comolli (July 30)
Penny Brown (July 31)
Sylvia Sorrente (July 31)
Nathalie Delon (August 1)
Craig Littler (August 1)
Doris Kenner-Jackson (August 2)
Antonio Monselesan (August 2)
Fabio Testi (August 2)
Martha Stewart (August 3)
John Atterbury (August 4)
Martin Jarvis (August 4)
Pete Shotton (August 4)
Carla Gravina (August 5)
Evi Marandi (August 7)
Klaus-Jürgen Steinmann (August 7)
Tom Georgeson (August 8)
Volker Prechtel (August 9)
Jennifer Bishop (August 12)
L.M. Kit Carson (August 12)
Letícia Román (August 12)
Jennifer Warren (August 12)
Erin Fleming (August 13)
Donald Craig (August 14)
David Crosby (August 14)
Connie Smith (August 14)
Lou Perryman (August 15)
Maria Silva (August 16)
Franco Columbu (August 17)
Fritz Wepper (August 17)
David Bache (August 18)
Gerry Bamman (August 18)
Charles Bartlett (August 18)
Christopher Jones (August 18)
Tony Roper (August 19)
Howard Lew Lewis (August 21)
Julia Breck (August 22)
Julia Lockwood (August 23)
Richard Russell Ramos (August 23)
Sheilah Wells (August 23)
Jane Merrow (August 26)
David Mooney (August 26)
Akiko Wakabayashi (August 26)
Harrison Page (August 27)
Huib Broos (August 29)
Ellen Geer (August 29)
Robin Leach (August 29)
Ben Jones (August 30)
Nelson Xavier (August 30)
Jed Mills (September 1)
Walter Adrian (September 2)
T. Max Graham (September 2)
Kay Patrick (September 2)
Telis Zotos (September 2)
Jenny Maxwell (September 3)
Kenneth Kimmins (September 4)
Joanna Van Gyseghem (September 4)
Nick Mazzola (September 5)
Michael Latimer (September 6)
Mary Marlon (September 6)
Christopher Connelly (September 8)
Michael Da Costa (September 8)
Alan Feinstein (September 8)
Otis Redding (September 9)
Roy Heymann (September 11)
Bruce Hyde (September 14)
Gabriella Licudi (September 14)
Jesse Wayne (September 14)
Felix Mauras (September 15)
Maureen Morris (September 17)
Jane Galloway Heitz (September 18)
Mariangela Melato (September 18)
Mike Hurst (September 19)
Fabienne Dali (September 22)
Jemma Hyde (September 24)
Linda McCartney (September 24)
Martine Beswick (September 26)
Angela Pleasence (September 30)
Sam Dastor (October 2)
Katharine Barker (October 3)
Chubby Checker (October 3)
Gordon Gebert (October 4)
Lori Saunders (October 4)
Earle Bailey (October 5)
Stephanie Cole (October 5)
Winston Ntshona (October 6)
Madeleine Fisher (October 7)
Ken Foree (October 9)
Sergio Olhovich Greene (October 9)
Peter Coyote (October 10)
Frank Alamo (October 12)
Paul Simon (October 13)
Jacques Gencel (October 14)
Roger Taylor (October 14)
David Ashford (October 16)
Alan Howard (October 17)
Mayf Nutter (October 19)
Simon Ward (October 19)
Anneke Wills (October 20)
Pat Ast (October 21)
Steve Cropper (October 21)
Daniel Dietrich (October 21)
Dickie Pride (October 21)
Charles Keating (October 22)
Anna Palk (October 23)
Dennis Freeman (October 24)
Danielle Minazzoli (October 24)
Helen Reddy (October 25)
Gordon Tootoosis (October 25)
John Hallam (October 28)
Hank Marvin (October 28)
Rosemary Nicols (October 28)
Corinne Camacho (October 31)
Mischa Hausserman (October 31)
Robert Foxworth (November 1)
Archie Hahn (November 1)
Rodney Kageyama (November 1)
Pamela Payton-Wright (November 1)
Bruce Welch (November 2)
Junero Jennings (November 4)
Art Garfunkel (November 5)
Grazina Frame (November 6)
Nerys Hughes (November 8)
David Ashton (November 10)
Russell Horton (November 11)
Beth Brickell (November 13)
Carol Connors (November 13)
Jimmy Hawkins (November 13)
Dack Rambo (November 13)
Howard Itzkowitz (November 14)
Heathcote Williams (November 15)
Rosemary Donnelly (November 16)
Max Gillies (November 16)
Colby Chester (November 17)
Graham Haberfield (November 17)
David Warbeck (November 17)
David Hemmings (November 18)
HMS Safari (November 18)
Dan Haggerty (November 19)
Allan Malamud (November 19)
Klaus Grünberg (November 20)
Jack Carr (November 21)
John Hough (November 21)
Juliet Mills (November 21)
Franco Nero (November 21)
Tom Conti (November 22)
Pete Best (November 24)
Donald Dunn (November 24)
Trevor Bowen (November 27)
Tom Morga (November 27)
Laura Antonelli (November 28)
Shannon Farnon (November 28)
D'Army Bailey (November 29)
Steve Oliver (November 29)
Steven Oliver (November 29)
Sally Douglas (November 30)
Colin McCormack (December 2)
Tom McGuinness (December 2)
Ernest Mothle (December 2)
Mary Alice (December 3)
Walter George Alton (December 3)
Lois Daine (December 5)
Maaike Jansen (December 5)
Robert Glaudini (December 6)
Leon Russom (December 6)
Wende Wagner (December 6)
John Still (December 7)
Valora Noland (December 8)
Beau Bridges (December 9)
John Ashley (December 10)
Ken Campbell (December 10)
Fionnula Flanagan (December 10)
Peter Michael Goetz (December 10)
Tommy Kirk (December 10)
Tommy Rettig (December 10)
Peter Sarstedt (December 10)
Chad Stuart (December 10)
John Davidson (December 13)
Anouska Hempel (December 13)
Marlene Sai (December 14)
Geoffrey Davies (December 15)
Heath Lamberts (December 15)
Annazette Chase (December 18)
Maurice White (December 19)
Pamela Austin (December 20)
Jared Martin (December 21)
Peter Helm (December 22)
Lanna Saunders (December 22)
Nigel Anthony (December 23)
David Arkin (December 24)
Michael Billington (December 24)
John Levene (December 24)
Elizabeth Barrington (December 25)
Jean-Claude Bouillon (December 27)
Aharon Ipalé (December 27)
Michael Pinder (December 27)
Begoña Palacios (December 28)
Ray Thomas (December 29)
Wendy Hall (December 30)
Johnny Leeze (December 31)
Sarah Miles (December 31)


Sydney Fairbrother (January 4, 67)
Reginald Bach (January 6, 54)
Robert Conness (January 15, 73)
Allan Cavan (January 19, 60)
Armand Kaliz (February 1, 53)
Rosa Gore (February 4, 74)
Margaret Mann (February 4, 72)
Jerrold Robertshaw (February 14, 74)
Ah Wing (February 27, 89)
Thomas Pogue (March 21, 67)
Eddie Conrad (April 1, 48)
William Worthington (April 9, 69)
Al Bowlly (April 17, 42)
Fred Withers (April 22, 60)
Stanley Fields (April 23, 57)
Mary Lawson (May 4, 30)
Alfred Atkins
S.J. Warmington (May 10, 56)
Peggy Shannon (May 11, 34)
James Gordon (May 12, 70)
Ruth Stonehouse (May 12, 48)
Fred Behrle (May 20, 49)
Thomas Findley (May 29, 67)
Lou Gehrig (June 2, 37)
Herschel Mayall (June 10, 77)
Irene Franklin (June 16, 65)
Fewlass Llewellyn (June 16, 55)
Elliott Dexter (June 23, 61)
Richard Carle (June 28, 69)
Ignacy Jan Paderewski (June 29, 80)
Sidney De Gray (June 30, 75)
Purnell Pratt (July 25, 55)
Charles Murray (July 29, 69)
James Stephenson (July 29, 52)
Barnett Parker (August 5, 54)
Paul Dullac (August 17, 59)
Robert English (August 18, 66)
Robert Ozanne (September 14, 43)
Walter Sondes
Italia Almirante-Manzini (September 15, 51)
Claude King (September 18, 66)
Aribert Mog (October 2, 37)
Fletcher Norton (October 3, 64)
E. H. Calvert (October 5, 78)
Clarence Wilson (October 5, 64)
Anthony Gildès (October 6, 85)
Victor Schertzinger (October 26, 53)
H.M.S. Ark Royal (November 14, 2)
William Lowery (November 15, 56)
Georg John (November 18, 62)
Hanna Hoessrich (November 19, 39)
Adrian Morris (November 30, 34)
Harry Bowen (December 5, 53)
Minnie Rayner (December 13, 72)
Lee Millar Sr. (December 24, 53)