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Anciens de Saint-Loup
Atoll K
Au revoir, monsieur Grock
Botta e risposta
Chant d'amour
Enfants terribles
La Ronde
Mefiez-vous des blondes
Meurtres ?
Nous irons a Paris
Ronde des heures
Tete blonde
Uniformes et grandes manoeuvres


Heart of Stone


Atoll K
Botta e risposta
Under the Olive Tree


Entre Tu Amor Y El Cielo


Astonished Heart
Cairo Road
Come Dance with Me
Dance Hall
Dark Interval
Dick Barton at Bay
Double Confession
Elusive Pimpernel
Eye Witness
Glass Mountain
Golden Salamander
Great Manhunt
Happiest Days of Your Life
Highly Dangerous
Lady Craved Excitement
Last Holiday
Lilli Marlene
Man in Black
Meet Simon Cherry
Mr. Drake's Duck
Night And The City
Old Mother Riley, Headmistress
Once a Sinner
Operation Disaster
Pool of London
Prelude to Fame
Rocking Horse Winner
Room to Let
Rossiter Case
Seven Days to Noon
Shadow of the Eagle
So Long at the Fair
Stage Fright
State Secret
Stranger at My Door
Taming of Dorothy
Tony Draws a Horse
Treasure Island
Waterfront Women
What the Butler Saw
Wooden Horse
Your Witness


711 Ocean Drive
Abbott and Costello in the Foreign Legion
Admiral was a Lady
All About Eve
American Guerilla in the Philippines
Annie Get Your Gun
Armored Car Robbery
Asphalt Jungle
At War with the Army
Atom Man vs. Superman
Baron of Arizona
Bells of Coronado
Between Midnight and Dawn
Beware of Blondie
Beyond the Purple Hills
Big Hangover
Big Lift
Big Timber
Black Hand
Black Rose
Blonde Dynamite
Blondie's Hero
Blood Brothers
Blue Grass of Kentucky
Blues Busters
Bomba and the Hidden City
Born to Be Bad
Born Yesterday
Boy From Indiana
Breaking Point
Bright Leaf
Bright Victory
Broken Arrow
Buccaneer's Girl
Bullfighter and the Lady
Cage of Gold
California Passage
Captain Carey, U.S.A.
Cargo to Capetown
Chain Lightning
Champagne for Caesar
Cheaper by the Dozen
Colorado Ranger
Colt .45
Comanche Territory
Copper Canyon
Crooked River
Cure For Love
Curtain Call at Cactus Creek
Dakota Lil
Damned Don't Cry
Dark City
Daughter of Rosie O'Grady
Davy Crockett, Indian Scout
Desert Hawk
Destination Moon
Destination Murder
Devil's Doorway
Duchess of Idaho
East Side, West Side
Edge of Doom
Emergency Wedding
Everybody's Dancin'
Father Is a Bachelor
Father Of The Bride
Flame and the Arrow
Flying Saucer
For Heaven's Sake
Fortunes of Captain Blood
Frisco Tornado
Fuller Brush Girl
Gambling House
Glass Menagerie
Gone To Earth
Good Humor Man
Good Time Girl
Great Missouri Raid
Great Rupert
Halls of Montezuma
Happy Years
Harbor of Missing Men
He's a Cockeyed Wonder
High Lonesome
House by the River
Hunt the Man Down
I Married a Communist
I Was a Shoplifter
I'll Get By
In a Lonely Place
Into the Blue
Iroquois Trail
It's a Small World
Joe Palooka in the Squared Circle
Joe Palooka Meets Humphrey
Johnny One Eye
Julius Caesar
Kangaroo Kid
Kansas Raiders
Kill the Umpire
Killer Shark
Killer That Stalked New York
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
Lady Without a Passport
Last of the Buccaneers
Life of Her Own
Love Happy
Lucky Losers
Ma and Pa Kettle Go to Town
Magnificent Yankee
Marshal of Heldorado
Mister 880
Mother Didn't Tell Me
Mr. Music
Mrs. O'Malley and Mr. Malone
My Blue Heaven
My Friend Irma Goes West
Mystery Street
Mystery Submarine
Nancy Goes to Rio
Never a Dull Moment
Next Voice You Hear
No Man of Her Own
North of the Great Divide
Once a Thief
One Way Street
Outside the Wall
Paid in Full
Panic in the Streets
Perfect Strangers
Petty Girl
Please Believe Me
Prehistoric Women
Redhead and the Cowboy
Reformer and the Redhead
Return of Jesse James
Return of the Frontiersman
Riding High
Right Cross
Rio Grande
Rocketship X-M
Rocky Mountain
Rogues of Sherwood Forest
Saddle Tramp
Secret Fury
September Affair
Shadow on the Wall
Short Grass
Sierra Passage
Singing Guns
Skipper Surprised His Wife
Slaves of the Invisible Monster
Sleeping City
Stars in My Crown
State Penitentiary
Summer Stock
Sunset Blvd.
Tea for Two
Texan Meets Calamity Jane
This Side of the Law
Three Little Words
Ticket to Tomahawk
Toast of New Orleans
Treasure Island
Try and Get Me!
Tyrant of the Sea
Undercover Girl
Underworld Story
Union Station
Wabash Avenue
Wagon Master
Walk Softly, Stranger
Watch the Birdie
West of the Brazos
When Willie Comes Marching Home
When You're Smiling
Where Danger Lives
Winchester '73
Woman of Distinction
Woman on the Run
Wyoming Mail
Yellow Cab Man
Young Daniel Boone
Young Man With a Horn
You're in the Navy Now


Au revoir, monsieur Grock


Anniqa Järlefors (January 1)
Hugh Hayes (January 1)
Gary Morgan (January 2)
Victoria Principal (January 3)
Patrick Ward (January 4)
Polly Williams (January 5)
Richard Norton (January 6)
Erin Gray (January 7)
Michael Kearns (January 8)
David Johansen (January 9)
Ralph Byers (January 10)
Bonnie Hellman (January 10)
Robert Noble (January 12)
Murray Salem (January 12)
Veronica De Laurentiis (January 13)
James Carroll Jordan (January 13)
Joyce Ingalls (January 14)
Debbie Allen (January 16)
Caroline Munro (January 16)
Sharon Duce (January 17)
Cristina Galbó (January 17)
Jenny Twigge (January 19)
Daniel Benzali (January 20)
Liza Goddard (January 20)
Reuben Leder (January 21)
Pamela Salem (January 22)
Richard Dean Anderson (January 23)
Barbara Capell (January 23)
Danny Federici (January 23)
Richard Gilliland (January 23)
Daniel Auteuil (January 24)
Michael Ontkean (January 24)
Christopher Ryan (January 25)
Karen Kondazian (January 27)
Alex Norton (January 27)
Barbi Benton (January 28)
Ann Jillian (January 29)
Randy Brooks (January 30)
Bruce Lidington (January 30)
Trinidad Silva (January 30)
Robert Grubb (January 31)
Nancy Steen (January 31)
John Bowe (February 1)
Sue Bugden (February 1)
Nora Heflin (February 2)
Barbara Sukowa (February 2)
Morgan Fairchild (February 3)
Pamela Franklin (February 4)
Jonathan Freeman (February 5)
Natalie Cole (February 6)
Cristina Ferrare (February 8)
Elizabeth Lax (February 8)
Tiiu Leek (February 11)
Steve Hackett (February 12)
Michael Ironside (February 12)
Frank Ramírez (February 12)
Ewa Aulin (February 13)
Gillian Bevan (February 13)
Peter Gabriel (February 13)
Scott Paulin (February 13)
Frank Collison (February 14)
Marie Liljedahl (February 15)
R.D. Call (February 16)
Prunella Gee (February 17)
Lynne Moody (February 17)
John Hughes
John Hughes (February 18)
Cybill Shepherd (February 18)
Walt Becker (February 20)
Larry Drake (February 21)
Julius Erving (February 22)
Ellen Greene (February 22)
Miou-Miou (February 22)
Julie Walters (February 22)
Klaus Brasch (February 23)
Jocelyn Jones (February 24)
Neil Jordan (February 25)
Miranda Downes (February 27)
Jane Galloway (February 27)
Belinda Giblin (March 2)
Matthew Laurance (March 2)
Mitchell Laurance (March 2)
Tim Kazurinsky (March 3)
Harvey Alperin (March 5)
Lee Gibson (March 5)
Blanche Kommerell (March 10)
Minah Bird (March 11)
Stephanie Shayne (March 11)
Jerry Zucker (March 11)
Jon Provost (March 12)
Joe Bugner (March 13)
Sam Firstenberg (March 13)
William H. Macy (March 13)
Rick Dees (March 14)
Harry Bromley-Davenport (March 15)
Brad Dourif (March 18)
J.G. Hertzler (March 18)
Stanley Clay (March 19)
Stanley Bennett Clay (March 19)
Paul J.Q. Lee (March 19)
William Hurt (March 20)
Michael Adams (March 22)
Corinne Cléry (March 23)
Anthony De Longis (March 23)
Tony Papenfuss (March 26)
Teddy Pendergrass (March 26)
Martin Short (March 26)
Alan Silvestri (March 26)
Ernest Thomas (March 26)
John Edward Allen (March 27)
Tony Banks (March 27)
Mark Northover (March 27)
Norman Snow (March 29)
Robbie Coltrane (March 30)
David Janson (March 30)
Stephen Jenn (March 30)
Hallie Foote (March 31)
Ed Marinaro (March 31)
Larry Gilman (April 3)
Sally Thomsett (April 3)
Simone Griffeth (April 4)
Christine Lahti (April 4)
Agnetha Fältskog (April 5)
Tina Engel (April 6)
Jack Angeles (April 7)
Nathan Cook (April 9)
Lee Ving (April 10)
Bill Irwin (April 11)
David Cassidy (April 12)
Rudy Herrera (April 12)
Samir Kamoun (April 13)
Terry Lester (April 13)
Ron Perlman (April 13)
William Sadler (April 13)
Dave Holland (April 14)
Josiane Balasko (April 15)
Eva Fritjofson (April 15)
Howard Knight (April 15)
Amy Wright (April 15)
David Graf (April 16)
Paul Lavers (April 16)
Billy West (April 16)
Peter Mantle (April 17)
Philip Akin (April 18)
Kenny Ortega (April 18)
Veronica Cartwright (April 20)
Carla Mancini (April 21)
Peter Frampton (April 22)
Anita Lochner (April 24)
Peter Jurasik (April 25)
Susan Merson (April 25)
Jay Leno (April 28)
Patrice Donnelly (April 30)
Dann Florek (May 1)
Marianne Eggerickx (May 3)
Peter Guiness (May 3)
Peter Guinness (May 3)
Mary Hopkin (May 3)
Hilly Hicks (May 4)
Randall 'Tex' Cobb (May 7)
Randall 'Tex' Cobb (May 7)
Mark Blankfield (May 8)
Marcheline Bertrand (May 9)
Matthew Kelly (May 9)
Natalia Bondarchuk (May 10)
Sally James (May 10)
Rick Lieberman (May 10)
Joseph Ruben (May 10)
Dale Wilson (May 10)
Bruce Boxleitner (May 12)
Gabriel Byrne (May 12)
Jocko Marcellino (May 12)
Andy Cunningham (May 13)
Joe Johnston (May 13)
Mark Blum (May 14)
Nicholas Hammond (May 15)
Jo McDonnell (May 16)
Catherine Howe (May 17)
Alan Johnson (May 17)
Nicholas Wyman (May 18)
Stephen Boxer (May 19)
Mary Tamm (May 22)
Jenny Lee Arness (May 23)
O-Lan Jones (May 23)
Dave Moordigian (May 24)
Eric Deacon (May 25)
Jean Gagné (May 25)
Mickey Maga (May 25)
Ned Dowd (May 26)
Christopher Witty (May 26)
Peter Evans (May 27)
Jerry Biggs (May 28)
Denny Delk (May 28)
Wilfredo Hernández (May 28)
Gregory Harrison (May 31)
Ian Black (June 1)
Gemma Craven (June 1)
John M. Jackson (June 1)
Bill Young (June 1)
Joanna Gleason (June 2)
Melissa Mathison (June 3)
Randy Peters (June 3)
Suzi Quatro (June 3)
Robert Z'Dar (June 3)
Malcolm Sinclair (June 5)
Daniel von Bargen (June 5)
Chantal Akerman (June 6)
Gary Graham (June 6)
Howard Finkel (June 7)
Kathy Baker (June 8)
Guy Groen (June 9)
David Troughton (June 9)
Gérard Palaprat (June 12)
Isabelle Amyes (June 13)
Belinda Bauer (June 13)
Jeremy Sinden (June 14)
Mark Arnott (June 15)
Kale Browne (June 16)
Jesse Dizon (June 16)
Sharon Gurney (June 16)
Simonetta Vitelli (June 16)
Susan Damante (June 17)
Constance Forslund (June 19)
Ray Lovelock (June 19)
Daria Nicolodi (June 19)
Gudrun Landgrebe (June 20)
Geraldine Gardner (June 23)
Sally Geeson (June 23)
Louise Stange-Wahl (June 23)
Sheila K. Adams (June 24)
Nancy Allen (June 24)
Janet Farrar (June 24)
Nitza Shaul (June 25)
Michael Paul Chan (June 26)
James Daughton (June 27)
Ken Marshall (June 27)
Joanna McCallum (June 27)
Leonard Whiting (June 30)
Agneta Eckemyr (July 2)
Élie Chouraqui (July 3)
Elie Chouraqui (July 3)
Huey Lewis (July 5)
Ben Powers (July 5)
Geraldine James (July 6)
Mary Ellen Trainor (July 8)
Richard Branson (July 9)
Nick Jameson (July 10)
Bruce McGill (July 11)
Brooks Almy (July 15)
Sándor Egervári (July 15)
Rap Reiplinger (July 16)
Camille Saviola (July 16)
Derek De Lint (July 17)
Simon Cadell (July 19)
Tom McLoughlin (July 19)
Tantoo Cardinal (July 20)
Camille Keaton (July 20)
Cheryl Hall (July 23)
Belinda Montgomery (July 23)
Sam Behrens (July 24)
Kenichi Hagiwara (July 25)
Susan George (July 26)
Simon Jones (July 27)
Christina Kokubo (July 27)
Nigel Plaskitt (July 27)
Tony Carroll (July 28)
Mike Starr (July 29)
Frank Stallone (July 30)
Richard Berry (July 31)
Lane Davies (July 31)
Rell Sunn (July 31)
Mathieu Carrière (August 2)
Kathryn Harrold (August 2)
W.K. Stratton (August 2)
John Landis (August 3)
Marc Clement (August 4)
Pamela Guest (August 5)
Holly Palance (August 5)
Dorian Harewood (August 6)
Rodney Crowell (August 7)
Linda Scheley (August 7)
Anémone (August 9)
James Reynolds (August 10)
Zora Kerova (August 11)
Adam LeFevre (August 11)
Jim Beaver (August 12)
Simon Groom (August 12)
Jane Carr (August 13)
Susan Edwards (August 14)
Gary Larson (August 14)
Maria O'Brien (August 14)
Adair Simon (August 14)
Tess Harper (August 15)
Gaylen Ross (August 15)
Marshall Manesh (August 16)
Candice Earley (August 18)
George T. Odom (August 21)
Carolyn Cronenberg (August 22)
Rick McCallum (August 22)
John Savage (August 25)
Larry Vaira (August 25)
Benjamin Hendrickson (August 26)
Arnold McCuller (August 26)
Charles Fleischer (August 27)
Mwako Cumbuka (September 1)
Steve Mellor (September 1)
Kelly Piper (September 1)
Stuart Blake (September 2)
Rosana Soto (September 2)
Wah Yuen (September 2)
Sheridan Fitzgerald (September 4)
Susan Blakely (September 7)
Julie Kavner (September 7)
John Beckman (September 8)
Jerzy Radziwilowicz (September 8)
Dennis Bowen (September 9)
Vicki Peters (September 9)
Joe Perry (September 10)
Ali Giron (September 11)
Amy Madigan (September 11)
Bruce Mahler (September 12)
Cynthia Myers (September 12)
Wayne Doba (September 14)
Susan Ruttan (September 16)
Belinda Sinclair (September 16)
Shabana Azmi (September 18)
Luis Contreras (September 18)
Anna Deavere Smith (September 18)
Sayoko Yamaguchi (September 19)
Angela Mao (September 20)
Nina Rosenblum (September 20)
Yusaku Matsuda (September 21)
Bill Murray (September 21)
Laura Hippe (September 22)
John H. Stracey (September 22)
Scott Newman (September 23)
Harriet Walter (September 24)
Simon Brint (September 26)
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (September 27)
Katherine Cortez (September 28)
John Sayles (September 28)
Hans Martin Stier (September 29)
Brent Keast (September 30)
Sidney Kean (October 1)
Jeane Manson (October 1)
Natalia Nogulich (October 1)
Randy Quaid (October 1)
Persis Khambatta (October 2)
Ian McNeice (October 2)
Mike Rutherford (October 2)
Pamela Hensley (October 3)
Sylviane Margollé (October 3)
Alan Rosenberg (October 4)
Jeff Conaway (October 5)
Laura Gemser (October 5)
Janear Hines (October 5)
Nathalie Nell (October 6)
Beege Barkette (October 8)
Gary Frank (October 9)
Catlin Adams (October 11)
Susan Anton (October 12)
Robin Askwith (October 12)
Caroline Ellis (October 12)
Pascale Rivault (October 13)
Joey Travolta (October 14)
Candida Royalle (October 15)
Joan Prather (October 17)
Sandra Reemer (October 17)
Howard Rollins (October 17)
Dana Dillaway (October 18)
Gerald Home (October 18)
Om Puri (October 18)
Tom Petty (October 20)
Patricia Parris (October 22)
Jeannie Russell (October 22)
Wolf Muser (October 23)
John Matuszak (October 25)
Mark L. Taylor (October 25)
Dan Gilvezan (October 26)
James L. Conway (October 27)
Audrie Neenan (October 28)
Pamela Stanford (October 30)
John Candy (October 31)
Randy Rarick (October 31)
Frank Silva (October 31)
Markie Post (November 4)
Nik Powell (November 4)
Denis Simpson (November 4)
Philip Needs (November 5)
Lindsay Duncan (November 7)
Mary Hart (November 8)
Barry Sheene (November 9)
Debra Hill (November 10)
Lane Leavitt (November 10)
Steve Nave (November 13)
James D. Parriott (November 14)
David Leisure (November 16)
Jacky Nercessian (November 16)
Dennis Haskins (November 18)
Eric Pierpoint (November 18)
Valli Kemp (November 19)
Kenneth MacDonald (November 20)
Roscoe Born (November 24)
Kenneth Grant (November 24)
Stanley Livingston (November 24)
Yvonne Kenny (November 25)
Michael Povey (November 27)
Ed Harris (November 28)
William Vail (November 30)
Margaret Whitton (November 30)
Denise Galik (December 4)
Karen Landry (December 4)
Pamela Stephenson (December 4)
Christina Lindberg (December 6)
Rick Baker (December 8)
Joan Armatrading (December 9)
Gregg Berger (December 10)
Holly De Jong (December 10)
Tom Towles (December 10)
Rick Victor (December 10)
Ken Sharrock (December 11)
Darleen Carr (December 12)
Danielle Schneider (December 12)
Darrell Larson (December 13)
Wendie Malick (December 13)
Afemo Omilami (December 13)
Anulka Dziubinska (December 14)
Vicki Michelle (December 14)
Melanie Chartoff (December 15)
Alistair Fullarton (December 16)
Peter Van Norden (December 16)
Michael Cashman (December 17)
Sam Hennings (December 17)
Su Elliot (December 18)
Leonard Maltin (December 18)
Jane How (December 21)
Victoria Racimo (December 26)
Kent Williams (December 27)
Jon Polito (December 29)
Maida Belove (December 31)


Emil Jannings (January 2, 65)
Tess Gardella (January 3, 55)
Monty Banks (January 7, 52)
Pat McKee (January 7, 54)
Alan Hale (January 22, 57)
Corinne Luchaire (January 22, 28)
Bull Montana (January 24, 62)
Rockliffe Fellowes (January 28, 66)
Billy McClain (January 28, 79)
Sid Field (February 3, 45)
Hank Bell (February 4, 58)
Earle S. Dewey (February 5, 68)
James J. Coyle
Roy Applegate (February 9, 71)
Guy Le Feuvre (February 15, 66)
Thomas G. Lingham (February 19, 75)
Gilbert Clayton
Eldon Gorst (March 2, 27)
Anthony Holles (March 5, 49)
Harry Stubbs (March 9, 75)
Marguerite De La Motte (March 10, 47)
Claude Bailey (March 22, 54)
Frank Buck (March 25, 62)
James Corey (March 26, 61)
Jim Corey (March 26, 61)
Lew Eckles
Dink Trout (March 26, 51)
Léon Blum (March 30, 77)
Joe Yule (March 30, 55)
Frank Benson (April 7, 74)
Walter Huston (April 7, 66)
Jessie Busley
Hobart Cavanaugh (April 27, 63)
Leo Watson (May 2, 52)
Steve Clemente (May 7, 64)
Franklin Dyall (May 8, 80)
Warren Jackson (May 10, 58)
Adolph Milar (May 25, 55)
Douglas Gerrard (June 5, 58)
Alexander Pollard (June 17, 63)
Jack Dean (June 23, 75)
Sam Bernard (July 5, 61)
Zeffie Tilbury (July 24, 86)
Douglas Gilmore (July 26, 47)
Camelia (August 31, 30)
Fritz Kampers (September 1, 59)
Symona Boniface (September 2, 56)
Frank Graham (September 2, 35)
Max Davidson (September 4, 75)
Georgia O'Dell
Joe Bordeaux (September 10, 64)
Eleanor Counts
Sara Allgood (September 13, 70)
Pedro de Cordoba (September 16, 68)
George M. Carleton (September 23, 64)
Lilli Molnar (October 20, 53)
Al Jolson (October 23, 64)
Maurice Costello (October 29, 73)
King Gustaf V (October 29, 92)
Marcelle Monthil (November 8, 58)
Monte Carter (November 14, 66)
Russ Powell (November 28, 75)
Evelyn Selbie (December 7, 79)
Jack Baxley (December 10, 66)
Dewey Robinson (December 11, 52)
Pierre Lestringuez (December 18, 61)