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Aired on Saturday, Aug 3 2019
00208 Minutes IdleOffbeat comedy
0145Weather for the Week AheadDetailed weather forecast
0150Joins BBC NewsBBC One joins the BBC's rolling new
0005Fresh Guide to Florence with Fab 5 FreddyHip hop legend and art lover Fab 5
0105Boeing's Killer Planes - PanoramaReporter Richard Bilton investigate
0135Cut Too Far? Male CircumcisionMale circumcision is becoming controversial
0220This is BBC TwoHighlights of programmes BBC Two
Channel 4
0005ShipmatesAfter a hard night of partying, the
0100Sin City: A Dame to Kill For(2014) Thriller sequel
0240GameFaceMarcella is feeling left behind
0000Mock the WeekDara O Briain and Hugh Dennis take
0040Have I Got a Bit More News for YouJo Brand hosts an extended edition
0140Mock the WeekDara O Briain presides over the wit
0230Mock the WeekSublime satire
0055Big Bang TheoryThe Gyroscopic Collapse
0125Big Bang TheoryThe Long Distance Dissonance
0150Brooklyn Nine-Nine99
0220Brooklyn Nine-NineGame Night
02408 Out of 10 CatsJimmy Carr hosts as Rob Beckett and
0000Family GuyMr Saturday Knight
0030Family GuyFish Out of Water
0100American DaMax Jets - Roger declares that Max
0130American DaNaked To The Limit, One More Time -
0200Family GuyLethal Weapons
0230Family GuyThe Kiss Seen Around the World
0200Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps Speedycruise
0230I'm Alan PartridgeThe Talented Mr Alan
0045Ideal WorldIdeal World with Rug Dr
0200Ideal WorldIdeal World Garden Lighting
0015Family GuyQuagmire's Quagmire
0040American Dad!Bar Mitzvah Shuffle
0110American Dad!Chimdale
0135Two and a Half MenI Changed My Mind About the Milk
0205Two and a Half MenA Big Bag of Dog
0005Carry On BehindBawdy British comedy starring Kenne
0150CillaFirst of a three-part biopic of the
0245Wild at HeartDanny faces a day that will test hi
0000DepartedOscar-winning crime drama starring
0240ITV4 NightscreenText-based information service

Aired on Saturday, Aug 3 2019
0000Live PDLive PD -- 08.02.19
0300Live PD: RewindLive PD: Rewind No. 241
0354Live PD: RewindMini-Pod 8
0400Foreigner, Peter Frampton, Chicago
04305 Makeup Tips 4 You
0530Identity theft: learn about it and how to get LifeLock protection
0700Flipping VegasParty House
0800Flipping VegasHot Tub House
0900Flipping VegasClass Action House
1000Zombie House FlippingTurn Up the Heat
1100Zombie House FlippingMonster Remodel
1200InterventionSamantha C.
1300InterventionZach; Theresa
1400Live PDLive PD -- 08.18.17
1700Live PDLive PD -- 07.26.19
2000Live PD: Roll CallLive PD: Roll Call -- 08.03.19
2006Live PD: RewindLive PD: Rewind No. 242
2100Live PDLive PD -- 08.03.19
0107Inside Edition
0137Can A Free Bottle Krill Omega 50 Plus w CoQ10 Really Change Your Life?
0207Try 3 Week Yoga Retreat Now!
0330Texas Music Scene
0400Real Green
0430Coffee With America
0500Military MakeoverA Middleton Family Makeover
0530Hiring America
0600Can A Free Bottle Krill Omega 50 Plus w CoQ10 Really Change Your Life?
0700Biz Kid$Money Moves
0730Think BigGetting It Right
0800Good Morning America
0900Animal Outtakes
0930Animal Rescue
1000Dog Tales
1030Designing SpacesPeace of Mind for Home & Car
1130Ready, Set, Renovate
1200P. Allen Smith Garden StylePleasing Peonies
1300X GamesMinneapolis
1800ABC World News Tonight With David Muir
1830ABC 27 Saturday News at 630pm
1900Inside Edition Weekend
1930Matter of Fact With Soledad O'Brien
2000Shark Tank
2100Press Your Luck106
2200Card Sharks106
2300ABC 27 Weekend News at 11pm
2330Judge JudyGay Stepfather's Inheritance; Salon Chair Slander!
0140NOS4A2Episodes 9 & 10
0340PreacherThe Coffin
0444PreacherLes Enfants du Sang
0648Three StoogesBack to the Woods
0700RiflemanOld Man Running
0730RiflemanWhich Way Did They Go?
0800Summer Rental
1000National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
1215National Lampoon's Vacation
1415National Lampoon's European Vacation
1615Vegas Vacation
1815National Lampoon's Vacation
2015National Lampoon's European Vacation
2215Vegas Vacation
BBC America
0000Fast Times at Ridgemont High
0800Super 8
1333Transporter 3
1600Planet Earth: AfricaCape
1700Planet Earth: AfricaSahara
1800Planet Earth: AfricaCongo
1900Planet Earth: AfricaKalahari
2000Planet Earth: AfricaSavannah
2100Wild SingaporeUrban Wild
2200Planet Earth: AfricaCape
2300Planet Earth: AfricaSahara
0007MartinThe Life You Save May Make You Rich
0040MartinSnow White
0114MartinCome on Over to My Place
0222MartinWaiting, Debating and Ovulating
0256Fresh Prince of Bel-AirSave the Last Trance for Me
0328Fresh Prince of Bel-AirTo Thine Own Self Be Blue ... And Gold
0400Jamie Foxx ShowI Do, I Didn't
0430Jamie Foxx ShowLittle Red Corvette
0500Jamie Foxx ShowAct Like You Love Me
0530Jamie Foxx ShowWestside
0600BET Rejoices: Showdown of Faith
0700Tyler Perry's House of PaynePayneful Rescue
0731Tyler Perry's House of PayneWhere There's a Will, There's a Way
0803Fresh Prince of Bel-AirCold Feet, Hot Body
0833Fresh Prince of Bel-AirLove in an Elevator
0904Fresh Prince of Bel-AirFor Whom the Wedding Bells Toll
0934Fresh Prince of Bel-AirBurnin' Down the House
1005Fresh Prince of Bel-AirGet a Job
1036Fresh Prince of Bel-AirBourgie Sings the Blues
1107MartinGoin' Overboard
1137MartinGoin' Overboard
1208MartinYou Play Too Much
1239MartinAin't That About a Ditch
1310Get On Up
1700What's Love Got to Do With It
2000John Q
2300Family That Preys
0037Late Late Show With James CordenCharlize Theron; Seth Rogen
0137Andy Griffith ShowBarney Fife, Realtor
0237Never Fear Power Outages
0330Power Smokeless Grill
0400Open House
0500WonderamaWonderama Presents: The Best of Dance
0530Ron Hazelton's HouseCalls
0600Try 3 Week Yoga Retreat Now!
0630Never Fear Power Outages
0700Lucky DogRhea
0730Dr. Chris: Pet VetSticking Your Neck Out
0800Good Morning Show Weekend Edition
0900CBS This Morning: Saturday
1100Tails of ValorBest of Friends
1130InspectorsAnd the Winner Is...
1200Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live: Crushing It!
1230Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live: Crushing It!
1300BIG3 BasketballGhost Ballers vs. Tri-State
1400BIG3 BasketballKiller 3s vs. Bivouac
1500PGA Tour GolfWyndham Championship, Third Round
1800Eyewitness News at 6 Weekend Edition
1830CBS Weekend News
1900Wheel of FortuneAmerica's Game
2000Million Dollar MileI Was Born Ready for This
220048 Hours
2300Eyewitness News at 11
2335NCIS: New OrleansThe Assassination of Dwayne Pride
Comedy Central
0000South ParkGoth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers
0035South ParkHandicar
0110South ParkRed Badge of Gayness
0145Crank Yankers
0215Crank Yankers
0245Crank Yankers
0315South ParkThe City Part of Town
0350South ParkCrack Baby Athletic Association
0425South ParkKenny Dies
0500Sex Toys - 50 Percent OFF!
0600Try Total Gym for $14.95
0630Supermodel Carol Alt and Actress Finola Hughes Share Skincare Secrets!
0700That '70s ShowEric's Buddy
0730That '70s ShowThe Best Christmas Ever
0800Parks and RecreationChristmas Scandal
0835Parks and RecreationThe Set Up
0910Parks and RecreationLeslie's House
0945Parks and RecreationSweetums
1020Parks and RecreationGalentine's Day
1055Parks and RecreationWoman of the Year
1130Parks and RecreationThe Possum
1200Parks and RecreationPark Safety
1230Parks and RecreationSummer Catalog
1300Parks and Recreation94 Meetings
1330Parks and RecreationTelethon
1400Parks and RecreationThe Master Plan
1435Parks and RecreationFreddy Spaghetti
1510Parks and RecreationGo Big or Go Home
154521 Jump Street
210021 Jump Street
0000SeinfeldThe Gymnast
0030Rules of EngagementThe Home Stretch
0100King of QueensCatching Hell
0130Foreigner, Peter Frampton, Chicago
0200Dr. Ho's Total Body Relief
0400Secrets to Indoor Grilling!
0430Cindy Crawford's Skincare Secrets
0500Dr. Ho's Total Body Pain Relief
0600Organic Juice Cleanse
0700Stay Healthy. Sleep Easy. Clean your dirty CPAP easily with SoClean
0730Sonny & Cher
0800Ready, Set, PetBella's New Companion
0830Wildlife DocsLooks Can Be Deceiving
0900This Old House: Trade SchoolOne-Level Living
0930Welcome HomeForever Family of Love
1000Animal TalesReturning the Love
1030Did I Mention Invention?Honey Invention
1100Campmeeting: Inspiration Ministries
1200Made in Hollywood
1230Dr. Ho's Total Body Relief
1300Sheriffs: El Dorado County
1330MyPillow Topper
1400King of QueensWild Cards
1430King of QueensSurprise Artie
1500Saving HopeAll the Pretty Horses
1600ElementaryThe Invisible Hand
1700ElementaryAncient History
1800King of the HillHank's Got the Willies
1830King of the HillWestie Side Story
1900Cleveland ShowBrown Magic
1930Cleveland ShowTil Deaf
2000Family GuyDearly Deported
2030Family GuyA House Full of Peters
2100Bob's BurgersFood Truckin'
2130Bob's BurgersDr. Yap
2200Cleveland ShowDas Shrimp Boot
2230Cleveland ShowThe Men in Me
2300King of the HillHank's Unmentionable Problem
0145JessieCaught Purple Handed
0210JessieUnderstudied and Overdone
0235JessieLizard Scales and Wrestling Tales
0300Good Luck CharlieGo Teddy!
0330Good Luck CharlieRock Enroll
0400Bunk'dFriending With the Enemy
0430Bunk'dWaka, Waka, Waka!
0500Bunk'dBoo Boos and Birthdays
0530Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat NoirStormy Weather
0600Phineas and FerbAttack of the 50 Foot Sister; Backyard Aquarium
0630Phineas and FerbDay of the Living Gelatin!; Elementary, My Dear Stacy
0700DuckTalesThe Outlaw Scrooge McDuck!
0730DuckTalesThe 87 Cent Solution!
0800AmphibiaAnne or Beast?; Best Fronds
0830AmphibiaCane Crazy; Flood, Sweat & Tears
0900Big City GreensSpace Chicken; Steak Night
0930Big City GreensGramma's License; Bear Trapped
1000AmphibiaAnne Theft Auto; Breakout Star
1030Big City GreensBig Deal; Forbidden Feline
1100Descendants 3
1255Sydney to the MaxCan't Dye This
1325Big City GreensCricket's Shoes; Feud Fight
1355Mickey MouseStayin' Cool
1400Raven's HomeThe Falcon and the Raven -- Part One
1430Raven's HomeThe Falcon and the Raven -- Part Two
1500Raven's HomeBecause
1530Sydney to the MaxAs Bad As She Gets
1600Coop & Cami Ask the WorldWould You Wrather Just Dance?
1630Bunk'dYes, Lies and Tower Escape
1700Raven's HomeFriend-Ship
1730Andi MackA Moving Day
1800Sydney to the MaxNightmare on Syd Street
1830Bunk'dAn Udder Disaster
1900Raven's HomeSmoky Flow
1930Raven's HomeTwister, Sister
2000Descendants 3
2155AmphibiaLily Pad Thai; Plantar's Last Stand
2225Big City GreensSkunked; Axin' Saxon
2255Mickey MouseShifting Gears
2300Raven's HomeDress to Express
2330Andi MackA Moving Day
0000Ring of Honor Wrestling
0100Two and a Half MenMy Bodacious Vidalia
0130Funny You Should Ask
0200Chicago P.D.The Docks
0300Two and a Half MenSpringtime on a Stick
0330GameParental Guidance Suggested
0400Comics Unleashed With Byron Allen
0430Funny You Should Ask
0500Outdoorsman With Buck McNeely
05303 Wide Life
0700Xploration DIY Sci
0730Xploration Earth 2050Future of Our Five Senses
0800Xploration Weird but TrueMaster Defenders
0830Xploration Nature Knows BestBio-Hybrid
0900PiYo Workout!
0930Beachbilly Lifestyle
1000Identity theft: learn about it and how to get LifeLock protection
1100Identity theft: learn about it and how to get LifeLock protection
1130How to Tighten Crepey Skin
1200Igby Goes Down
1400German Super Cup Match Day
1430German Super Cup SoccerBorussia Dortmund vs. FC Bayern Munich
1630MLS Pregame
1700MLS SoccerLA Galaxy at Atlanta United FC
1900Big Bang TheoryThe Military Miniaturization
1930Big Bang TheoryThe Dependence Transcendence
2000BoxingPBC: Adam Kownacki vs. Chris Arreola
2200FOX 49 News at Ten
2230In Depth With Graham BensingerJesse Jackson
2300MasterChefJunior Edition: The Semi-Final
0500Keith Sweat, Brian McKnight, Teddy Pendergrass
0530New Bissell(R) CrossWave(R) Pet Pro
0600Try Total Gym for $14.95
0700How I Met Your MotherSandcastles in the Sand
0730How I Met Your MotherThe Goat
0800How I Met Your MotherRebound Bro
0830How I Met Your MotherEverything Must Go
0900How I Met Your MotherMiracles
1400Fast & Furious 6
1700Furious 7
2000Fate of the Furious
0000Golden GirlsDorothy's New Friend
0030Golden GirlsGrab That Dough
0100FrasierThe Gift Horse
0200FrasierThe Kid
0230FrasierThe 1000th Show
0300FrasierVoyage of the Damned
0330FrasierMy Fair Frasier
0400CheersA Kiss Is Still a Kiss
0430CheersMy Fair Clavin
0500Love on a Limb
0700Sun, Sand & Romance
0900Love on the Sidelines
1100Love Under the Rainbow
1300Story of Us
1500Love Unleashed
1700Sailing Into Love
1900Rome in Love
2100Love and Sunshine
2300Love, Once and Always
0030Black Lady Sketch ShowAngela Bassett Is the Baddest B...
0100EuphoriaThe Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Pee While Depressed
020015:17 to Paris
0335Making Of: Mortal Engines
0348In Her Shoes
0558Fly Me to the Moon
0900Sesame StreetElmo's Happy Little Train
0930Sesame StreetRudy Rides the Bus
0957Beverly Hills Chihuahua
112915: A QuinceaƱera Story: Ashley
1200REAL Sports With Bryant Gumbel
1300First Man
1530Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw: HBO First Look
1740Bohemian Rhapsody
2200Black Lady Sketch ShowAngela Bassett Is the Baddest B...
2230Crazy Rich Asians
0001Walk to Remember
0204Fun With Dick and Jane
0402Cindy Crawford and Ellen Pompeo share secrets
0432Stay Healthy. Sleep Easy. Clean your dirty CPAP easily with SoClean
05025 Makeup Tips 4 You
0532Visibly Reduce Crow's Feet, Wrinkles, and Under-Eye Bags in Minutes!
0600Skincare that lets you BE U!
0730Dancer's Body Secret
0800How soon do you want to be debt free? National Debt Relief can help.
0900Balding Solutions
09305 Makeup Tips 4 You
1000Identity theft: learn about it and how to get LifeLock protection
1030All NEW for 2019 Crepe Erase Advanced formula!
1100Marrying MillionsRoyal Pains
1200In Bed With a Killer
1400Killer Night Shift
1600Killer Next Door
1800V.C. Andrews' Heaven: Special Edition
2000V.C. Andrews' Dark Angel
2203My Husband's Double Life
0017RidiculousnessChanel and Sterling LXXXI
0050RidiculousnessShanina Shaik
0155RidiculousnessGene Dyrdek
0227RidiculousnessChanel and Sterling CXIII
0330RidiculousnessEddie Huang
0400RidiculousnessRyan Villopoto
0430RidiculousnessLeSean McCoy
0500RidiculousnessTeyana Taylor
0530RidiculousnessProm Edition
0600RidiculousnessThe Super Party
0630RidiculousnessTyler Farr
0700RidiculousnessChanel and Sterling XXII
0730RidiculousnessLil Duval
0800RidiculousnessChanel and Sterling XXX
0830RidiculousnessZara Larsson
0900RidiculousnessChanel and Sterling XVII
0930RidiculousnessDavid Arquette
1000TRL Top Ten8/3/19
1100RidiculousnessMark Cuban
1130RidiculousnessChanel & Sterling LXX
1200RidiculousnessVictor Cruz
1230RidiculousnessRobbie Maddison
1300RidiculousnessChanel and Sterling LIX
1330RidiculousnessThe Sports Spectacular
1400RidiculousnessMatt Shively
1500RidiculousnessAxell Hodges
1530RidiculousnessO.T. Genasis
1600RidiculousnessChanel and Sterling CIX
1630RidiculousnessFlorida Georgia Line
1700RidiculousnessClinton Sparks
1800RidiculousnessJermaine Dupri
1830RidiculousnessChanel and Sterling LXXII
1900RidiculousnessAustin Mahone
1930RidiculousnessLil Skies
2000RidiculousnessChanel and Sterling CXIX
2031RidiculousnessMargie Plus
2101RidiculousnessBecky Lynch
2131RidiculousnessLaurie Hernandez
2201RidiculousnessChanel and Sterling LXIV
2231RidiculousnessChanel and Sterling CVI
2300RidiculousnessKobe Bryant
0037Late Night With Seth MeyersJohn Leguizamo; Hakeem Jeffries; Jonas Brothers; Raghav Mehrotra
0138Last Call With Carson DalyPablo Schreiber; Robert DeLong; Madeline Brewer
0207Access Live
0307SteveFather's Day Show; Hey Steve!; Hall of Fame Dad Contest; Harvey's Hundreds; Masterbuilt; Father's Day Gift Guide With Joel Steingold
04001st LookBattle Royale
0500Raw TravelFoodtastic Korea
0530Our Issues Tallahassee
0630Try 3 Week Yoga Retreat Now!
0800Consumer 101
0830Naturally, Danny Seo
0900Vets Saving PetsThe Investigator
0930Champion WithinBack on Track
1000Voyager With Josh GarciaFun Firsts in Barbados
1030Earth Odyssey With Dylan DreyerJapan
11002019 AIG Women's British OpenThird Round
1400SwimmingPhillips 66 U.S. Nationals
1500NASCAR Xfinity Series Countdown to Green
1530NASCAR Xfinity Racing SeriesZippo 200 at The Glen
1800Family Feud
1830NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt
1900Entertainment Tonight
2000Bring the FunnyThe Open Mic 4
2100Dateline NBC
2300Impractical JokersSorry for Your Loss
2329Saturday Night LiveIdris Elba; Khalid
0010FriendsThe One With the Cop
0045FriendsThe One With Rachel's Inadvertent Kiss
0120FriendsThe One Where Ross Can't Flirt
0155MomPoodle Fuzz and a Twinge of Jealousy
0230MomSmooth Jazz and a Weird Floaty Eye
0305MomBert and Ernie and a Blessing of the People
0339MomPush-Down Coffee and a Working Turn Signal
0415King of QueensPregnant Pause
0451King of QueensPregnant Pause
0524Full HouseThe Long Goodbye
0600SpongeBob SquarePantsWormy; Patty Hype
0630SpongeBob SquarePantsYour Shoe's Untied; Squid's Day Off
0700SpongeBob SquarePantsFree Samples; Home Sweet Rubble
0730SpongeBob SquarePantsFood Con Castaways; Snail Mail
080044 CatsAmbrogio, the Stylist Cat; A New Friend for Pilou
0830SpongeBob SquarePantsPlankton Paranoia; Library Cards
0900SpongeBob SquarePantsExtreme Spots; Squirrel Record
0930SpongeBob SquarePantsThe Nasty Patty; The Idiot Box
1000SpongeBob SquarePantsThe Grill Is Gone; The Night Patty
1030SpongeBob SquarePantsSpongeBob's Big Birthday Blowout
1130SpongeBob SquarePantsThe Nitwitting; The Ballad of Filthy Muck
1202Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked
1406SpongeBob SquarePantsSquidville
1427SpongeBob SquarePantsDrive Thru; The Hot Shot
1458SpongeBob SquarePantsSpongeBob's Big Birthday Blowout
1601Loud HouseRead Aloud
1622Loud HouseJeers for Fears; Tea Tale Heart
1653Loud HouseRoadie to Nowhere; A Fridge Too Far
1724Loud HouseGown and Out; Breaking Dad
1755Loud HouseFace the Music With the Casagrandes; Pranks for the Memories With the Casagrandes
1826Loud HouseCooked!
1857Loud HouseTripped!
1929Loud HouseStore Wars With the Casagrandes; Lucha Fever With the Casagrandes
2000Henry DangerHenry Danger: The Musical Sing-A-Long
2100All That
2130All That
2200FriendsThe One With the Ride Along
2230FriendsThe One With the Ball
2300FriendsThe One With Joey's Big Break
2335FriendsThe One in Vegas
0000PBS NewsHour
0100American MastersWorlds of Ursula K. Le Guin
0300POVInventing Tomorrow
0430Emery Blagdon and His Healing Machine
0500This Old House HourRamp Up the R Value; Crown Molding
0600Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
0630Splash and BubblesThe Greatest Treasure of All; Crabulous
0700Sesame StreetMartian Mission
0730Daniel Tiger's NeighborhoodDaniel Can't Ride Trolley; Daniel Can't Get What He Wants
0800Pinkalicious & PeterrificSlumber Party; Puptastic
0830Fons & Porter's Love of QuiltingSharing Traditions
0900Best of Sewing With NancyStress-Free Quilting With Machine Embroidery, Part 2
0930It's Sew EasyThe Eyes Have It!
1000Painting and Travel With Roger & Sarah BansemerBalloon Festival
1030Kevin Belton's New Orleans KitchenLatin America Meets NOLA
1100Christopher Kimball's Milk Street TelevisionTaipei Cooking Lesson
1130Martha BakesAlmonds
1200Lidia's KitchenThe Best Bar Food
1230Cook's CountryReimagining Italian-American Classics
1300America's Test Kitchen From Cook's IllustratedPork Two Ways
1330Mexico: One Plate at a Time With Rick BaylessAlways Time for Tacos
1400This Old HouseJamestown: Ramp Up the R Value
1430Ask This Old HouseCrown Molding; Strip Wallpaper
1530Craftsman's LegacyThe Metal Engraver
1600NOVAThe Planets: Jupiter
1700Antiques RoadshowVintage Providence 2019
1800Lawrence Welk ShowSmall Town, U.S.A.
1900Father BrownThe Kembleford Dragon
2000Miss Fisher's Murder MysteriesRaisins and Almonds
2100Grantchester on Masterpiece
2300Austin City LimitsThe Head and the Heart; Benjamin Booker
0105SweetbitterSec or Demi-Sec
0136RookChapter 5
0729Hotel for Dogs
1054Green Hornet
1357Domestic Disturbance
1529Holmes & Watson
1703RookChapter 5
1759SweetbitterSec or Demi-Sec
1830View From the Top
2000Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde
2137SweetbitterSec or Demi-Sec
2208RookChapter 5
2303Jumping the Broom
0002FuturamaZapp Dingbat
0032FuturamaThe Butterjunk Effect
0102FuturamaThe Six Million Dollar Mon
0132FuturamaFun on a Bun
0201Girl With All the Gifts
0431Twilight ZoneA Kind of Stopwatch
0501Twilight ZoneThe Thirty-Fathom Grave
0600Airbrush Makeup the Art of Beauty
0630Identity theft: learn about it and how to get LifeLock protection
0700Inogen Portable Oxygen - No More Tanks
0730Identity theft: learn about it and how to get LifeLock protection
0800Twilight ZoneMute
0900Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior
1104Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
133047 Ronin
1600Blade: Trinity
1830Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters
2030Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
2255FuturamaFree Will Hunting
2325FuturamaNear-Death Wish
2355FuturamaViva Mars Vegas
0000Sherlock Holmes
0230Jack Reacher: Never Go Back
0500Everybody Loves RaymondMoving Out
0530Everybody Loves RaymondThe Article
0600Everybody Loves RaymondThe Lone Barone
0630Everybody Loves RaymondNo Fat
0700Everybody Loves RaymondThe Apartment
0730King of QueensAmerican Idle
0800King of QueensSanta Claustrophobia
0830King of QueensThanks, Man
0900Wrath of the Titans
1115Edge of Tomorrow
1345Sherlock Holmes
1630Jack Reacher: Never Go Back
1900Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
2200Big Bang TheoryThe Fish Guts Displacement
2230Big Bang TheoryThe Santa Simulation
2300Full Frontal With Samantha BeeJuly 31, 2019
2330DetourThe Entertainer
0000Our Wife
0200Married Bachelor
0500Free and Easy
0600Julius Caesar
0800Reflections in a Golden Eye
1000Fugitive Kind
1430Mutiny on the Bounty
1745Streetcar Named Desire
2000On the Waterfront
2200Wild One
2330Guys and Dolls
0140Jersey Girl
0500La Bamba
07007 Days in Entebbe
0900What Lies Beneath
1115Cadillac Man
1500Devil's Own
17007 Days in Entebbe
2245Nazi Undead
0100ArrowHeir to the Demon
0200ArrowTime of Death
0300NCIS: New OrleansFather's Day
0400NCIS: New OrleansNo Man's Land
0500NCIS: New OrleansSecond Chances
0600NCIS: New OrleansRadio Silence
0700NCIS: New OrleansIf It Bleeds, It Leads
0800NCIS: New OrleansMeans to an End
0900NCIS: New OrleansSecond Line
1000Point Break
1215Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
1500Sherlock Holmes
1730Snow White & the Huntsman
2000Huntsman: Winter's War
2230Snow White & the Huntsman
0000King of QueensBrace Yourself
0030King of QueensHome Cheapo
0100Two and a Half MenCamel Filters and Pheremones
0130Two and a Half MenSarah Like Puny Alan
0200GoldbergsLivin' on a Prayer
0235GoldbergsLove Is a Mix Tape
0310RoseanneGirl Talk
0415RoseanneSkeleton in the Closet
0450RoseanneFollow the Son
0525RoseannePunch and Jimmy
0600RoseanneWhite Men Can't Kiss
0635RoseanneThanksgiving 1994
0710RoseanneMaybe Baby
0745RoseanneRear Window
0820RoseanneMy Name Is Bev
0855RoseanneBed and Bored
1005RoseanneLost Youth
1040RoseanneSingle Married Female
1115RoseanneAll About Rosey
1150RoseanneAll About Rosey
1225RoseanneHusbands and Wives
1300RoseanneHappy Trailers
1330RoseanneThe Blaming of the Shrew
1400RoseanneThe Birds and the Frozen Bees
1430RoseanneCouch Potatoes
1500Two and a Half MenI Can't Afford Hyenas
1530Two and a Half MenRound One to the Hot Crazy Chick
1600Two and a Half MenThat Was Saliva, Alan
1630Two and a Half MenAte the Hamburgers, Wearing the Hats
1700Two and a Half MenAn Old Flame With a New Wick
1730Two and a Half MenI Remember the Coatroom, I Just Don't Remember You
1800Two and a Half MenHey, I Can Pee Outside in the Dark
1830Two and a Half MenNo Sniffing, No Wowing
1900Two and a Half MenMy Doctor Has a Cow Puppet
1930Two and a Half MenJust Like Buffalo
2000Two and a Half MenCan You Feel My Finger?
2030Two and a Half MenBack Off Mary Poppins
2100Two and a Half MenEnjoy Those Garlic Balls
2130Two and a Half MenA Bag Full of Jawea
2200Two and a Half MenGo Get Mommy's Bra
2230Two and a Half MenBad News From the Clinic
2300Two and a Half MenThe Price of Healthy Gums Is Eternal Vigilance
2330Two and a Half MenA Kosher Slaughterhouse Out in Fontana
0026Modern FamilySuddenly, Last Summer
0158Law & Order: Special Victims UnitGuilt
0259DatelineThe Women & Dirty John
0400DatelineSecrets of the Emerald Coast
0500DatelineTwisted in Texas
0700NuWave Bravo XL Smart Countertop Air Fryer Convection Oven
0730New Bissell(R) CrossWave(R) Pet Pro
0830All NEW for 2019 Crepe Erase Advanced formula!
0900NCISYankee White
1000NCISHung Out to Dry
1200NCISThe Immortals
1300NCISThe Curse
1400Fast and the Furious
16252 Fast 2 Furious
1840Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
2100Fast & Furious
23152 Fast 2 Furious
0130Old School
0330Tommy Boy
0600CheatersBrian Noble
0630CheatersSebastian Asner
0700CheatersHarmoniee Vance
0730CheatersAmanda Ali
0800CheatersVanessa Upton
0830CheatersJessica Sanders
0900CheatersAndrew Giordano
0930CheatersCorinne Johnson
1000CheatersKelly Ellerbe
1100CheatersAlicia Shelton
1130CheatersAriel Garrison
1205CheatersTuneshia Vey
1235New Jack City
1755All About the Benjamins
2000All Eyez on Me
2330Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'n OutSo So Def Anniversary Special
0000Married ... With ChildrenLife's a Beach
0030Married ... With ChildrenHere's Lookin' at You, Kid
0100DisappearanceTreasure Hunt
0200How I Met Your MotherEverything Must Go
0230How I Met Your MotherMiracles
0300ElementaryThe Invisible Hand
0400Camp Meeting
0500Beyond Today
0600Never Fear Power Outages
0630Cooking with Emeril!
0700Wingshooting USA
0730Dr Axe & Jordan Rubin Discuss Multi Collagen Benefits for your health
0830American Medicine Today
0900M*A*S*HOfficer of the Day
0930M*A*S*HIron Guts Kelly
1130M*A*S*HLife With Father
1200M*A*S*HAlcoholics Unanimous
1230M*A*S*HThere Is Nothing Like a Nurse
1300M*A*S*HA Full Rich Day
1330M*A*S*HMad Dogs and Servicemen
1400M*A*S*HPrivate Charles Lamb
1500M*A*S*HBulletin Board
1530M*A*S*HThe Consultant
1600M*A*S*HHouse Arrest
1630M*A*S*HLove and Marriage
1730M*A*S*HWhite Gold
1800M*A*S*HWelcome to Korea
1830M*A*S*HWelcome to Korea
1900M*A*S*HChange of Command
1930M*A*S*HIt Happened One Night
2000Mrs. Doubtfire
2300Married ... With ChildrenMr. Empty Pants
2330Married ... With ChildrenYou Can't Miss