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Released on Tuesday, Aug 20 2019
The Horror of Frankenstein (1970)BDUSA

Aired on Tuesday, Aug 20 2019
0035Weather for the Week AheadDetailed weather forecast
0040Joins BBC NewsBBC One joins the BBC's rolling new
0200CountryfileCountryfile visits Perthshire, wher
Channel 4
0030Secret TeacherMillionaire Kate Stewart becomes a
0125Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USAThe second half of a two-part special
0215Come Dine with MeIn Northampton, Russell serves came
0000TaskmasterThe Mean Bean
0100Mock the WeekKanye's Glasto set is pilloried by
0140QI XLThe Occult
0240TaskmasterLittle Denim Shorts
0010Brooklyn Nine-NineThe Golden Child
0035Brooklyn Nine-NineGintars
0110Celebs Go DatingBrand new series
0210First Dates HotelAre Spurs fan Ryland and West Ham-s
0000Family GuyPatriot Games - Peter joins the New
0030Family GuyI Take Thee, Quagmire - When Peter
0100American DaBazooka Steve
0130American Da Camp Campawanda
0200Family GuyThe Father, the Son and the Holy Fo
0230Family GuyBrian Sings and Swings - After a ne
0020Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps New
0055Knowing Me, Knowing You with Alan PartridgeAlan Partridge presents a French e
0130Inside No 9Nana's Party
0205Inside No 9Seance Time
0235Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps When Jonny Met Sharky
0035Ideal World With SteepletoneJoin Ideal World on ITV for some of
0200Ideal World with Comfort And DreamsJoin Ideal World on ITV for some o
0025PlebsThe Marathon
0055Two and a Half MenI Think I Banged Lucille Ball
0125Two and a Half MenThis Unblessed Biscuit
0150SuperstoreToxic Work Environment
0005Touch of FrostFun Times for Swingers
0200ITV3 NightscreenText-based information service
0010Car Crash Global: Caught on CameraSeries featuring dashcam footage in
0110MinderBack in Good Old England
0210Motorsport UKRichard John Neil presents MSUK fro
0010OutpostBecause She's Worth It
0110Star Trek: The Next GenerationThe High Ground
0200Star Trek: The Next GenerationDeja Q

Aired on Tuesday, Aug 20 2019
0000Live PD: Police PatrolLive PD: Police Patrol No. 217
0030Live PD: Police PatrolLive PD: Police Patrol No. 221
0100Live RescueLive Rescue -- 08.19.19
0300Live PD: Police PatrolLive PD: Police Patrol No. 210
0330Live PD: Police PatrolLive PD: Police Patrol No. 206
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0530How soon do you want to be debt free? National Debt Relief can help.
0700Psychic Kids: Children of the ParanormalBloody Maryland
0800Psychic Kids: Children of the ParanormalPsychic Kids Investigates: The Disappearance
0900Psychic Kids: Children of the ParanormalThe Ghost of Freddie
1000Psychic Kids: Children of the ParanormalThe House of Spirits
1100Ghost Hunters
1200Ghost HuntersFortuna and Topton
1300Ghost HuntersIrish Ruins
1400Ghost HuntersGhostly Conversation
1500Ghost HuntersGhosts in the Attic
1600First 48Bail Out; Seeing Red
1700First 48Million Dollar Question
1800First 48Rise Up; Somebody's Friend
1900First 48Flashing Colors
2000First 48: Drugs KillIn Her Arms; Score to Settle
2100InterventionThe Heroin Hub: Chapter 3
220160 Days In: NarcolandThe Raid
2304First 48Deadly Rap
0107Inside Edition
0137Relieve Your Foot Pain with WalkFit!
0207Advanced D
0237ABC World News Now
0430America This Morning
0500ABC 27 News at 5am
0530ABC 27 News at Sunrise 5:30am
0600ABC 27 News at Sunrise 6am
0630ABC 27 News at Sunrise 6:30am
0700Good Morning America
0900Live with Kelly and Ryan
1000Who Wants to Be a Millionaire
1200ABC 27 News 12p
1230Me Time With FrangelaDream On!
1300Strahan & Sara
1400General Hospital
1530Hot BenchTerrified Teen Exits the Courtroom!
1600Hot BenchHard Luck Wish for $10K? Granted!; Clean and Sober Court Walkout!
1630Judge JudyThe Terror Continues!; DUI and Domestic Abuse?!
1700ABC 27 News at 5pm
1730ABC 27 News at 5:30pm
1800ABC 27 News at 6pm
1830ABC World News Tonight With David Muir
1900Inside Edition
1930Judge JudyChild Support From Hell!
2000Bachelor in Paradise603B
2200Bless This MessThe Return of Short Shorts
2230black-ishPurple Rain
2300ABC 27 News at 11pm
2335Jimmy Kimmel Live
0009Lodge 49The Slide
0116FilmBronx Tale
0346TerrorInfamy: All the Demons Are Still in Hell
0447Lodge 49The Slide
0554Three StoogesThree Little Beers
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0630Identity theft: learn about it and how to get LifeLock protection
0730Dr Axe & Jordan Rubin Discuss Multi Collagen Benefits for your health
0900FilmSaving Private Ryan
1300FilmAmerican Sniper
1600FilmFirst Blood
1800Two and a Half MenNo Sniffing, No Wowing
1830Two and a Half MenMy Doctor Has a Cow Puppet
1900Two and a Half MenJust Like Buffalo
1930Two and a Half MenCan You Feel My Finger?
2000Two and a Half MenBack Off Mary Poppins
2030Two and a Half MenEnjoy Those Garlic Balls
2100Two and a Half MenA Bag Full of Jawea
2130Two and a Half MenGo Get Mommy's Bra
2200Two and a Half MenBad News From the Clinic
2230Two and a Half MenThe Price of Healthy Gums Is Eternal Vigilance
2300FilmLethal Weapon 3
BBC America
0300FilmUniversal Soldier
0530Hidden HabitatsOkavango
0600Star TrekWolf in the Fold
0715Star TrekThe Trouble With Tribbles
0830Star TrekThe Gamesters of Triskelion
0945Star TrekA Piece of the Action
1100FilmPlanet of the Apes
1330FilmBeneath the Planet of the Apes
1530FilmEscape From the Planet of the Apes
1800FilmConquest of the Planet of the Apes
2000FilmRise of the Planet of the Apes
2230FilmPlanet of the Apes
0035MartinHeadin' for Trouble
0110MartinSwing Thing
0146MartinThe Bodyguard
0221MartinGreen Card
0257Fresh Prince of Bel-AirStriptease for Two
0328Fresh Prince of Bel-AirHow I Spent My Summer Vacation
0400Jamie Foxx ShowGet Up, Stand Up
0430Jamie Foxx ShowSuper Ego
0500Jamie Foxx ShowPartners fo' Life
0530Jamie Foxx ShowHot Cocoa on a Cold Evening
0600BET Rejoices: Showdown of Faith
0700Fresh Prince of Bel-AirWill Gets Committed
0736Fresh Prince of Bel-AirThat's No Lady ... That's My Cousin
0813Fresh Prince of Bel-AirHilary Gets a Job
0850Like Mike
1125Coach Carter
1455FilmAlex Cross
1727FilmAmerican Gangster
2100TalesI Gave You Power
2200Next Big ThingOwning Your Truth
2300TalesI Gave You Power
0037Late Late Show With James CordenMichelle Obama; Tom Hanks; Gillian Anderson; David Blaine
0137Andy Griffith ShowAunt Bee's Invisible Beau
0237CBS Overnight News
0430CBS Morning News
0600Good Morning Show
0700CBS This Morning
0900Pickler & BenJillian Michaels
1000Let's Make a Deal
1100Price Is Right
1200Eyewitness News at Noon
1230Young and the Restless
1330Bold and the Beautiful
1500Dr. Oz ShowOz Exclusive: The Truth About Aaron: Aaron Hernandez's Brother Speaks Out
1600Eyewitness News at 4:00
1700Eyewitness News at 5:00
1730Eyewitness News at 5:30
1800Eyewitness News at 6:00
1830CBS Evening News With Norah O'Donnell
1900Wheel of FortuneRail Tour
1930Jeopardy!Teachers Tournament Week 2
2200NCIS: New OrleansLegacy
2300Eyewitness News at 11
2335Late Show With Stephen ColbertJeff Goldblum; Aisha Tyler
Comedy Central
0005South ParkRed Hot Catholic Love
0036South ParkSons a Witches
0108South ParkGoth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers
0140Daily Show With Trevor NoahDonsplaining
0215South ParkGrounded Vindaloop
0245South ParkPee
0320South ParkFollow That Egg!
0355South ParkMy Future Self 'n' Me
0430ScrubsMy Inconvenient Truth
0530PiYo Workout!
0600Relieve Your Foot Pain with WalkFit!
0630Identity theft: learn about it and how to get LifeLock protection
0700King of the HillAisle 8A
0730King of the HillA Beer Can Named Desire
0800King of the HillHappy Hank's Giving
0830King of the HillNot in My Back Hoe
0900FuturamaBend Her
0930FuturamaObsoletely Fabulous
1005FuturamaBender Should Not Be Allowed on Television
1040FuturamaThe Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings
1220Cleveland ShowMarch Dadness
1255Cleveland ShowThe Men in Me
1330Cleveland ShowFrapp Attack
1400Cleveland ShowAmerican Prankster
1430Cleveland ShowB.M.O.C.
1500Cleveland ShowJesus Walks
1530Cleveland ShowFlush of Genius
1600Cleveland ShowMama Drama
1635Cleveland ShowAll You Can Eat
1710OfficeThe Search
1815OfficeThreat Level Midnight
1850OfficeTodd Packer
1925OfficeGarage Sale
2000OfficeTraining Day
2030OfficeMichael's Last Dundies
2100OfficeGoodbye Michael, Part 1
2130OfficeGoodbye Michael, Part 2
2200OfficeInner Circle
2230Alternatino With Arturo CastroThe Dreamer
2300Daily Show With Trevor NoahLeading Ladies
2335Lights Out With David SpadeIsla Fisher, Bobby Lee
0000SeinfeldThe Doodle
0030Rules of EngagementCheating
0100King of QueensAffidavit Justice
0130Smoother Skin in a FLASH!
0200Stay Healthy. Sleep Easy. Clean your dirty CPAP easily with SoClean
0300Dr. Ho's Total Body Pain Relief
0400Dr. Ho's Total Body Relief
0430Try 3 Week Yoga Retreat Now!
0530Maintain Your Health
0600True Crime FilesNightmare Next Door: Episode 32
0730CheatersDevon Jessop
0800Steve Wilkos ShowHe Failed One Test: Will He Fail Steve's?
0900Steve Wilkos ShowDNA: I Need to Tell Her I'm Gay
1000MauryAre You Cheating While Our Baby Is in the Hospital?
1100MauryMy Sister Is a Liar and a Cheater ... That's Not Your Baby!
1200Relieve Your Foot Pain with WalkFit!
1300H2O Steam Fx Pro
1330Larry King Special Report
1400King of QueensBetter Camera
1430Rules of EngagementPoaching Timmy
1500Jerry SpringerMaybe We Should Try a Threesome
1600Jerry SpringerWrecked Weddings
1700black-ishThe Dozens
1730black-ishDaddy's Day
1800American DadWidow's Pique
1830American DadJack's Back
1900Family GuyThe Simpsons Guy
1930Family GuyMeg Stinks!
2000PandoraWhat Was It You Wanted
2100Mysteries DecodedMothman
2200Page Six TV
2230GoldbergsCrazy Calls
2300GoldbergsCowboy Country
2330SeinfeldThe Wait Out
0000Bunk'dIt's a Blast!
0030Bunk'dUp, Up and Away
0100JessieCaught Purple Handed
0130JessieUnderstudied and Overdone
0200JessieLizard Scales and Wrestling Tales
0230JessieThe Blind Date, the Cheapskate and the Primate
0300Good Luck CharlieWelcome Home
0330Good Luck CharlieBaby's First Vacation
0400Good Luck CharlieWentz's Weather Girls
0430Bunk'dBy All Memes
0500Bunk'dA Whole Lotta Lobsta
0530Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat NoirSimon Says
0600Puppy Dog PalsNo Bones About It; Bob's Sock Debacle
0630Puppy Dog PalsCaptain Rolly; The Coolest Dogs in Town
0655Sunny Bunnies
0700T.O.T.S.Nursery Schooling; Bunny Bunanza
0725Disney Junior Music LullabiesMickey and the Roadster Racers Theme
0730Muppet BabiesThe Great Gonzo's Desert Grand Prix; Animal Kong
0800Mickey Mouse ClubhouseThe Friendship Team
0830Mickey Mouse ClubhousePete's Beach Blanket Luau
0900T.O.T.S.Lost Lovey; Diggity Dog
0930T.O.T.S.The Purrfect Little Helper; The Colorful Chameleon
0955Vampirina Ghoul Girls Rock!Inner Ghoul
1000Puppy Dog PalsA Seat at the Theatre; Bye Bye Butterfly
1025Playtime With Puppy Dog PalsStomp, Thump and Pup!
1030Puppy Dog PalsLeave it to Beavers; Counting Sheep
1100Muppet BabiesThe Froginizer; My Fair Animal
1125PJ Masks ShortsWolfy Garden
1130Puppy Dog PalsCousin Cody; Hissy's Lost Toy
1155Mickey MouseCanned
1200JessieFour Broke Kids
1230JessieDance, Dance Resolution
1300Bunk'dTreehouse of Terror
1330Bunk'dMother May I?
1400Big City GreensHiya Henry; People Watching
1430Big City GreensValentine's Dance; Green Streets
1500AmphibiaCursed!; Fiddle Me This
1530Big City GreensTrailer Trouble; Mansion Madness
1600Big City GreensHurty Tooth; Sleepover Sisters
1630Bunk'dHot Spring Friend Machine
1700Bunk'dWater Under the Dock
1730Just Roll With ItThe Elevator
1800Coop & Cami Ask the WorldWould You Wrather Lose a Luau?
1830Coop & Cami Ask the WorldWould You Wrather Have a Beard?
1900Sydney to the MaxDude, Where's My Car Wash Money?
1930Sydney to the MaxAs Bad As She Gets
2000Bunk'dWho da Boss? Lou da Boss!
2030Bunk'dKikiwaka's Got Talent
2100Raven's HomeFriend-Ship
2130Raven's HomeLost at Chel-Sea
2200Coop & Cami Ask the WorldWould You Wrather Just Dance?
2230Coop & Cami Ask the WorldWould You Wrather Help a Wrather?
2300Raven's HomeJust Call Me Vic
2330Andi MackCookie Monster
0030Two and a Half MenPhase One, Complete
0100Two and a Half MenAlan Harper, Frontier Chiropractor
0130Funny You Should Ask
0200Chicago P.D.Shouldn't Have Been Alone
0300Couples Court With the CutlersFeatherston vs. Johnson
0330GameMommy Dearest
0400Comics Unleashed With Byron Allen
0430Funny You Should Ask
0500DoctorsEmotional Support Alligator? Teen Blood Transfused Into Older People's Veins? Are You Sleeping With a Killer? Pre-Sneezed Tissues?
0700FOX49 Morning News
0800Divorce CourtBarge vs. Tate
0830Divorce CourtArmstrong vs. Banks
0900People's Court
1000Caught in Providence
1030Couples Court With the CutlersStilner vs. Yates
1130Never Fear Power Outages
1200Lauren Lake's Paternity CourtHannon vs. Dorsey
1230Lauren Lake's Paternity CourtMoore vs. Scott
1300Face the TruthIs Addict Cheating on Deadbeat Husband?
1330Face the TruthDaughter in Deep Debt! Should She Salvage Her Social Media Brand or Get a Real Job?
1400Wendy Williams ShowMoby!
1500DoctorsAirplane Toilets With Butt Spray? Mom Infects Baby With Herpes? Heroic Teen Saves Friend! Are You Too Fat for the Flu Shot?
1600Family Feud
1630Family Feud
18002 Broke GirlsAnd the Two Openings: Part Two
18302 Broke GirlsAnd the Reality Problem
1900Big Bang TheoryThe Hot Troll Deviation
1930Big Bang TheoryThe Opening Night Excitation
2000ResidentEmergency Contact
2100First Responders LiveEpisode 110
2200FOX 49 News at Ten
2230Modern FamilyPrincess Party
2300Modern FamilyRegrets Only
0100FilmMike and Dave Need Wedding Dates
03005 Makeup Tips 4 You
0330Smartech Power Kit
0400Identity theft: learn about it and how to get LifeLock protection
0430Airfryer Oven
0530Inogen Portable Oxygen - No More Tanks
0600Identity theft: learn about it and how to get LifeLock protection
0700FilmSecret Life of Walter Mitty
0930FilmFault in Our Stars
1230How I Met Your MotherBaby Talk
1300How I Met Your MotherCanning Randy
1330Mike & MollyMike the Tease
1400Mike & MollyMolly's New Shoes
1430FilmMike and Dave Need Wedding Dates
1630FilmPitch Perfect 2
1900FilmSpider-Man: Homecoming
2200PoseIn My Heels
2330PoseIn My Heels
0000Golden GirlsWhat a Difference a Date Makes
0030Golden GirlsLove for Sale
0100Golden GirlsNever Yell Fire in a Crowded Retirement Home
0130Golden GirlsNever Yell Fire in a Crowded Retirement Home
0200FrasierHungry Heart
0230FrasierHooping Cranes
0330FrasierIt Takes Two to Tangle
0400FrasierForgotten but Not Gone
0430FrasierDaphne Returns
0500CheersAdventures in Housesitting
0530CheersPlease Mr. Postman
0600MiddleMother's Day II
0630MiddleThe Prom
0700MiddleThe Bridge
0730MiddleBack to Summer
0800Golden GirlsHenny Penny -- Straight, No Chaser
0830Golden GirlsHey, Look Me Over
0900Golden GirlsThe Case of the Libertine Belle
0930Golden GirlsBeauty and the Beast
1000Golden GirlsThat's for Me to Know
1030Golden GirlsWhere's Charlie?
1100My Boyfriend's Back: Wedding March 5
1300Ms. Matched
1500Perfect Bride
1700Last Bridesmaid
1900Valentine in the Vineyard
2100Love Unleashed
2300Golden GirlsHenny Penny -- Straight, No Chaser
2330Golden GirlsHey, Look Me Over
0145FilmCalendar Girls
0340FilmJonah Hex
0505Just Like Heaven
0640FilmIn Her Shoes
0850Making Of: The Favourite
0905FilmLife as We Know It
1540Alternate Endings: Six New Ways to Die in America
1650FilmMean Girls
1830Real Time With Bill Maher
1930VICE News Tonight
2200Hard Knocks: Training Camp With the Oakland Raiders
2300REAL Sports With Bryant Gumbel
0402Dr. Ho's Total Body Relief
0432Identity theft: learn about it and how to get LifeLock protection
0502Identity theft: learn about it and how to get LifeLock protection
05325 Makeup Tips 4 You
0630Life Today With James Robison
0700Joyce Meyer Enjoying Everyday Life
0730Balancing ActHealth & Wellness Tips
0800CloserLA Woman
0900CloserFatal Retraction
1000CloserStandards & Practices
1100CloserBlue Blood
1200Wife SwapPatrick/Leierwood
1300Wife SwapAllison/Hagerty
1400Wife SwapCollins/Matlock
1500Wife SwapJohnson/Blackburn
1600Wife SwapLawrence/Caddel
1700Wife SwapBrowne/Robinson
1800Wife SwapHaller-Wren/Spencer
1900Dance MomsHannah Unmasked
2000Dance MomsGirl Talk: 2 Jackets, 4 Dancers
2050Dance MomsDance Party: First Impressions
2100Dance MomsAbby's Audition
2203Dance MomsThe Return of Studio 19
2303Dance MomsGirl Talk: Abby's Audition
0003Teen Mom OGThe Weight of the World
0103Catfish: The TV ShowCherie & Avion
0203Catfish: The TV ShowBrendan & McKenna
0300Catfish: The TV ShowNick & Melissa
0400Catfish: The TV ShowCandic & Titus
0500Catfish: The TV ShowKim & Matt
0600Catfish: The TV ShowJaylin & Ja'la
0700Catfish: The TV ShowChitara & Priscilla
0800Catfish: The TV ShowNick & Jasmine
0900Catfish: The TV ShowDylan & Ally
1000Catfish: The TV ShowMike & Joey
1100Catfish: The TV ShowAngel & Jordan
1210Catfish: The TV ShowNique & Alice
1320Catfish: The TV ShowCJ & Shana
1430Catfish: The TV ShowTristyn & Lara
1540Catfish: The TV ShowCherie & Avion
1650RidiculousnessVMA Moments
1725RidiculousnessChanel and Sterling LXXXVIII
1800RidiculousnessChanel and Sterling XLIII
1830RidiculousnessToo Short
1900RidiculousnessThe Sports Spectacular
1930RidiculousnessChanel and Sterling CXXX
2000RidiculousnessSean Kingston
2030RidiculousnessChanel and Sterling CXXIV
2100RidiculousnessKane Brown
2130Ridiculousness21 Savage
2230RidiculousnessMatt Shively
2300RidiculousnessAxell Hodges
2330RidiculousnessChanel and Sterling LXVI
0037Late Night With Seth Meyers
0138Last Call With Carson DalyMary Elizabeth Winstead; Aquilo; Sam Morril
0207Access Live
0400Judge Mathis
0530Entertainment Tonight
0630Early Today
0900Today 3rd Hour
1000Today With Hoda & Jenna
1100Rachael RayNeil Patrick Harris' Better Half, David Burtka, Is Rachael's Co-Host for the Day -- and It's a Party All Hour Long!
1200Judge Mathis
1300Days of our Lives
1400MauryTeen Couples With Kids Put to the Test ... Who Is Cheating?
1600Ellen DeGeneres ShowP!nk and O'Shea Jackson Jr.
1700Dr. PhilAngie's Demands: DNA Test, a Polygraph or a Confession: Is Joe Cheating?
1800Family Feud
1830NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt
1900Entertainment Tonight
1930Family Feud
2000America's Got TalentQuarter Finals 2
2201Bring the FunnyThe Comedy Clash 3
2334Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
0010FriendsThe One With the Jam
0045FriendsThe One With the Metaphorical Tunnel
0120MomHigh-Tops and Brown Jacket
0155MomSword Fights and a Dominican Shortstop
0230MomSparkling Water & Ba-Dinkers
0305MomCurious George and the Big Red Nightmare
0338King of QueensMean Streak
0416King of QueensFriender Bender
0450King of QueensNo Retreat
0524Full HouseA Date With Fate
0600Full HouseToo Little Richard, Too Late
0630SpongeBob SquarePantsSB-129; Karate Choppers
0700PAW PatrolPups Save a School Bus; Pups Save the Songbirds
0730Bubble GuppiesSheep Doggy!
0800PAW PatrolUltimate Rescue: Pups Save the Movie Monster!
0830PAW PatrolMighty Pups, Super Paws: When Super Kitties Attack
0900Blaze and the Monster MachinesRobot Power
0930Blaze and the Monster MachinesT-Rex Trouble
1000PAW PatrolPups Save Ace's Birthday Surprise; Pups Save a Tower of Pizza
1030PAW PatrolPups Save a Sleepover; Pups Save the Carnival
1100Ryan's Mystery PlaydateRyan's Icy Playdate; Ryan's Spinning Playdate
1131PAW PatrolPups and the Stinky Bubble Trouble; Pups Save the Baby Ostriches
1203SpongeBob SquarePantsNew Student Starfish; Clams
1234SpongeBob SquarePantsSomething Smells; Bossy Boots
1306SpongeBob SquarePantsA Friendly Game; Sentimental Sponge
1337SpongeBob SquarePantsThe Good Krabby Name; Move It or Lose It
1409SpongeBob SquarePantsDear Vikings; Ditchin'
1440SpongeBob SquarePantsSquidville
1500SpongeBob SquarePantsNo Hat for Pat; Toy Store of Doom
1532SpongeBob SquarePantsSharks vs. Pods; CopyBob DittoPants
1604SpongeBob SquarePantsKenny the Cat; Yeti Krabs
1636Loud HouseFor Bros About to Rock; It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud House
1707Loud HouseBreaking Dad
1728Loud HouseAttention Deficit; Out on a Limo
1800Loud HouseStore Wars With the Casagrandes; Lucha Fever With the Casagrandes
1830Loud HouseFace the Music With the Casagrandes; Pranks for the Memories With the Casagrandes
1900American Ninja WarriorOklahoma City Qualifier
2000Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams
2200FriendsThe One With Frank Jr.
2230FriendsThe One With the Flashback
2300FriendsThe One With the Race Car Bed
2335FriendsThe One With the Giant Poking Device
0000PBS NewsHour
0100O'Jays: Live in New York
02303 Steps to Incredible Health! With Joel Fuhrman, M.D.
04303 Steps to Pain Free Living
0600Peg + CatThe Bermuda Triangle Problem; The Breeze in the Branches Problem
0630ArthurWhen Rivals Came to Roost; The Longest Eleven Minutes
0700Ready Jet Go!Date Night; Face on the Fritz
0730Nature CatEarth Day Today; Earth Day Every Day
0800Wild KrattsThe Blue and the Gray
0830Molly of DenaliSuki's Bone; Brand New Flag
0900Curious GeorgeSubmonkey; Double-O Monkey Tracks Trouble
0930Let's Go Luna!Story of Smoothie; Andy the Giant
1000Daniel Tiger's NeighborhoodDaniel Loves Tigey; Daniel Needs Tigey at School
1030Daniel Tiger's NeighborhoodDaniel Learns to Ask First; Friends Ask First
1100Sesame StreetThe Helpful Cloud
1130Pinkalicious & PeterrificWhale of a Song; Pinkabubbles
1200Dinosaur TrainDinosaur Big City Part 3; Dinosaur Big City Part 4
1230Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!Take a Walk; Cotton Patch
1300Sesame StreetThe Helpful Cloud
1330Splash and BubblesSeal Sitters; From Ray to Zee
1400Pinkalicious & PeterrificWhale of a Song; Pinkabubbles
1430Let's Go Luna!Story of Smoothie; Andy the Giant
1500Nature CatEarth Day Today; Earth Day Every Day
1530Wild KrattsSeasquatch
1600Molly of DenaliSuki's Bone; Brand New Flag
1630Odd SquadThe Curious Case of Piratitis; Oscar the Couch
1700Odd SquadOona and The Oonabots; The Ninja Situation
1730ArthurWhen Rivals Came to Roost; The Longest Eleven Minutes
1800PBS NewsHour
1900BBC World News America
1930Highwaymen Live at Nassau Coliseum
2100American ExperienceWoodstock: Three Days That Defined a Generation
2330Amanpour and Company
0005SweetbitterBodega Cat
0132X-Files: I Want to Believe
0318Holmes & Watson
0709FilmStuck on You
1059Holmes & Watson
1324FilmSicario: Day of the Soldado
1528SweetbitterPeach Treats
1559SweetbitterBodega Cat
1632FilmStuck on You
1927Film30 Minutes or Less
2148Holmes & Watson
2321Spy Game
0004FuturamaAmazon Women in the Mood
0034FuturamaBendless Love
0104FuturamaThe Day the Earth Stood Stupid
0134FuturamaThat's Lobstertainment!
0204Underworld: Rise of the Lycans
0400Organic Whole Food Nutrition, delivered right to your door!
0430How soon do you want to be debt free? National Debt Relief can help.
0500Inogen Portable Oxygen - No More Tanks
0530Identity theft: learn about it and how to get LifeLock protection
0600Twilight ZoneThe Purple Testament
0630Face OffBeautiful Disaster
0730Face OffCreature Carnage
0830Face OffOne Knight Only
0930Face OffReturn of the champions
1245Girl With All the Gifts
1515FilmUnderworld: Awakening
1700FilmHunger Games
2000FilmHunger Games: Catching Fire
2300FuturamaThe Birdbot of Ice-Catraz
2330FuturamaThe Luck of the Fryish
0000SeinfeldThe Statue
0100Brooklyn Nine-NineShow Me Going
0130Brooklyn Nine-NineWhite Whale
0200Brooklyn Nine-NineThe Tagger
0230Brooklyn Nine-Nine48 Hours
03002 Broke GirlsAnd the Spring Break
03302 Broke GirlsAnd the Drug Money
04002 Broke GirlsAnd the Messy Purse Smackdown
04302 Broke GirlsAnd the Big Buttercream Breakthrough
05002 Broke GirlsAnd Martha Stewart Have a Ball, Part 1
0530Everybody Loves RaymondStefania Arrives
0600Everybody Loves RaymondHumm Vac
0630Everybody Loves RaymondThe Canister
0700King of QueensBlack List
0730King of QueensCatching Hell
0800King of QueensIce Cubed
0830King of QueensWish Boned
0900SeinfeldThe Deal
0930SeinfeldThe Note
1000SeinfeldThe Truth
1030FriendsThe One Where Ross Moves In
1100FriendsThe One With Ross' Sandwich
1130FriendsThe One With Chandler's Work Laugh
1200FriendsThe One With Joey's Bag
1230FriendsThe One Where Everybody Finds Out
1300FriendsThe One With the Girl Who Hits Joey
1330FriendsThe One With the Cop
1400FriendsThe One With Rachel's Inadvertent Kiss
1430FriendsThe One Where Rachel Smokes
1500FriendsThe One Where Ross Can't Flirt
1530FriendsThe One With the Ride Along
1600American DadStan-Dan Deliver
1630American DadAnchorfran
1700American DadThe Two Hundred
1730American DadThe Unincludeds
1800Family GuyExcellence in Broadcasting
1830Family GuyWelcome Back Carter
1900Big Bang TheoryThe Status Quo Combustion
1930Big Bang TheoryThe Locomotion Interruption
2000Big Bang TheoryThe Junior Professor Solution
2030Big Bang TheoryThe First Pitch Insufficiency
2100Big Bang TheoryThe Hook-Up Reverberation
2130Big Bang TheoryThe Focus Attenuation
2200Big Bang TheoryThe Expedition Approximation
2230DetourThe Groom
2330DetourThe Groom
0030Great Buster: A Celebration
0230Seven Chances
0330FilmSteamboat Bill, Jr.
0800FilmFlight of the Doves
1000FilmTill the End of Time
1200FilmEnchanted Cottage
1400FilmGentleman's Agreement
1600FilmMother Didn't Tell Me
1745FilmSusan Slade
2000FilmSummer Place
2215FilmTree Grows in Brooklyn
0130Sweet Virginia
0445Copying Beethoven
0630Adolf Hitler: The Artist
0700FilmOther Woman
0900Kramer vs. Kramer
1045You, Me and Him
1230FilmAmerican Outlaws
1405Death of Stalin
1600FilmPrimal Fear
2000FilmAmerican Outlaws
2135American Assassin
0030FilmThis Is 40
0300BonesThe Man in the Wall
0400BonesThe Man on Death Row
0500BonesThe Girl in the Fridge
0600CharmedLook Who's Barking
0700CharmedAll Hell Breaks Loose
0800CharmedCharmed Again
0900CharmedCharmed Again
1000SupernaturalLadies Drink Free
1100SupernaturalThe British Invasion
1200SupernaturalThe Memory Remains
1300SupernaturalThe Future
1400UEFA- BR Football Matchday
1500UEFA Champions League SoccerAPOEL FC vs. AFC Ajax
1700UEFA- BR Football Post Match
1730DetourThe Bride
1800FilmWonder Woman
2100Animal KingdomSmurf
2201Animal KingdomSmurf
0000King of QueensParent Trapped
0030King of QueensTube Stakes
0100Two and a Half MenShe'll Still Be Dead at Halftime
0130Two and a Half MenThe Ocu or the Pado?
0200GoldbergsEdward ``Eddie the Eagle'' Edwards
0235GoldbergsThe Dirty Dancing Dance
0310New Adventures of Old ChristineSo You Think You Can Date
0345New Adventures of Old ChristineSelf-Esteem Tempura
0415New Adventures of Old ChristineRage Against the Christine
0450Golden GirlsA Little Romance
0525Golden GirlsIn a Bed of Rose's
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0630Relieve your foot pain with WalkFit!
0700PiYo Workout!
0730Never Fear Power Outages
0830Experience Hollywood's Red Carpet Secret for a Flawless Looking Body!
0900Andy Griffith ShowThe Bed Jacket
0935Andy Griffith ShowOne Punch Opie
1010Andy Griffith ShowBarney and the Governor
1045BonanzaDead Wrong
1150GunsmokeThe Well
1255GunsmokeStage Stop
1400GunsmokeThe Newcomers
1500GunsmokeQuaker Girl
1600M*A*S*HStars and Stripes
1636M*A*S*HYessir, That's My Baby
1712M*A*S*HBottle Fatigue
1748Andy Griffith ShowMan in a Hurry
1824Andy Griffith ShowHigh Noon in Mayberry
1900Andy Griffith ShowThe Loaded Goat
1935Andy Griffith ShowClass Reunion
2010Everybody Loves RaymondThe Dog
2045Everybody Loves RaymondNeighbors
2120Everybody Loves RaymondFascinatin' Debra
2155Two and a Half MenMy Son's Enormous Head
2230Two and a Half MenThe Two Finger Rule
2300King of QueensParent Trapped
2330King of QueensTube Stakes
0001Modern FamilyWeathering Heights
0031Modern FamilyThanksgiving Jamboree
0101NCIS: Los AngelesTraitor
0201NCIS: Los AngelesReign Fall
0300DatelineAfter the Party
0400DatelineReturn to Manitowoc County
0500DatelineThe Silhouette
0600CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationCSI Unplugged
0700NCIS: Los AngelesTin Soldiers
0800NCISSomething Blue
0900NCISLeft for Dead
1000NCISEye Spy
1100NCISMy Other Left Foot
1200NCISOne Shot, One Kill
1300NCISFlesh and Blood
1400NCISJet Lag
1600NCISJack Knife
1700NCISMother's Day
1800NCISDouble Identity
2000WWE SmackDown!
2200Miz & MrsFrench Invasion
2231Growing Up ChrisleyPeeping Todd
2302Modern FamilyThe Alliance
2332Modern FamilyRingmaster Keifth
0000Girls' Cruise
0100Girls' Cruise
0200Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood
0300Basketball Wives
0400MartinSwing Thing
0430MartinThe Bodyguard
0500MartinGreen Card
0530MartinYou're All I Need
0600MartinKicked to the Curb
0630MartinThe Best of Martin
0700MartinThe Love Jones Connection
0730MartinWhere the Party At?
0800Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
0830Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
0900Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
0930Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
1000Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
1030Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
1100FilmWhy Did I Get Married?
1415Good Deeds
1655Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood
1800Black Ink CrewCease Is 50
1900Black Ink Crew: ComptonThe Marathon Begins
2000Hip Hop SquaresLori Harvey vs. Justine Skye
2030Hip Hop SquaresElla Mai vs. Mustard
2100Hip Hop SquaresLil Jon vs. Lil Mama
2130Hip Hop SquaresCeaser vs. Ryan Henry
2200Hip Hop SquaresBlueface vs. Dream Doll
2230Hip Hop SquaresBebe Rexha vs. A$AP Ferg
2300Hip Hop SquaresQueen Naija vs. Clarence White
2330Hip Hop SquaresBlac Chyna vs. Jeremy Meeks
0100Married ... With ChildrenAnd Baby Makes Money
0130Married ... With ChildrenMarried ... With Who
0200How I Met Your MotherThe Three Days Rule
0230How I Met Your MotherRight Place Right Time
0300ElementaryPick Your Poison
0400Camp Meeting
0500Sid Roth's It's Supernatural!
0530Learn the Secrets to Wall Street's Success & Invest Like a Pro
0600Know the Cause
0630Joseph PrinceBelieve His Love and Receive All Blessings: Part 2 of 4
0700Through the Bible With Les Feldick
0730Joyce Meyer Enjoying Everyday Life
0800Creflo Dollar
0830Larry King Special Report
0900Murder, She WroteThe Szechuan Dragon
1000Murder, She WroteThe Sicilian Encounter
1100In the Heat of the NightFate
1200In the Heat of the NightBlind Spot
1300In the Heat of the NightBlind Spot
1400Blue BloodsLonely Hearts Club
1500Blue BloodsWhistle Blower
1600JAGPulse Rate
1700JAGA Merry Little Christmas
1800JAGA Girl's Best Friend
1900CopsWeapons Drawn No. 2
1930CopsPierce County, WA; Santa Ana, CA; Las Vegas, NV: High Times: Special Edition
2000CopsFresno, CA; Pierce County, WA; Hamilton County, OH: Coast to Coast
2030CopsFort Worth, TX; Las Vegas, NV; Pierce County, WA: Coast to Coast
2100CopsFresno, CA; Las Vegas, NV; Fresno, CA: Caught in the Act: Special Edition
2130CopsLas Vegas, NV; Little Rock, AR; Las Vegas, NV: Bizarre Calls: Special Edition
2200CopsPierce County, WA; Fresno, CA; San Bernardino, CA: Coast to Coast
2230CopsCoast to Coast
2300CopsCoast to Coast
2330CopsCoast to Coast