Shades Of Love

Saturday, 26th September 1987


Cyril is upset when he turns up at Karen's door only to find another man leaving her flat through the back exit and she reminds him that they agreed to be 'just friends'. Kuba is incensed after Ewart accuses him of stealing hospital property and promptly threatens to resign, and Charlie is given a good speaking to by Megan over his involvement with a much younger nurse.

Notes & Screenshots: Lord Heath

Bernard Gallagher
Ewart Plimmer
Derek Thompson
Charlie Fairhead
Brenda Fricker
Megan Roach
Maureen O'Brien
Elizabeth Straker
Robert Pugh
Andrew Ponting
Helena Little
Mary Tomlinson
Christopher Rozycki
Kuba Trzcinski
Catherine Shipton
Lisa 'Duffy' Duffin
Debbie Roza
Susie Mercier
Lisa Bowerman
Sandra Mute
Kate Hardie
Karen O'Malley
Eddie Nestor
Cyril James
Sonia Woolley
Roz Plimmer
Mela White
Mrs. Blackwood
Seretta Wilson
Bunny Hops
Tommy Eytle
Mr. Appleyard
Anne Michelle
Marcia Simmonds
John Michie
PC Jameson