Alfred Hitchcock Presents
A Bullet For Baldwin

Sunday, 1st January 1956
 9:30 pm CBS

Series 1, Episode 14

An elderly fired employee takes to doing some firing of his own... at his ex-employer, with a gun. Believing him to be dead, the employee is a little more than surprised to be invited back to work to find the man alive and well... or so it would appear.

Clearly this episode has some deleted scenes as half the credited cast do not appear.

Sunday, 1st January 1956CBS2130Alfred Hitchcock PresentsA Bullet For Baldwin

Alfred Hitchcock
Himself - Host
John Qualen
Mr. Stepp
Sebastian Cabot
Nathaniel Baldwin / Mr. Davidson
Phillip Reed
Walter King
Cheryll Clarke
Miss Abigail Wilson - Secretary
Ruth Lee
Neighbor (deleted scene?)
James Adamson
Kate Drain Lawson
Don Mcart
Albert (as Don McArt) (deleted scene?)
Robert Patten
Detective (as Bob Patten) (deleted scene?)
David Dwight
Fireman (deleted scene?)
Arthur D. Gilmour
Neighbor (as Arthur Gilmour) (deleted scene?)
Bill Erwin
Fireman (deleted scene?)
Mrs. Baldwin

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