Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Bang, You're Dead

Tuesday, 17th October 1961
 8:30 pm NBC

Alfred Hitchcock
Shamley Production
Production Company

Tuesday, 17th October 1961NBC2030Alfred Hitchcock PresentsBang, You're Dead
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Alfred Hitchcock
Himself - Host
Stephen Dunne
Rick Sheffield (as Steve Dunne)
Biff Elliot
Fred Chester (as Biff Elliott)
Lucy Prentis
Amy Chester (as Lucy Prentiss)
Juanita Moore
Marta Kristen
Jiffy Snack Girl
John Zaremba
Market Manager
Karl Lukas
The Mailman
Olan Soule
Darlene's Daddy
Craig Duncan
The Market Clerk
Thayer Burton
The Cashier
Bill Mumy
Jackie Chester (as Billy Mumy)
Bill Mumy
Jackie Chester (as Billy Mumy)
Mary Grace Canfield
Supermarket Customer
Kelly Flynn
Joy Ellison
Jeff Malloy

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