The Invaders
The Innocent

Tuesday, 14th March 1967
 8:30 pm ABC

Sutton Roley

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Roy Thinnes
David Vincent
William Smithers
Nat Greely
Patricia Smith
Edna Greely
Katherine Justice
Helen - Vincent's Girlfriend
Michael Rennie
Dabney Coleman
Captain Mitchell Ross
Robert Doyle
Sgt. Walter Ruddell
Frank Marth
Alien #1 AKA Calvin Adams
Paul Carr
Billy Stearns
Johnny Jensen
Young Nat Greely
Harry Lauter
Alien #2 AKA Ed Poole
Erik Holland
M.P. Alien
Dick Wesson
Introductory Narrator (voice)
William Woodson
Narrator (voice)

Patrick H├ębrard: Vidcaps