Walls Have Ears

Tuesday, 18th February 1964
 7:35 pm BBC

Tuesday, 18th February 1964BBC1935CompactWalls Have Ears
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Ronald Allen
Ian Harmon
Vincent Ball
David Rome
Frances Bennett
Mary Augusta 'Gussie' Beatty
Beryl Cooke
Mrs. Chater
Betty Cooper
Alison Morley
Louise Dunn
Iris Alcott
Robert Flemyng
Edmund Bruce
Patricia Haines
Vivien Ames
Lawrence James
Doug Beatty
Bill Kerr
Ben Bishop
Aubrey Morris
Bobby Chandos
Basil Moss
Alan Drew
Pauline Munro
Jenny Simms
Christine Pollon
Janet Ellis
Carmen Silvera
Camilla Hope
Joanna Vogel
Sheila Boxall
Johnnie Wade
Stan Millet
Alan Wheatley
Howard Norton
Colette Wilde
Barbara Clay