Wednesday, 12th April 2006
 9:00 pm ABC

Bad Robot
Production Company
Touchstone Television
Production Company

Series 2, Episode 19

Bernard takes matters into his own hands when he announces he wants to send a signal to would-be rescuers by building a huge S.O.S. sign on the beach out of rocks. But his plans are jeapodised by Rose when she embarrasses him over the idea. Through the flashbacks we see how Rose and Bernard met and her failing health. In the jungle, Jack and Kate set off to find The Others to offer them an exchange - Henry Gale for Walt... but they get a surprise when they receive somebody else instead.
Weak episode, which I think is due to the focus being on two minor characters.

Wednesday, 12th April 2006ABC2100LostS.O.S.

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
Mr. Eko
Emilie de Ravin
Claire Littleton
Matthew Fox
Jack Shephard
Jorge Garcia
Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes
Josh Holloway
James 'Sawyer' Ford
Daniel Dae Kim
Jin Kwon
Yunjin Kim
Sun Kwon
Evangeline Lilly
Kate Austen
Dominic Monaghan
Charlie Pace
Terry O'Quinn
John Locke
Harold Perrineau
Michael Dawson
Michelle Rodriguez
Ana Lucia Cortez
Cynthia Watros
Libby Smith
L. Scott Caldwell
Rose Nadler
Sam Anderson
Bernard Nadler
Wayne Pygram
Isaac of Uluru
Michael Emerson
Henry Gale
Donna Smallwood
Aussie Woman

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