Hogan's Heroes
The Swing Shift

Friday, 3rd February 1967
 8:30 pm CBS

Friday, 3rd February 1967CBS2030Hogan's HeroesThe Swing Shift
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Bob Crane
Colonel Robert E. Hogan
Werner Klemperer
Colonel Wilhelm Klink
John Banner
Sgt. Schultz
Robert Clary
Cpl. Louis LeBeau
Richard Dawson
Cpl. Peter Newkirk
Ivan Dixon
Sgt. James 'Kinch' Kinchloe
Larry Hovis
Sgt. Andrew Carter
Leon Askin
General der Infanterie Albert Burkhalter
Hal Smith
Hans Spear
David Wiley
Major Pintz
David M. Frank
Inductee Kraus
Otto Waldis
Buck Young
Factory Inspector

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